Daughters of the Carp Attendant


Location Fountainhead Palace

Daughters of the Carp Attendant are a pair of NPCs in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Daughters can be found in different locations within the Fountainhead Palace, each of them attempting to deal with the unfortunate fate that has befallen their father in their own way.

Daughters of the Carp Attendant Information

  • Location: The first Daughter is found shortly after the Mibu Manor Sculptor's Idol located in the Fountainhead Palace. The second will be found sitting on the roof of a half-submerged building near the Great Sakura Sculptor's Idol; if the Idol is behind you, you'll see her on top of the building directly in front of you.

  • Progression: Both Daughters will move to different parts of the Fountainhead Palace depending on how far you've progressed their personal quest and the quest of their father: the Great Carp Attendant.

  • Combat: No - players may not kill either Daughter.

  • Rewards: None. (Needs testing)

Associated Quests

  • All of the following needs extensive testing, but the general outline of their quest is:
    • Go to the Fountainhead Palace and speak with the first Daughter, who is located just past the Mibu Manor Sculptor's Idol. She will warn you about the courtyard just ahead and how the Mist Nobles of the palace are drawn to the youth of those around them, feeding on it to stay immortal. She will tell you to go around the courtyard instead of through it if you want to continue, and asks that you keep an eye out for her father, who she is convinced is being tricked/kept away from his family by the Nobles of the palace.

    • Later on in the level, you will find (an NPC that looks exactly like the first, and is presumably) her twin Sister sitting on the roof of a half-submerged building near the Great Sakura Sculptor's Idol. She will explain that she is also looking for her father, and there is a back way into the Palace, which requires you to go through an underwater passage to the far right of the level—it is the same passage where you encounter and must sneak past the the Great Colored Carp in order to access both the shortcut to, and the Palace Grounds Sculptor's Idol.

    • Sneak past the Great Colored Carp, then proceed to open the path from the Grand Palace Sculptor's Idol to the Palace Grounds Sculptor's Idol by opening the door in the wooden building separating the two. (This is the building where you encounter all of the Red Robed Mist Nobles seemingly eating the normal, Blue Robed Mist Nobles.)

    • Rest, then enter/search the building mentioned above. Near the entrance facing the Grand Palace Sculptor's Idol, you find the second Daughter kneeling over the body of a dead Red Robed Mist Noble, which she is violently stabbing over and over again. In her rage, she will scream about how the Nobles have been lying to her father before finally collapsing, dead, on the floor. (The enemies in this building will no longer respawn, and her body will remain here even after you rest.)

    • Proceed to where the Great Carp Attendant is located (location?) and speak with him. Though he makes no mention of his daughters, upon returning to and speaking with the First Daughter—she has not moved, or died—she will explain that her father has been bewitched and that all he wants to do now is feed the Great Colored Carp. She will then plead with Sekiro to make him stop and release him however he can.

    • Go back to the Great Carp Attendant and finish his questline, which involves finishing the quests of either Pot Noble Harunaga or Pot Noble Koremori. (See NPC pages for details). Once you have killed the Great Carp by finishing either of these quests, travel to the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole Sculptor's Idol, which is located in the Sunken Valley, and collect the Great White Whisker key item from the body of the Great Colored Carp.

    • Return to the Great Carp Attendant and speak with him. When prompted, give him the Great White Whisker to finish his quest.  After his dialogue you will receive a Divine Grass.

    • Rest, then approach the Great Carp Attendant one last time. You will find the surviving Daughter of the Carp Attendant kneeling next to his corpse, and are then treated to the lovely reward of her saying some final parting words before she, too, passes away.


  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue

Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: ??


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    • Posting this on both Great Colored Carp and Great Colored Carp Attendant, as I've not seen mention of this elsewhere.

      If you do this right, The Attendant's daughter will clear mobs for you.

      Ok so let's fast forward a bit through the standard plan...

      1. Obtain Truly Precious Bait
      2. Speak to Attendant.
      3. Give fish Precious Bait
      4. Speak to Attendant for free scale reward.
      5. Rest, repeat steps 3 and 4
      6. Decide that it's time to kill the fish
      7. Give the bid bad Carp the truly Precious Bait.
      8. Fast travel to Sunken Valley - Giant Ape's Watering Hole
      9. Pick up whisker in front of dead fish
      10. Fast travel back to Fountainhead Palace - Feeding Platform
      11. Give the whisker to the Attendant to make him a sad boi
      12. Exhaust Attendant Dialog
      14. His daughter should appear and grieve his death
      15. Once she shuts up, go to Fountainhead Palace - Palace Grounds

      All of the mobs in the building immediately in front of you have now been killed. The Attendant's daughter is inside stabbing the last one repeatedly, though it already looks dead. She rambles that they tricked her father into serving his whole life with promises of eternity, now he is dead and gone, it was all a lie, bring him back. Then she either plays dead or An Hero's. Either way, cool scene, dead mobs.


      • Anonymous

        . "This is the building where you encounter all of the Red Robed Mist Nobles seemingly eating the normal, Blue Robed Mist Nobles"

        After taking a closer look, it looks like they are feasting on some Okami warriors instead of Blue Robed Mist Nobles.

        • Anonymous

          You can actually fight this dude, give him the whiskers then attack him before resting. He'll have the same moveset as the Ogre. Even after finding this out, I still rest after giving him the whiskers because I'm a softie for this questline.

          • Anonymous

            If you kill the dad before giving him whiskers, the first daughter’s dialogue never changes from her first dialogue about going around the palace grounds. She is still asking me to free her father, even though I killed him.

            • Anonymous

              Guys, I tried leaving the door shut for my new game plus play through and it had the same outcomes, very sad to see this happen but loved the possibility

              • Anonymous

                If you chose not to open the door at palace grounds so that the vengeful daughter can't get through and kill herself on the nobles, does it change the quest? Can't help but notice there's kind of a theme with how the father and daughter are posed at the end of the quest. If you go through the whole process of killing the great carp without opening the palace grounds door, does the second daughter also end up with her father? Or does she just keep hanging around till you open the palace door even after her father is dead?

                • Anonymous

                  THEORY: The daughters were way younger when they went to the palace to find their father. But the nobles stole their life essence and made them enfeebled. Either that or their dad is REALLY old.

                  • Anonymous

                    There is another part of the questline that needs to be added After the Carp Attendent and the daughter pass away the other will kill the mist noble like enemies at the Palace Grounds Idol in revenge for tricking and deceiving her father before passing away herself

                    • Anonymous

                      For some reason the very first daughter you meet in the Mibu Manor was not there in my game at all, is this a glitch?. I still completed the quest so I guess it doesn’t matter just curious if anyone else noticed this.

                      • Anonymous

                        K the giant ass carp in the guardian ape's boss room was awesome. Makes very little sense. But it was awesome

                        • Anonymous

                          So the attendant can be attacked after giving him the white whisker, idk about before. Not sure how or what this effects, I didn't kill him instead rested and the daughter appeared and he was dead. I wonder if he drops anything or if killing him effects the daughters dialogue.

                          • Anonymous

                            What happens when you don't open the door to the Palace and finish the quest while it's closed? Will either of them survive?

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