Black Gunpowder

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 Black grains forming the base of gunpowder.

Material used in alchemical Prosthetic Tool upgrades, including those of an explosive and occultic nature.

Even the most mundane form of gunpowder has a wide variety of applications.

Black Gunpowder is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Black Gunpowder is required for upgrading alchemical Prosthetic Tools, and can be bought, found in several Locations or looted from specific Enemies.

Black Gunpowder Usage

Where to Find Black Gunpowder

  • Sold by merchants for 150 sen once started NG+.
  • Ashina Outskirts -  Dropped by the cannon enemy (only the first time you kill him).
  • Ashina Outskirts - Can be purchased from Anayama the Peddler after telling him what the Ashina Samurai want
  • Ashina Castle Gate -  Dropped by senpou temple assassins.
  • Sunken Valley - chance to be dropped by the bayonet enemies.
  • Ashina Depths - from the Poison filled pool, grapple onto the ledge, and ahead of the rocks, you'll find 2x.
  • Mibu Village - one can be found in the area of the village right before passing by the tall grass.
  • Ashina Castle - The rat enemies when first entering the Ashina Castle area might able to drop this item.
  • Ashina Castle - When you fight the bell-wielding mob and 3 dogs pick up the item behind him.
  • Ashina Castle - Near the Ashina Outskirts, Underbridge Valley Idol across the broken bridge. Now go to the broken bridge to find 1x Black Gunpowder.
  • Ashina Castle Revisited-  In the Into the Inner wall area, there would be courtyard which would contain the item.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - In the room where the player will fight the Shichimen Warrior the item would be there.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - From the Underground Waterway idol and this time go toward the water. Pick up 1x Scrap Iron and swim across the water until you see a boat and some items.One of the items is the Powder.

Black Gunpowder Notes & Tips

  • Players can only carry a maximum of 99 material
  • Other notes...






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    • Anonymous

      This page lists only half of the tools that need this - there are 4 more:

      1 is needed for the Spring-Load Firecracker (the upgrade that lets you do a spin to set them off all around you. Pretty forgettable, I know)
      3 are needed for the Long Spark Firecracker
      4 for the Spring-load Flame Vent
      2 for the Aged Feather Mist Raven

      This brings the total you need for all upgrades up to 30, which is for some reason also less than the needed Adamantite Scraps (32 by my count) and only 1 more than the Yellow Gunpowder (29). The prostetics are REALLY into metal I guess.

      • Anonymous

        So this guide says 8 are needed for Leaping Flame
        4 are needed for Sparking Axe
        6 are needed for Okinaga's Flame Vent
        2 are needed for Double Divine Abduction

        That's only 20 Black Gunpowder... But you can buy them from Anayama the Peddler for 150. 150*20=3000 gold.
        If there is more than this guide is saying, that's on them, lol.

        • Anonymous

          It also drops by enemies at Hirata Estate. Ring the Demon Bell and then farm at the Main Hall idol. You can get Scrap Iron, Mibu Balloon of Wealth, Oil, Pellets, Dousing Powder, Black Gun Powder. Or run from the Estate Path idol all the way up to the the Main Hall. You will get 1 skill point and 1300 gold per run. You can get the Black Gunpowder also from the small enemy at the Bell Demon's Temple idol.

          • Anonymous

            You can get a lot by killing small centipede demons, at least I got a lot from the ones which are near the girl divine heir, in the cave.

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