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Secret shinobi drug, blue in color.

When times call for death by one's own hand, samurai turn their swords on themselves as a matter of pride, while shinobi demand a swifter means. Simply crush in the back teeth to die. Nothing more is required.

Resurrection is not limited after use.

Bite Down is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to instantly kill yourself without locking down the resurrection nodes on revival.



 Bite Down Usage

  • Using this will instantly kill you
  • Resurrecting after being killed by Bite Down will not lock down your remaining resurrection nodes, as is the case with regular death. Wolf will also be brought up to 50% health which is higher than normal.
  • Using Bite Down when resurrection nodes are already locked will NOT unlock them, resulting in full death.



How to Find Bite Down

  • Rare drop from the zombies near the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol.
  • Buy 2 from Blackhat Badger for 30 sen each.
  • Ashina Depths - 1x can be looted near the Mist Noble.
  • Ashina Depths - 1x can be found on a platform near the Spirits towards the path of the temple.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - When first entering the dungeon and defeating the zombie can drop the item.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - In the part of the Abandoned Dungeon named Toward Shichimen Warrior, on the lower floor you will face several Crickets, and after you can pick up 1x Oil, and then take the nearby passage that leads to 1x Bite Down.
  • Fountainhead Palace -  from the Mibu Manor Idol, head inside the manor and sneak behind the dividers to find 2x which is near a woman NPC who warns you that there are many nobles ahead and you should go around to avoid them.
  • Ashina Castle (Second Invasion) - can be dropped by red-eyed Nightjar Ninjas fighting Black-Feathered Nightjar Ninjas along the rooftops.



Bite Down Notes & Tips

  • This item is best used during boss fights as an impromptu healing item.  Being killed by Bite Down allows for a free use of resurrection, and subsequent healing to 50% of maximum health, which is not the case if Wolf dies for another reason.
  • It can also be used to re-enter stealth by allowing enemies to de-aggro before resurrecting.
  • The item can also be used in the True Corrupted Monk fight, as dying during the second phase of the fight causes the illusions to immediately dispel. This is best used if you are having serious trouble with this part of the fight.
  • Hidden Tooth is a unlimited use version of this item, which may be obtained as a drop from Hanbei the Undying
  • Using this item does not grant you a resurrection node if you don't have one, it simply prevents the nodes from being locked upon resurrection. Because of this, using this item with less than two resurrection nodes is generally pointless.
  • The Bite Down dropped by the red-eyed Nightjar Ninjas on the rooftops during the Second Invasion of Ashina Castle has this description: Secret shinobi drug, blue in color, carried by the Nightjar Ninja.
    Death by one's own hand. Some fail to realize the necessity, betraying Ashina, living out their lives no matter what... Simply crush in the back teeth to die. To think that nothing more was required.
    Resurrection is not limited after use.

Resurrection is not limited after use.

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    • Anonymous

      The bit about the true corrupted monk should be removed. You can just block all nine ish attacks standing still from the phantoms,which is arguably easier.

      • Anonymous

        BITE DOWN tm
        For when a gun is too messy, and jumping off a cliff seems to scary
        Take a bite from BITE DOWN tm
        Only available at your local shinobi clan

        • Anonymous

          I tried using this during the castle Owl fight and it's not working? It kills me well enough, but my nodes get crossed out regardless. Anyone else have this issue?

          • Anonymous

            So, I have a unique Bite Down in my inventory with no knowledge where it came from. It has a separate stack from the usual ones and a different description. If someone could look into it and figure out its location and differences (if any), that'd be grand. Description, fyi, is as follows: "Secret shinobi drug, blue in color, carried by the Nightjar Ninja. Death by one's own hand. Some fail to realize the necessity, betraying Ashina, living out their lives no matter what... Simply crush in the back teeth to die. To think that nothing more was required. Resurrection is not limited after use."

            • Anonymous

              Tested it out, seems like if you use it, once you res (which does use one of your pink dots) you don't get the black strike preventing you from further resurrection, meaning if you died you'd be able to res again where normally you have to kill an enemy to be able to res again. If used at the right time could give you an extra res against a boss (or 2). Maybe used with jizou dolls for unlimited resurrection?

              • Anonymous

                Does NOT help when you have no resurrection left, even though it says that res count is not limited on use.

                • Anonymous

                  There are two variations of this item, they have the same icons and use but stack separately and have diffirent descriptions. The other one says it belonged to a Nightjar ninja and that it would be better to take it than to betray your homeland.

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