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Location Abandoned Dungeon, Ashina Castle, Ashina Reservoir, Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo
XP NG: 93
NG+: ??
Sen NG: 38
NG+: ??
Drops Pellet
Gachiin's Sugar
Contact Medicine

Scrap Iron
 x1 (Small Assassins)
Scrap Iron x3 (Umbrella Hat Assassins)

Loaded Axe

Thrust Attack

Assassin (らっぱ,Spy) is a type of enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Assassin Locations

  • One can be found right underneath the bridge leading towards the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance during the prologue section
  • Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Sculptor's Idol. Turn around and it will be located on the cliff. You can perform an aerial deathblow on the assassin by jumping on the rock to its right.
  • Three can be found in a field just beyond the staircase past the Ashina Castle Gate Sculptor's Idol. Enter the doorway, run up the stairs past the Marksman, grappling hook on top of the gateway, and turn right.
  • Ashina Castle Sculptor's Idol.
  • Two can be found in the moat of Ashina Reservoir, one at the bottom you can easily backstab and a umbrella-hat variant on the nearby ledges.
  • Three can be found on the cliff path leading to the bridge from the Senpou Sculptor's Idol.
  • Four can be found guarding the walled courtyard past the pond from Senpou Temple Sculptor's Idol. 1 umbrella-hat variant can be found on the hidden cliff path above the courtyard.
  • One (non-hostile) can be found right beside the Sunken Valley Sculptor's Idol, he will die after been spoken to, but will reset after resting at a Sculptor's Idol.


Assassin Rewards


Assassin Variant Types

Assassin (Throwing Knives)

poison assassin2

Assassin (Poison Throwing Knives)

senpou assassin gallery 2 sekiro wiki guide 300px

Assassin (Wooden Hat)

senpou assassin gallery 1 sekiro wiki guide 300px


  • Basic Dagger Swipe: Hits twice with daggers. Counter: Guard or deflect for easy posture buildup
  • Jumping Attack: Jumps towards you and hits with both daggers, usually follows up with more basic attacks. Counter: Guard or deflect, interrupting with Shurikens or flying deathblow works too
  • Poison Trail: Throws poison bombs in front of him as he backs away. Counter: Back away from the poison and wait for him to come towards you or dodge around and try to get in free hits
  • Grab attack: a perilous move used by this enemy to jump and grab Sekiro, then break his back, dealing massive damage


Assassin Notes & Tips

  • The assassins are very fast, but they have low health, so getting up close to get a few hits in will let you break their posture quickly if you deflect occasionally. If they use their poison attack, just back away and wait for them to come to you. They will only use their shurikens if you're far away, so getting up close is the fastest way to kill them.

  • For the umbrella-hat version of this enemy, they use their hat like a wooden shield, so using the Loaded Axe will let you instantly deathblow them.


Assassin Story

  • These assassins were once paid mercenary guards of Senpou Temple, but now they do the dirty work of the monks in their quest for immortality.

  • Blackhat Badger was one of the veteran assassins who worked for Senpou Temple, but after his son died, he became disgusted by his work and defected from the rest. Now, other Assassins are regularly sent to finish him off to little effect.

  • The markings on these dwarves senpou assassin sediment markings thumb1, suggest they underwent the same rituals as Genichiro genichiro way of tomoe lightning thumb2, like drinking the Rejuvenating Sediment, which causes one to acquire great resilience in one's flesh and survive otherwise fatal wounds.
  • The Interior Ministry also seems to be paying for the services of these dwarf assassins, distinguishable by their crimson outfits.
  • (Theory): The monks of Senpou Temple appears to be at tensions with the Ashina Clan, despite their close proximity to each other. This is evidenced by the fact that the Assassins are infiltrating Ashina castle and that no assassins are employed by the Ashina and that they are usually found hidden from the other Ashina forces. Isshin Ashina also refers to the monks with distaste if you talk to him. (Edits/Additions to this are welcome)

  • The Tengu of Ashina refers to them as rats, but this term is also used to describe the spies and shinobi that have infiltrated Ashina overall, so it is unlikely that he is referring to their physical stature.
  • The Assassins were attempting to infiltrate the Gun Fort, but they encountered heavy resistance and suffered mass casualty.


Assassin Dialogue:

Injured Assassin located before Snake Eyes Shirafuji:

The gun fort ... Was even more formidable than we'd heard...
We were reckless... to go in unprepared...
Ah, it takes me back... I can hear... the Senpou Temple bell... Ughh..."

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    • Anonymous

      I thought that mark on genishiro arms were due to is training for the tomoe lighnings technique. He was hitting so much time by ligthnings that he get marks of electrocution.

      • Anonymous

        I don't quite get the eavesdropping opportunity on them right past the Ashina castle gate. If they aren't friendly to Ashina (and Isshin kills them), why do they say that Genichiro is on "their" side? Whose side?

        • Anonymous

          They kind of remind me of Nuppeppō, yokai that resemble blobby lumps of meat given arms and legs that frequent temple grounds.

          Nuppeppō are described as deceptive killers, but more strangely is that while they reek of rot, eating their flesh may grant eternal youth. Other accounts suggest they are created by reanimating discarded corpse matter.

          There's even a story of one particularly fast Nuppeppō eluding capture in the castle of Tokugawa Ieyasu, but it was mercifully sent back to the mountains to be kept from harm... Sounds an awful lot like Badger's route, doesn't it?

          • Anonymous

            Was farming on the crimson variants for the shura ending when suddenly one of them dropped a smoke bomb very similar to Owl's. I coulda been seeing things since I was extremely tired but it was still surprising. It could also be a rare move that they do like when the Lone shadows jump back while swing at you.

            • Anonymous

              These guys are surprisingly deadly. On my current charmless run, I had trouble even killing the ones before the armored warrior boss fight in Senpou. I've yet to get the timing down on deflecting their basic counter-attack.

              • Anonymous

                Is it possible to anti-air deathblow one of these assassins? I once had the prompt appear for a second while fighting one who jumped in the air on the roofs in Senpou. Never got it again.

                • Anonymous

                  I'm having an issue where I use the axe on these guys and hit the hat directly but it doesn't break, even after multiple hits. Eventually it works but I'm having to waste so many spirit emblems.

                  • Anonymous

                    I hella don't get how to kill the hat ones without axe. With shielders you just jump on them then dodge their run attack and do two free hits on their backs but this guys are inpenetrable!

                    • Anonymous

                      These guys are the only enemies in the game that can cling to the edge of walls or roofs like Sekiro can. However in most cases where they do this you can reach an area behind them undetected and throw a shuriken at them and they will fall off. It's pretty funny actually.

                      • Anonymous

                        At the back of one of the roofs of the buildings past the Old Grave, after Owl's attack on Ashina Castle, there is one of these guys clinging to the roof. If you eavesdrop he will reveal that one of the strategies Owl's shinobis used to weaken the castle was by luring most of the Nightjar to the back of the castle (this is why there are so many nightjar in that area now) leaving the rooftops mostly defenseless. If you kill him he will say "no... impossible..." or something similar as he dies.

                        • Anonymous

                          After Ashina Castle initially gets attacked, theres a Nightjar down the right side of the castle past the Old Grave Idol, sitting at the broken bridge. One of them (Senpou Assassin in red) pops up and attacks. When I killed him it played a voice file with subtitles saying, "Impossible... How did..." Not sure what that was about...

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