Antidote Powder

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 A powerful Antidote concocted by the Sunken Valley clan.

Heals status abnormality "Poison", and for a time decreases Poison buildup while increasing Poison resistance.

Magnetic deposits are found in the Sunken Valley, but the place is dangerously toxic. Antidote Powder is essential for anyone attempting to mine the ore.

Antidote Powder is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to heal Sekiro from the status abnormality "Poison", and for a time decreases Poison buildup while increasing Poison resistance.



 Antidote Powder Usage



How to Find Antidote Powder



Antidote Powder Notes & Tips

  • In the Senpou Temple there are several to be found:
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  • Other notes...



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    • Anonymous

      This decreases poison buildup for 30 seconds, timed it (idk if any skill increases the time, I have every skill on this save)

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