Anti-air Deathblow

anti air deathblow 
SP Required 0
Effect Allows to perform a deathblow on some enemies when they are in mid-air.
Skill Type Shinobi Martial Arts
Skill Tree N/A

Anti-air Deathblow is a Skill in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is a Shinobi Martial Art that is outside the usual Skill Trees, as it is learned by acquiring a scroll (see below), and as such does not require Skill Points to unlock. Shinobi Martial Arts are situational Skills that do not need to be manually equipped and do not consume Spirit Emblems with use.



A Shinobi Martial Art designed to stop cold any enemies that leap high in the air.

Allows one to exploit an enemy's vulnerability in the air by jumping toward them and performing a sudden Deathblow.

The perfect skill for Shinobi looking to turn the tables on airborne enemies."


How to Acquire Anti-air Deathblow


Anti-air Deathblow Notes & Tips

  • Anti-air Deathblow is an incredibly powerful, albeit situational, attack. When used against a valid target, it will instantly Deathblow them regardless of their current Health and Posture. This Skill can trivialize some fights that would otherwise prove challenging, such as the twinblade-wielding Senpou monks and Shichimen Warriors (though the latter requires Divine Confetti to be active).
  • Does not work on all airborne foes -- see the scroll's page for a list of valid enemies, as well as which attacks contain windows for this Skill. 
  • The Skill is performed by jumping near a valid target and activating the Deathblow that appears on them -- no extra inputs are required. Due to this, the most difficult aspect of this Skill is getting to the target before their attack finishes. This is especially true for the aforementioned twinblade monks, as they tend to use their specific punishable move only from a distance, requiring the player to recognize the windup in order to run forwards and jump at the enemy in time.




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