Sculptor's Idol


Idols crafted by Busshi of Aretera, found across the land. They provide a moment's respite even in a hostile environment

Sculptor's Idols are the Checkpoints of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Much like Bonfires worked in Dark Souls and Lamps in Bloodborne, idols are found and unlocked throughout the world. Resting at a Sculptors's Idol will replenish the player's White Spirit Emblem inventory up to the capacity of 15 if they have any in storage.


Sculptor's Idols in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Idol Usage

  • Pray at a sculptor's idol to Rest. The last Sculptor's Idol you rested at acts as a checkpoint.
  • Sit at the idol to activate it and restore your health.
  • As you are restored, any White Spirit Emblems you have in storage will be returned to your inventory, up to a cap of 15. 
  • Use Skillpoints to unlock Skills and Skill Trees.
  • Upgrade your HP and Posture Gauge with Prayer Beads


Locations of the Idols


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