Dancing Dragon Mask


A dragon's head dancing mask, made whole by piecing the fragments back together. Grants the ability to exchange Skill Points for Attack Power in the Sculptor's Idol menu. 

The Okami warrior women would wear this to the Fountainhead Palace. There, they would dance as an offering for the dragon. Mysteriously, the ritual left them brimming with vigor.

Dancing Dragon Mask is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to increase damage with the help of skill points. 


Dancing dragon mask Usage

  • Collecting all three parts of the Dancing Dragon Mask will allow the player to exchange 5 skill points to increase their attack power by 1.
    • This can be done repeatedly as long the player has skill points to spare. 


How to Find Dancing Dragon Mask

Note: if you didn't get the Mask Fragment: Left before killing the Great Colored Carp, you can get it from Pot Noble Harunaga since Pot Noble Koremori was killed by him.


Dancing Dragon Mask Notes & Tips

  • To find Pot Noble Koremori, travel to the Palace Grounds Sculptor's Idol, enter the building directly in front of you and turn left through the closed door that overlooks the largest area of Fountainhead Palace. From the door follow the ledge right and pass under the waterfall and stop near the cherry blossom tree. There is a grapple point up above the wall beyond the cherry blossom tree. Once you grapple up, follow the tunnel until you drop near a building overlooking the Palace. There is a Sculptor's Idol ("Near Pot Noble") and Pot Noble Koremori is on the ledge overlooking the palace.
  • Underwater Treasure Carps near the Hirata Estate can be killed from land using the Loaded Spear Thrust type Prosthetic Tool Upgrade



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    • Anonymous

      02 Apr 2020 15:57  

      I wish id have known about this earlier, but instead of getting something useful I now have a bunch of useless combat skills lol

      • Anonymous

        19 Feb 2020 06:13  

        Spoilers for buying the dragon mask fragment 500 sen cheaper (4,500 not 5,000) but if you wait till the endgame just before fighting the final boss (Wont work for Shura ending) and have sent Kotaro (The crying taro troop fatty to the right of the entrance to Senpou temple) to Anayama the Peddler (Using the red white pinwheel and after progressing Anayama's questline) you can go to where Anayama and Kotaro usually set up shop after the Interior Ministry attack Ashina, and will find them behind the door where they usually sell their wares with Kotaro laying on the ground and Anayama wounded. After some dialogue, you can buy the Promissory note from him for 1 sen, which will decrease the cost of all items for vendors across the game, including the dragon mask fragment. I'd recommend doing this on your first (or current playthrough if you haven't already) as it carries over into NG+ and is super useful.

        • Anonymous

          21 May 2019 17:50  

          Can someone fix the "prototype tool upgrade" link to "prosthetic"? I would but I'm on mobile and don't wanna screw everything up

          • Anonymous

            04 May 2019 14:27  

            Don't use this if you want to complete the skill tree. An additional skill point is about 80k XP at the 125 skill point mark, you'll be farming for hours to make up for the points wasted on the mask.

            • Anonymous

              20 Apr 2019 17:06  

              Both of the pot nobels we’re dead after I fed the truly precious bait to the great carp. Now I can’t get the right dragon mask piece... anyone know how else I can get it or am I just screwed?

              • Anonymous

                14 Apr 2019 15:18  

                The pot merchant at the fountain head palace is dead. what is the reason for this? I killed the great carp and the one in hirata turned to a redeye carp before i met him. Is this the reason?

                • Anonymous

                  30 Mar 2019 12:48  

                  people should note that spending skillpoints for damage buffs still raise the exp needed for then next skill point so decide wether you want to unlock more skills or more damage 100% this game seems like its going to be one big skillpoint grind

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Mar 2019 21:59  

                    The Dragon mask does stay through playthrough #2, haven't tested it yet but its still in the key items menu when starting new game plus.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Mar 2019 20:05  

                      Bug! Do not buy 2 mask peaces at the same time! This can cause mask not coming together and lock you out of this feature! All that crinding and now I have 3 useless pieces that I can't do enything with.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Mar 2019 18:44  

                        dissapointed, I was thinking this is the father's mask and I can finally transform Sekiro to a strength character

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Mar 2019 20:47  

                          can you exchange already spent skill points ? i would like to get rid of some talents i wasted points on...

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