Basket Wearer Shosuke


Location Mibu Village

Basket Wearer Shosuke is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is a frightened man wearing a basket on his head.


Basket Wearer Shosuke Information

  • Location: House in Mibu Village (the first one with a hole in the roof).
  • Progression: Basket Wearer Shosuke will transform after quitting the game after you talk to him.
  • Combat: Players may kill Basket Wearer Shosuke after he transforms.
  • Rewards: None


Associated Quests

  • Will transform upon quitting and reloading after you talk to him. Gives 257 EXP when killed.



  • "Basket, basket, basket, basket, basket... I... am a basket... [Greet him] [Hey] (Wails in fear) Basket, basket, basket, basket... Aaahhhh... [Calm down.] ......Y-you... Are you an honorable person? [Yes] Thank goodness...! You ARE an honorable person. (Sobs) Is there...something you want to ask? Look, sorry but... If you have questions I'll have to answer with this basket on my head."
  • Ask about the village prompt: [What is wrong with this village?] I'd sure like to know that too. Before I knew it... everyone had gone insane! For awhile I too was in a daze, but... I snapped out of it after I hurk-hurk... threw up. ........... I was thirsty so I drank a loooot of sake. I'm sure that's what made me throw up. The head priest sometimes treats us to sake. But you know... when you drink sake, you get thirsty. The sake cask runs dry in no time. So everyone has no choice but to drink the water in the ponds and rivers. But, the more you drink, the thirstier you get... Ah... You get thirstier and thirstier, can't ever drink enough...
  • Ask about the villagers prompt: [What is wrong with the villagers?] ...Hmm, no idea. All I know is, they all fear fire. For awhile, I too was in the same daze. And I felt the fear too. An unquenchable fire... Even now, the thought of it gives me chills! [An unquenchable fire...] The hunter Inuhiko started burning pine resin and locked himself in his house. His pine resin burns for a long time... It's a real nuisance. Inukio is the village outcast. He likes eating wild animal meat and the sort... Thats why the head priest doesn't give him any sake. [Where is Inuhiko's house?] Oh, on the other side of the pond. Inuhiko's is the last house on the path. 
  • Ask about the village priest prompt: [Tell me about the priest.] He's the most important person in the entire village. You can find him in the shrine, all the way up the riverside near the water's source. He told us, "Let us become citizens of the palace. If you drink enough sake, you shall become citizens," he said! ......... A "citizen of the palace"... I don't really get it, but that's what he said!
  • Upon leaving: Got to go, huh? I'll be here, hiding in this basket. ... must... resist... drinking...
  • After closing game and reloading: I couldn't... resist... I drank it all...!
  • Upon death: You... monster...


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Michael Goldmane
  • He wears a basket
  • Can be afflicted by Dragonrot.

Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      17 May 2019 10:43  

      I think he will stay fine until he gets dragonrot. When you visit him while he has dragonrot, he does not wear his basket. Heal Dragonrot and visit him again. Then he will attack you.

      • Anonymous

        22 Apr 2019 09:48  

        After speaking to Shosuke then giving the water of the palace to the head village priest, and susequently killing him. I went back to Shosuke's house to find him gone and several fistful of ash items in his place.

        • Anonymous

          21 Apr 2019 00:12  

          "Are you an honorable person?" Sekiro, covered in blood after exterminating half the villagers : "...Yes..."

          • Anonymous

            17 Apr 2019 01:27  

            I've quit the game after speaking with him for the first time, and he is fine. After that, ive killed the Monk, and clean the area, teleport to other stages and come back, and he is still ok. I havent die in a few hours, and i have the usual 30% invisible aid since the beggining. NG+ and Demon bell activated. I cant understand why he didnt transform? I've quit the game a few times after this, but he is like always

            • Anonymous

              17 Apr 2019 00:54  

              If this NPC gets the Dragonrot illness after you visit him for the first time, and then, you visit him for the second time while he's sick, he will deliver an extra dialogue line. I don't remember the exact wording but is something like: "this wouldn't happened if I stayed in the basket". Then, if you heal him after that second visit, he will return into the basket permanently.

              • Anonymous

                31 Mar 2019 16:03  

                This one should not be mistaken with the one on the top house near the Idol. He turns into a monster after some certain boss.

                • 31 Mar 2019 01:39  

                  The starting prompt is him saying "Basket, basket, basket ; Basket, basket, basket, i'm a basket... After which you get a prompt to speak to him and he says that the village priest is the one who gave everyone sake except for the hunter of the village who lives at the edge of the village and he always has an ember burning in his house, overall am curious on whether you can save this man, as he turned for me into a monster saying "I couldn't resist I drank it all" and starts attacking, and upon killing him he prompts "" is it possible to destroy the sake holding barrels or sth to save this man? Also who is the hunter that uses an "unceasing ember that scares the villagers"

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Mar 2019 23:33  

                    if you give him the water of the temple that you find in fountainhed palace (hole in the ground just before 3d sculptor's idol) he will become one of those squids and when killed drops 5x treasure carp scale

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