Abandoned Dungeon is a Location in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This dark cavernous area is plagued with aggressive Crickets and zombies, and is being used by the surgeons of Ashina to conduct unholy experiments.


abandoned dungeon

Full Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough

The Abandoned Dungeon can be accessed from either Ashina Castle or Ashina Reservoir, and hides the secrets of the clan. Players will want to use the Ashina Castle area for their first playthrough.


First Turn Right

As you enter the Abandoned Dungeon, there's a small entrance to your right. Inside, pick up 2x Pacifying Agent and then beware of the Test Subject that is awakening behind you. You can engage the Test Subject or ignore it. It takes two times to fully kill a Test Subject or use flame vent (flames prevent them from resurrecting) on them to destroy them once. They give 47XP and may drop Pacifying Agent and Bite Down.

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Onward and Left

Go forward and crouch, then enter through a hole on your left to obtain 1x Rotting Prisoner's Note. You will be attacked by several Crickets, which you can kill with your sword.

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From here, go outside and grapple to the beams, then drop to your right to pick up 1x Pacifying Agent and 1x Spirit Emblem. Some Test Subject will awaken so defeat them.


Meet Doujun

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Nearby, you'll spot Doujun, who asks if you're a Shinobi. Say yes, and Doujun will share a letter he received from his master Dosaku. You'll obtain 1x Surgeon's Bloody Letter. This letter requires that an unharmed tough man be delivered. This can be a strong samurai or a young large soldier of Taro Troup. You can now travel to Abandoned Dungeon - Bottomless Hole and lure Jinzaemon Kumano to the surgeon, or go to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and lure Kotaro. Delivering an NPC to them nets you 3x Lump of Fat and makes Doujun move away, his spot replaced by an Eavesdropping opportunity after you rest.

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Underground Waterway Idol

Ahead from here you'll find 1x Red Lump, and then go down the slope to unlock Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol. Be mindful of the two Test Subject nearby.


Toward Shichimen Warrior

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Turn around and go back the way you came from but this time stay on the lower floor. You'll face several Crickets, and after you can pick up 1x Oil, and then take the nearby passage that leads to 1x Bite Down. Defeat the nearby Test Subject and you will notice the Crumbling Offering Tower, that reads "Here lie the vassals of the Ashina Clan executed after the great rebellion. May their spirits rest".

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Continue forth and you'll arrive at a room with an apparition mini-boss. On a plank nearby there's 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul. Backtrack a bit and drop down a ledge to get 1x Pacifying Agent.


Mini-boss Shichimen Warrior

If you have unlocked the Abandoned Dungeon - Bottomless Hole Idol, teleport there to engage this boss from closer by as it has ranged attacks. Shichimen Warrior inflicts the Terror status abnormality so do not attempt this fight without reading the Shichimen Warrior page. Defeating him rewards you the Ceremonial Tanto and 786XP.  This room contains 1x Scrap Magnetite, 1x Black Gunpowder, 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul.


Optional Path to Ashina Depths: From the bottomless hole idol, follow the path to a Tori gate and jump down, then grapple across to a ledge. Here, you can grab 2x Mibu Balloon of Wealth, follow the path and drop down to fight two zombies and get 1x Fistful of Ash. Dropping down the hole takes you to Ashina Depths: Ashina Depths Idol.


From Underground Waterway Idol

Return to the Underground Waterway Idol and this time go toward the water. Pick up 1x Scrap Iron and swim across the water until you see a boat and some items. Ignore the items and defeat the two warriors first, then sneak and find a Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle) around a pillar. After you're done, pick up 2x Ako's Sugar, 2x Pacifying Agent, 1x Black Gunpowder, 1x Light Coin Purse.

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Go into the water again and swim to the other end, where you will face 1x Fencer (Vengeful Spirit) and 1x Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle). In the next room, pull a handle to call a lift down, and operate the mechanism inside it to make it rise.

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Up the Lift

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You will emerge at a spiderweb-ridden storage room, and a voice will call to you. Commune with the nearby Idol, you are now at Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.


Diving Loot







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    • Anonymous

      This area was poor and almost a waste of space for the travel menu. 2 idols and that’s it? I jumped down a bottomless hole expecting to find a new area just to be spit out above the snake lady boss fight with a poison bog. How boring.

      • Anonymous

        I've had to face a phantom samurai (the upper tower type) in the room with the lift the last time I was there. I'm near the end of the game, if anyone is wondering or has an idea why that dude spawned there.

        • Anonymous

          You can get into the room with Doujun from a passage under the water. You can try to talk to him and get a note.

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