Ceremonial Tanto


 Dagger with a stark white blade and hilt. Converts Vitality into Spirit Emblems.

Originally, this tanto was used in a ritual offering to the dragon, in which an emblem would be cut from one's own life force and set adrift on the Fountainhead waters.

The blade is inscribed with its true name: "Devoted Soul".

Ceremonial Tanto is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to convert Vitality  into Spirit Emblems.



 Ceremonial Tanto Usage

  • The Ceremonial Tanto gives you access to supplemental Spirit Emblems that disappear upon rest.
  • Each use costs 50% of your total Vitality, and will refill your supplemental Spirit Emblems to a maximum of +5. As such it can not be used if you have a full +5 supplemental Spirit Emblems or you have less than 50% Vitality.
  • This mechanic is similar to Quicksilver Bullets from Bloodborne.
  • With the 5 skills that raise your primary Spirit Emblem capacity by 1 each, the maximum number of Spirit Emblems that Sekiro  can hold at once is 25.


How to Find Ceremonial Tanto


Ceremonial Tanto Notes & Tips

  • The visual intensity of the blade will diminish with each use, much like any other refilling item.


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    • Anonymous

      21 May 2019 15:29  

      hello, I did kill both the shichimen warriors in the Abandoned Dungeon and the fountainhead palace but neither dropped this item does someone know where I can find it beside that

      • Anonymous

        22 Apr 2019 00:19  

        If you use the item and then teleport to another idol, although this might only happen if you've used a spirit emblem from it beforehand, you can get some of the emblems back and still be at full health. I think you may get all of them back if you rest beforehand, otherwise it can just give 1 or so back, in other words the number you used. I haven't tested this a lot and it's not that useful, but I thought it was interesting back in my first runthrough.

        • Anonymous

          20 Apr 2019 22:47  

          Does anyone know if it's possible to get to this part of the abandoned dungeon if you're at the end of the game and many areas are closed off?

          • Anonymous

            27 Mar 2019 00:57  

            This article is inaccurate. The tanto can be used so long as 3 criteria are met. 1) There is a charge left in the blade (refills at rest); 2) you do not have the full +5 spirit emblems from this item; 3) you have *greater* than 50% current vitality. Then you take damage equal to 50% your maximum vitality and refill up to the +5 spirit emblems

            • Anonymous

              24 Mar 2019 07:52  

              A little info about the item. (PS have no idea how editing wiki's work) Despite the item saying 3/3 in the inventory, it does not only have 3 uses. The item has 3 charges, and will refill once you've rested at any idol. Item requires you to be at full health before you can use it. The item will consume 50% of your HP to give you +5 to spirit emblems. (There will be a red +# above your normal emblems) Item cannot be used again until atleast 1 of the bonus emblems has been used.

              • Anonymous

                23 Mar 2019 23:20  

                If anyone finds a method to get more of these, that'd be great. Because having 3 for an entire playthrough seems nigh on pointless.

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