Anayama the Peddler


Location Ashina Outskirts,
Hirata Estate

Anayama the Peddler is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Anayama the Peddler sells information about the game and is the "Info Broker".


Anayama the Peddler Information

Anayama the Peddler information or lore description goes here.

  • Location: Anayama the Peddler Can be found at Ashina Outskirts just before the Chained Ogre.This is near the Outskirts Wall - Stairway idol, by a remnant of Emma and Kuro.
  • Can also be found in the Hirata Estate looting.
  • Progression: Anayama's stock increases as you progress his quest.
  • Combat: Players may kill Anayama the Peddler only in Hirata Estate (doing so will make him disappear from Ashina Outskirts, making it impossible to obtain the Phantom Kunai from him. You can buy it later from the donation box next to Hanbei the Undying).
  • Rewards: Finishing a quest grants X, killing them grants Y


Associated Quests

  • Paying him 10 Sen will give you information about Hirata Estate and you will find out you were looking for something.
  • Paying him 20 Sen after this will get him to tell you where the Flame Vent is in Hirata Estate. This is done via the Flame Barrel Memo
    • If you already have it, you get 2x Oil as a consolation prize.
  • Anayama then informs you he's expanding and wants you to find "What the Ashina Samurai Want"
    • You obtain this information in Ashina Castle by Eavesdropping. Go to the  Old Grave Sculptor Idol and go back through the gate where  there's 2 enemies, of which one the spear guy. Kill them both and head towards the bridge, where you can Eavesdrop these two guards. The Ashina want salt. After giving the Peddler this information, rest at the idol and his stock will increase.
    • Video Location
  • Anayama asks you for an employee to loot the battlefield for him. Someone strong and big.
    • You can send him Kotaro after he is given the Red and White Pinwheel. Choosing not to tell Kotaro to go to Anayama when prompted, or giving Kotaro the White Pinwheel at any point, will lock him into the end of his own sub-quest.
    • You cannot send Jinzaemon Kumano to Anayama despite both he and Kotaro being eligible for the Abandoned Dungeon questline.
  • After the siege on Ashina Castle, (If  Kotaro is sent to assist him) Anayama will now move his location to the opposite side of the gate where his shop is normally found .
    • He now sells only the Promissory Note. Purchasing it results in his death and completion of his quest line.
      • If  Kotaro is never sent to assist him, the Promissory Note cannot be attained, as Anayama is instead now found dead at his shop after the siege on Ashina Castle.


Anayama's Shop

After you buy information, the merchant will stock up on items as follows

Item & Quantity Price (Sen)
50 Sen Paid 
2x Pellet 50
8x Ceramic Shard 20
6x Fistful of Ash 30
5x Light Coin Purse 110
1x Phantom Kunai 3000
Inform him of Salt
5x Gokan's Sugar 80
2x Yashariku's Sugar 130
2x Heavy Coin Purse 550
Black Gunpowder (Infinite) 150
Scrap Iron (Infinite) 150
Send him Kotaro 
Ako's Sugar (Infinite) 120
4x Scrap Magnetite 300
3x Yellow Gunpowder 300
3x Lump Of Fat Wax 300
1x Promissory Note (after the Ministry attacks) 1
Have Dragon's Tally Board
Divine Confetti (Infinite) 300



  • If Kotaro is sent to work for him
    • "Good sir, you have one hell of an eye on you! You've found me a fine specimen. Not only is he strong, but he doesn't mind looting corpses neither. Thanks to you I've got piles of weapons, and I'm loaded with cash! Not to mention some new items in stock. Here, have a look."
    • (Exiting dialogue) "Thanks to you, sales are soaring higher than a dragon! Maybe one day soon I'll be the top merchant in all of Ashina. If you're ever in a pinch, I'll hire you in a flash." (Sekiro: "No.") "You're a hard fish to land. Playing hard to get, I like it. In any case, come again soon." 


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • The Promissory Note can only be obtained if Kotaro was sent to Anayama (he saves him albeit only briefly).
  • Rot Essence:Newcomer
  • If the player has already encountered him in Hirata Estate, he will not ask the player if he remembers "that night" 
  • You will NOT be able to purchase Ako Sugar from Anayama when you enter the last phase of the Ashina Castle. It is strongly advised that you purchase these if you follow his quest line or you can farm them from the monks at Senpou Temple Mt. Kongo.
  • Anayama presumably looted Lady Butterfly's original Phantom Kunai from the Hirata Estate after Wolf defeated her during the attack three years prior to the events of the game. Note that, as a Tier 4 upgrade, it is initially a waste of Sen if bought early, given the player will not have the prerequisites materials or upgrades to craft it until much later into the game.  
  • Patch 1.03 reduced the initial cost of buying information from him required to make him open up his shop. 



    • Anonymous

      29 Jun 2019 12:27  

      He's obviously voiced by Will Vanderpuye, same guy who's voiced our beloved friend Patches from Soulsborne. Someone update the page please.

      • Anonymous

        17 May 2019 17:33  

        Doesn't seem to be stated here: I met Anayama in Ashina Outskirts prior to going to Hirata Estate. In Hirata Estate, I met him, talked to him, and injured him without killing him. Went back to Ashina Outskirts and spoke to him again. In one of the dialogues, he'll go along the lines of: "Damn you, good sir!" or something before apologizing for his own outburst, which he can't figure out why.

        • Anonymous

          20 Apr 2019 06:35  

          This guy has dragonrot now, but when I talk to him, the is no option to get a blood sample. Am I doing something wrong (other than dying a lot)?

          • Anonymous

            19 Apr 2019 14:50  

            Why did so many people just kill him at Hirata Estate? you're not supposed to kill NPCs in from software games.

            • Anonymous

              15 Apr 2019 02:46  

              This dude was definitely my favorite npc in the game. I dunno I've always liked the "humble merchant" kind of characters that strive for wealth. Patches was always a favorite (despite getting kicked by him into a hole I still loved him) and the armourer dude in ds2 who loses his mind and makes me sad. They all have kinda sad endings but that makes them even better characters

              • Anonymous

                14 Apr 2019 13:03  

                this guy is definitely patches: his vest is full of patches he has an eye patch used to be a thief, now a merchant tell you about the pagoda with a very tough early game enemy there that will wreck you trolls you at the end with a promissory note that he stuffed near his nutsack which still smells "fresh" he died and had the last lough and even got a sen for it

                • Anonymous

                  10 Apr 2019 15:23  

                  Well I killed him in the Young Masters Memory because he reminded me of patches and this results in him not being a vendor in the present time line of the game.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Apr 2019 08:05  

                    Pretty sure you can't send Jinzaemon to him because he also wants someone who's stupid. Which poor Kotaro would qualify as, whereas Jinzaemon seems like he still has his wits about him.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Apr 2019 19:33  

                      In new game plus, if you already had a promissory note from previous playthroughs, you can buy a dragons blood droplet from anayama after ashima outskirts is under attack. But, instead of adding a dragons blood droplet to your inventory you get a divine grass instead. This is assuming you followed anayamas quest and sent kotaru to him.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Apr 2019 01:38  

                        Kills Ayanama the Peddler at Hirata Estate should give you a game over screen and Patch yelling > "Wolf, what have you done? You changed the future! You've created a time paradox!!"

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Apr 2019 08:06  

                          Man, his final quotes made me sad. Guy took a liking at that Monk manchild, and stayed a loyal merchant till the end to the Wolf, even went from “ i have nothing more to sell, But from this one Sen ill make a mountain of gold”. Tbh Dark souls 3 didnt have any Npc for me that made sad when they died, But despite this guy being minor, his demise shook me

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Apr 2019 01:21  

                            I sent him Kotaro and am now in Foutainhead and he still hasn't switched locations or sells the Note. Kotaro still sitting next to him as well. Any ideas? Not sure what I could have possibly done to bug this out.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Apr 2019 14:38  

                              His quest can be finished at the same time as the Ashina Castle Invasion but before you make your choice at the Owl boss.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Apr 2019 10:24  

                                If you've been following his quest, make sure you stock up on ako sugars before he dies, as he's the only guy to have an unlimited supply

                                • 03 Apr 2019 16:29  

                                  can anyone confirm that his chain can still be done after finishing all of Mibu Village, but before killing owl? can anyone confirm that his quest can be done after killing owl? can anyone say at what point this quest permanently closes? is it after the boss in Fountainhead?

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