Corrupted Monk

Location ??
Weakness Fire
Reward ??

Corrupted Monk is a Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. The Corrupted Monk is found during the Beta of the game, that was playable at E3, Gamescom and TGS. She has a fluid moveset that makes here attacks sometimes hard to read. The Corrupted Monk has 3 health bars that must be removed before a finisher can be performed.


Corrupted Monk Location

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Corrupted Monk Rewards

  • Rewards ??
  • Rewards ??




Corrupted Monk Strategies

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Strategy Writeup


There are 3 phases to this fight, and you cannot finish each phase without a Critical Strike. Critical Strikes are performed by completely filling the boss's Posture meter and then pressing R1. Do not worry about attacking the boss as much, and focus on deflecting its attacks by pressing L1 right when you would be struck. Be sure to avoid the red kanji attacks, as these cannot be deflected.

In phase 2 the boss will disappear and black fog will fill the bridge. The easiest strategy here is to simply walk to one end of the bridge (quickly), turn around and hold block. The phantoms will appear and you can block all 3 attacks without having to move or take damage. Replenish your Posture in between the 3 sets of these attacks. You will need to repeat this whenever the boss vanishes.

In phase 3 its much of the same as the second phase with a few different moves. Be sure to head to the end of the bridge and block when you need to and then hurry back to the middle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must perform back to back Critical Strikes at the end of the last phase in order to finish the boss. After the first one the game will slow considerably and you will be prompted to perform a second. If you do not do the second, the boss will get back up, so be sure you do this!

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "SHINOBI EXECUTION" upon the screen, but you receive no items.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
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Phase 2
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Corrupted Monk Lore

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Corrupted Monk Notes & Trivia

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