Bulging Coin Purse


 A purse almost overflowing with sen. It can be used to acquire the sen inside.

Hefty enough to bring something resembling a grin to a Wolf's face.

The sen is this purse is not lost upon death.

Bulging Coin Purse is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to acquire a huge amount of sen inside.



 Bulging Coin Purse Usage

  • The sen inside can be acquired by consuming it
  • Grants 1000 Sen
  • Can be sold to a Merchant for 1000 Sen.



How to Find Bulging Coin Purse

  • Fountainhead Palace - in the area where the Sakura Bull of the Palace is encountered.
  • Fountainhead Palace - from the great sakura branch, after killing the enemy, look down from this point and you'll spot a branch with the item inside a nest.
  • Hirata Estate - Dropped from a Shinobi Hunter after talking to Owl and grappling across go left down a bambo path to find 2 Shinobi Hunters; the one in the blue robes drops a Bulging Coin Purse.



Bulging Coin Purse Notes & Tips

  • The sen inside the purse is not lost upon death
  • Other notes...



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    • Anonymous

      Headless and Shichimen Warriors drop this in next NG cycles if you killed them for their unique one time item drop. Exception is the Shichimen Warrior in the fountainhead Palace, who always drops Lapis Lazuli.

      • Anonymous

        “Hefty enough to bring something resembling a grin to a Wolf's face” imagining wolf grinning is so weird. Im so used to the edgy samurai

        • Anonymous

          So if I had 2100 sen, and need 3000 sen for the phantom kunai, then I could spend 1100 sen at a merchant for 2 bulging coin purses to get it. It's faster than trying to search and 'farm' for it.

          • Anonymous

            I have over 60,000 sen in coin purses, the thing is there’s really nothing to spend it on, I’ve got most upgrades and plenty of stock of everything, it’s kinda stupid to give coin Purses as rewards when there’s really nothing I can buy, I wish I could buy more prayer beads or something, they need to have something for me to spend all this sen on, I’m the rich Shinobi, I should buy a house and settle down lol

            • Anonymous

              I received a bulging coin purse when I defeated the pair of unnamed shinobi hunters at Hirata Estate. When you encounter Owl in the blazing courtyard, go to the graveyard he tells you about, then hug the left wall and find a path through the bamboo, instead of going to the right toward the cave that leads to Junzou's arena. You will find two shinobi hunters here, one in white and one in black. They're basically copies of Enshin. When I defeated the second one, I got the coin purse.

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