Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo

Location Ashina Castle
Weakness Flame, Block, Great Feather Mist Raven
Reward 1x Prayer Bead
2,905 Exp (NG)

Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo is an optional Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. This means they require at least 2 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.

Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo is a red-eyed Ashina Samurai found in the Hidden Dojo beneath Isshin Ashina's room in Ashina Castle after returning from the Divine Realm. He wears the blue robe associated with Ashina Samurai and carries a katana on his left hip. His primary method of fighting is to use the Ashina Stance and dash towards the player before quickly unsheathing his blade to perform a quick upwards and downwards slash.

Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo has 2 health bars that must be removed before he is defeated. Upon defeat he will rewards the player with a Prayer Bead and experience.


Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo Location

  • Ashina Castle: Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo is located in the hidden dojo below Isshin Ashina's room after returning from the Divine Realm. This room was formerly guarded by three Nightjar Ninja prior to defeating Genichiro Ashina and during the Shinobi assault one could find a Nightjar Ninja and Lone Swordsman Shinobi clashing.
  • Upon entering the dojo either by the stairs from Isshin Ashina's room or from behind (even while under the effect Gachiin's Sugar) this enemy will immediately aggro to you. If you then de-aggro him by running away he will return to his original position but can now be backstabbed without issue.
  • This is an optional boss.


Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo Rewards


Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Write-up

Much like other red-eyed enemies, he is stronger than a regular Mini-Boss. His attack are extremely simple and straightforward when compared to other enemies, but their true power lies in speed and strength, which can quickly overpower the player.

This is fight is very similar to the one against Ashina Elite - Jinsuke Saze, which was required prior to facing Genichiro Ashina atop the Ashina Castle. While the same strategy can be employed, Ujinari attack power is vastly superior to Jinsuke, so extra care is advised.

While Ujinari will attack the player the moment they enter his room, it is possible to exploit his AI and cause him to return to his starting point and make him susceptible to a Stealth Deathblow. In order to do so, simply aggro him and run back up the stairs through the sliding doors near the Ashina Dojo Sculptor's Idol; the battle theme will fade and he will lose interest shortly after. When returning to face Ujinari, he won't automatically attack the player upon entering his own, instead becoming vulnerable to a Deathblow.

Defeating Ujinari is a battle of patience and quick reflexes. Always hold block during this fight, as the area is small and limits the movement of Sekiro; if needed, bait Ujinari to the corridor prior his room, as it has more space to move around. Be careful when moving while not blocking, won't need to be running around and if you get caught by his attack with 17 Vitality without deflecting or blocking it, you will die! Watch for Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo to perform his quickdraw technique (indicated by a gleam from his blade) and dash left or right to avoid the attack and get in a single hit of your own (chargedattacks seem to hit reliably). If your attack gets deflected, be ready to dodge his jab followed by another quickdraw.  Repeat until his health is lowered to zero opening him for a deathblow.

Ujinari's most dangerous attack is his Ashina Quickdraw, where he sheats his blade and assumes a drawing stance (indicated by a gleam from his blade), proceeding to unleash a flurry of extremely fast attacks once the player approaches. These attacks inflict both massive Vitality and Posture damage, and can break Sekiro's Posture easily even if it is at zero, meaning it will go through his defense; being caught by all the attacks without blocking and with less than 17 Vitality will result in instant death. When he is about to attack, dash sideways to avoid it and counterattack (the charged thrust deals a good amount of damage). If the counterattack gets deflected, be ready to dodge his jab followed by another quickdraw. Repeat until his health is lowered to zero opening him for a Deathblow. The Loaded Umbrella is very useful to parry this attack, as it will break his stance and leave him vulnerable to retaliation.

When his health is nearly gone, the Loaded Shuriken can be used to remove his last sliver of health, allowing for a Deathblow without having to risk getting in close.

"Cheesing" with Fire

Since Ujinari is a red-eyed enemy, he is very vulnerable to fire. Because of this, the Flame Vent, specifically the Okinaga's Flame Vent, can be used to deal massive damage to him, especially when combined with Oil to make him more susceptible to Burn.

Start by doing the aggro losing method described above, by drawing his attention and then flee to make him return to his starting position and make him vulnerable to a Stealth Deathblow. After backstabbing him, throw the Oil as soon he gets up, and proceed to use the Okinaga's Flame Vent (by pressing the R1/RT once and then proceeding to press and hold), which will stunlock him. If done correctly, and depending on how many Spirit Emblems the player has, it can deal 70% to 80% of Ujinari's Vitality, making the rest of the fight much easier.

If you have acquired the Mist Raven's feather and upgraded the prosthetic tool to the Great Feather Mist Raven, this fight can be made exceptionally easy.  Simply activate the tool when he attempts to strike and you will not only teleport behind him but also leave a burst of flame that will exploit his weakness as a red-eyed enemy. While he is stunned by the fire, you can lay into him with repeated strikes doing massive damage.  As he does not have an excessively large health pool, you should have plenty of spirit emblems to completely defeat him with this method.


Cheesing With Enemy NPCs

Thanks to the purple shinobi that have overrun Ashina Castle, you don't even have to fight Ujinari yourself - they can do it for you! By luring the one by the antechamber idol and the one in the back room along the way to the boss room, you can just sit back and watch them do all the work for you. All you have to do is step in to perform the deathblows.  While this is happening, feel free to take potshots at the boss (thrusts are good), but be careful not to harm your "allies' - and try not to get hit by them either! Once the purple shinobis have gotten rid of his last health bar, wait for them to be finished off by the boss so you do not have to worry about them later. Once your friends have died, finish Ujinari off by hitting him once more to activate the last deathblow (to stay safe you can use a Phantom Kunai to hit him from range).

Deflect to win

When you see his hand move for the quickdraw, double-tap block to deflect both hits and deal massive posture damage to him (that seemed to work better for me than waiting to see the "gleam"). The guy spams ONE move at you, so it's not too hard to learn the timing and take advantage of it. Resist the temptation to dodge, as he's liable to do the fake-out instead and then hit you while you're in recovery. Use the umbrella prosthetic for deflection to make this even easier.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Ashina Fake Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo will dash and grab the handle of his sword but he does not attack. He will not attack but if the player tries to avoid the fake he will immediately perform the Ashina Quickdraw often unable to be blocked as the dash animation frames will not allow you to block. You can tell whether it is a fake or quickdraw based on whether his sword gleams when he grabs it.
Ashina Quickdraw Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo will assume the Ashina stance with his blade sheathed. If the he reaches for his sword and handle of his blade gleams, he will then slide towards you and quickly draw his blade performing a vertical upwards then downwards slash. This attack can kill you at 17 Vitality if not deflected or blocked. By defending this attack the player will receive a large amount of health & posture damage. Deflecting this attack is possible but extremely risky. It is best to avoid this attack by dashing left or right then performing a single hit on the enemy. Repeat until dead.
Quick Jab Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo will slide towards the player and perform a quick jab with his left hand. This most often occurs after he deflects the player. Almost immediately he will follow a jab with his Quickdraw attack. To avoid this attack dash in a single direction twice, to avoid the jab and incoming slash.
Phase 2
Phase 1 There does not seem to be a noticeable change in Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo attacks between the 1st and 2nd phases of the fight.
Example Attack Example Counter


Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo Lore

  • Those with Red Eyes are dangerous, and filled a with rage that is difficult to control through the power of man alone. They do, however, fear the flame above all else. This loathing of flames is shared by the undead inhabitants of Mibu Village.
  • Red Eyed Carp are considered incomplete creatures, but their eyes are said to be everlasting.

Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo Notes & Trivia

  • If approached from behind while stealthed you can eavesdrop on Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo for additional dialogue:

"...Lord Isshin, I will be borrowing this. Please watch over me... We, the Ashina clan, will win this battle..."

  • Although it is initially impossible to sneak up on Ujinari Mizuo (he automatically detects Sekiro's presence when he gets close enough), if the player then runs away and de-aggros him, when Ujinari Mizuo returns to his starting position he will stand facing the wall and can be sneaked up on and deathblowed. 

Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizuo Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      17 Jul 2019 07:17  

      Living force+flame vent is absurd against him. Just flame vent and r1 spam. Only took two activations to kill him.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jun 2019 15:24  

        I've never inflict damage on this boss even once in all of my playthroughs. Just deflect his quickdraw attack and he'll be done in no time.

        • Anonymous

          07 Jun 2019 16:13  

          Being red eyed he doesn't like flames - great feather mist raven highly effective!! Ungo's helps if your timing is off

          • Anonymous

            16 May 2019 03:10  

            The fact that some people ran away just to come back to backstab him really made me laugh. There are plenty of more conventional ways to trivialize the fight but they went that extra mile just to humiliate him. Poor guy.

            • Anonymous

              01 May 2019 10:06  

              Alternatively it's quite entertaining to lure him back to the area where the shinobi and ashina troops are fighting, just enjoy the show and let the purple bros wreck his ass and jump in to steal the deathblow.

              • Anonymous

                27 Apr 2019 20:03  

                Get the first deathblow by aggroing and running away. Then just poison this asshole with the subimaru and run away. I was able to poison and get a few hits in and then run away. That alone took about 60% of his health.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Apr 2019 13:29  

                  Wow I'm seeing a lot of Umbrella+Projected Force and some Flame Barrel+Living Force "cheese" strats here. The Mist Raven is really underrated, the best prosthetic tool against the non-red eyed version since you don't have to block, just use it then r1 spam. This time on the red eyed version just use the Great Feather Mist Raven to dodge his attacks and appear behind him while leaving behind an explosion of fire to stun him. Same outcome as the other strategies people post here but less effort and easier to pull off.

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Apr 2019 01:12  

                    All you need for this fight. -Projected force -Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella Just hold your block with the umbrella. Counterattack 5 or 6 hits. Repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Apr 2019 07:21  

                      Another way to cheese him. De-aggro and stealth attack him, then step back and unload with phantom kunai. With the tanto you can take his health to zero without getting near him. Then just move in for the kill.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Apr 2019 19:56  

                        just spam the loaded umbrella when he does his one shot move and his posture goes up at stupid high rates.

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Apr 2019 18:40  

                          One hit with the flame spear and he cowers more than any enemy I've seen, enough for like 4 or 5 hits. I wonder if the red eye drug made him super susceptible to fire or something.

                          • Anonymous

                            10 Apr 2019 18:17  

                            Extremely cheesy with Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella+Projected Force combo and with the help of ascending+descending carp. Basically run in and hit him twice then immediately open the umbrella, this should stun him and allow you to use projected force and hit him 5 times, then reopen the umbrella until he staggers again. If he doesn't stagger then once he's done his two hit combo, use projected force which should stun him, if not then use umbrella again. Allowed me to finish the fight under two minutes, a minute per deathblow. Sometimes just opening the umbrella next to him is enough to stagger him, which is weird.

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Apr 2019 00:28  

                              As far as I know this guy is an asshole. Was I deflecting wrong or something? Because even if I deflect or even block he still did damage. What I did was just go towards him and as soon as he was about to attack I dodged towards him a little to the right, so he never hits you and you can get some hits on him. I only did this because my deflecting was not working

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Apr 2019 23:18  

                                Suzaku's Lotus umbrella is incredibly effective at this fight. When you open the umbrella the enemy gets stunned for a while, allowing for living force + big r1 combos. Rinse and repeat.

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Apr 2019 04:48  

                                  You can kill him real easy with the magnet umbrella. one use deflects both attacks, use when you see the flash from blade. deflect 3 times hit 1-2 times deathblow and repeat.

                                  • 04 Apr 2019 10:10  

                                    Where to find him ? it says " last Phase of Ashina Castle " but how I know if I am in last Phase ? I killed the Boss on top of the Castle , talked to kuro etc or I cant kill it yet and Need to wait for later in game ?

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