Ako's Spiritfall

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 Fallen, headless spirit of Ako that increases Vitality and Posture damage for a time. Consume Spirit Emblems to use repeatedly.

Headless are the ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country.

Seize the power of an inhuman spirit by laying it to rest, but risk going quite mad unless something is offered in return.

Ako's Spiritfall (阿攻の御霊降ろし, Fallen Spirit of Akō) is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to increase one's Vitality and Posture damage for 30 seconds. 

 Ako's Spiritfall Usage

  • Increases damage by 12.5% for 30 seconds.
  • This increases to 45 seconds with the Devotion Latent Skill.
  • Consumes 2 Spirit Emblems on use. The item is not consumed upon use.
  • Note that you can only gain the benefit of ONE Sugar/Spiritfall at a time. Using a different Sugar/Spiritfall will simply overwrite the current one.

How to Find Ako's Spiritfall

Ako's Spiritfall Notes & Trivia

  • The "a" syllable (阿) at the beginning of Akō's name is a nod to the term agyō (阿形), or "open-mouthed form", one of the two traditional facial expressions of Buddhist guardian deity statues, along with ungyō (吽形). The agyō expression is meant to suggest the open-mouthed voicing of the first half of the Sanskrit "aum".
  • Ako's Spiritfall, as well as all Headless Spiritfall items, have unlimited usage (aside from the 2 spirit emblem cost)
  • Ako's Spiritfall's effect does not stack with Ako's Sugar.
  • Can be paired with Divine Confetti to increase damage against all enemies, particularly useful for reaching the stagger threshold of certain bosses faster.
  • Has a shorter duration than the candy, making the Spiritfall more of a backup than a replacement for the Sugar.
  • Patch 1.03 reduced the spirit emblem cost from 3 to 2 and increased the duration to match that of Ako's Sugar.


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    • Anonymous

      I wish these were stronger than the candies, unlimited use is not a fair tradeoff for spirit emblem cost, especially since you have to kill the most annoying enemies in the game to get them.

      • Anonymous

        Did anyone notice that in the cave with the Headless that drops this, there are brown stains on the floor? It’s definitely had its way with some other unfortunate souls...

        • Anonymous

          It’s really annoying that it’s duration is much less than the candy version, you’re better off farming candies than wasting emblems for a short attack boost that’ll only let you get about 4 good hits in

          • Anonymous

            Why does it say "risk going mad unless something is offered in return"? What are the negative effects of this or is it the false translation that is mentioned here?

            • Anonymous

              this item increases vital and posture, so how is it "works like ako's sugar"? ako sugar increases strenght dude

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