Deflection is a major part of Combat in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It's a very rewarding move that allows you to inflict Posture damage and open the enemy up for counter attack.


To deflect an enemy attack simply tap the Guard button (L1/LB) as an attack is coming; this negates all damage from most attacks, builds up the enemies Posture gauge by a significant amount, and staggers most enemies briefly, allowing you a small window to counter attack.  This posture damage per Deflection is increased if the player manages to Deflect multiple attacks in a short period of time, such as an attack flurry.

The time window to deflect enemy attacks is actually a generous 30 frames by default (a full half second before the attack hits), though this window can shrink if the user has recently released the Guard button (with each recent press shrinking the window further, to as little as 7 frames); as such, spamming the button in hopes of a successful deflect is not recommended.  Fortunately, the stacking penalty is removed after a period of time (30 frames) as well as immediately following a successful Deflect... and in fact, spamming Deflect is actually necessary if an enemy performs a rapid attack flurry with multiple consecutive attacks.  Similarly, holding the guard button down and releasing immediately before pressing it again to Deflect also accrues this penalty and makes it much more difficult to Deflect.  Instead, one can guarantee a successful defense by pressing down the Guard button earlier rather than later: if properly timed, the Deflection attempt works, while if too early, the user will simply Guard the attack instead.  

Enemies can also deflect your attacks, but this will not deal any Posture damage; you will generally recover slower than your opponent after your attack is deflected, however, making follow-up attacks risky or impossible.

Some enemy attacks, called Perilous Attacks, are dangerous or impossible to Deflect, you have to deal with them in certain ways; a red Kanji meaning "danger" will appear to indicate Perilous Attacks.  Other attacks will deal damage to Sekiro whether he deflects or guards them: attacks which inflict the terror or fire status effect will almost always deal a portion of their damage through Sekiro's guards and deflects, though a weapon blessed with Divine Confetti can Deflect terror attacks from apparitions.  Unfortunately, the negative status effect buildup of Poison, Fire, and Terror cannot be blocked using a traditional guard or deflect, instead requiring the use of the Umbrella Shield.

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    • Anonymous

      it feels like there's some sort of cutoff as to how late you can parry (eg. input registering 5 or 6 frames before the attack hits you will not result in a parry, you'll just take damage)

      • Anonymous

        It does feel like 30 frames. Like.. You can press the parry in the wrong time or even accidentally and it still parries.

        • Anonymous

          Hold the parry button. Even though it might looks like you're blocking, the parry frames are actually still active for a short amount of time. THIS is how you get those 30 frames this website mentioned. Well, at least for me anyway.

          • Anonymous

            Its probably because I didnt read the in game info.

            But it took me way too long to realise that I could deflect multiple attacks in a row.

            I thought you were stuck in guard after the first deflect until a slight gap where you could parry again.

            • Anonymous

              It says 30 frames but why does it feel tighter than DS3's 13 frames? And no, I don't spam the button, and i play on charmless so I know the difference between a deflect and a block.

              • Anonymous

                30 frames to parry and people tell this game is harder than ds with 10-14 frames on rolls lmao,not even saying you have i frames on jump and step dodge too.

                • Anonymous

                  "but on should keep in mind not to spam the guard button in hope for a successful deflect" ignore this, tap deflect it works.

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