Divine Abduction


A Prosthetic Tool loaded with a large fan. Costs Spirit Emblems to use. Gathers and releases a gust of wind, forcing enemies caught by the vortex to turn around.

It is a mild sort of being spirited away that can be returned from quite quickly. However, it's said that one can only return from being spirited away once, and if taken again, there is no coming back.

Spirit Emblem Cost 3

Divine Abduction is a Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Divine Abduction is used to create a wind cover that hides Sekiro from enemies, and even spirits some of them away. These Tools, varying from the Loaded Shuriken to the Shinobi Firecracker, are equipped via the Shinobi Prosthetic and can be swapped out on the fly, allowing for creative and innovative solutions to the many exploratory challenges the player may face.

How to use Divine Abduction

  • RT / R2: Gathering Vortex: Use the fan of leaves to wrap yourself in whirling, glowing winds.

  • While using Gathering Vortex, RT / R2: Divine Abduction: Release the winds around the enemy, making them suddenly face the opposite direction.

  • Aside from certain strong enemies, they will lose sight of you and be vulnerable to a Deathblow.

  • If the Living Force skill is used, your sword's next hit will be imbued with the power of the Divine Abduction and will spin the enemy around (or instantly kill monks).

  • Use Divine Abduction and its upgrades to instantly kill the following enemies:
    • Bare-fist Senpou Sect Monks.
    • Staff-wielding Senpou Sect Monks.
    • Masked, bomb-throwing Senpou Sect Monks.
    • Taro Troop
      • (More testing is necessary to see what else it works on like this.)

  • Does not instantly kill the double-glaive wielding Monks, or Infested Monks.

  • Upgrades: Golden Vortex, Double Divine Abduction.



Where to find Divine Abduction in Sekiro

  • Sunken Valley: After the Gun Fort idol in Sunken Valley. Pick up the item and deliver it to the Sculptor.


Divine Abduction Notes & Trivia

  • Being hit during Gathering Vortex will remove it and you will be unable to use its follow-up Divine Abduction.

  • The tool is used to spirit away Kotaro as part of his quest. (Refer to the NPC page for details).


Divine Abduction Story & Lore

  • The Divine Abduction tool discloses much about the abduction of the Children of Rejuvenation by the Senpou Monks. The children were lured to the mountain under the guise of performing "virtuous deeds". In fact, they were being enrolled in a large scale experiment involving The Rejuvenating Waters.  Of all the children, only one survived these horrid experiments. The Japanese arelia, known in Japan as yatsude (八つ手), which means "eight fingers", is related to the parasitic Hedera family, and known for its pale white variant 'Spider's Web' J. Arelia Spider's Web. The white markings of this plant rarely occur in nature and are indicative of a sick and damaged plant. Senpou Temple is heavily autumn themed Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and the fan was dyed red in accordance with that. It is unclear if the color, and the theme of falling leaves, represent the lives lost at Senpou Temple Executed People or the fall of its monks into degeneracy. 


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    • Anonymous

      Using the Living Force swing of this will turn the guardian ape around (obviously no death blow or anything). Seems like you need to R2 -> immediate R1, haven’t really been able to imbue the sword if I wait too long to swing after activating it

      • This thing is cheeks bro, especially with how much it costs. The monks take 4 hits to kill anyways and the shield hats get the axe. Only thing I'm using this for is wiping my ass.

        • Anonymous

          This would be far more useful if the wind-up wasn't a thousand years long. Also, it does NOT instantly kill monks, just tested that.

          • Anonymous

            Italian translation says something completely different and doesn't give a damn clue about its usefulness in mt.kongo... or how to progress a quest. GG.

            Btw it says "abducted" instead of "spirited away"

            • Anonymous

              The spirit emblem cost of this tool and the double divine abduction should be increased from 3 to 4 to match the Golden Vortex upgrade. The Golden Vortex's ability to drop extra sen and gold provides no combat advantage and the ability of all the upgrades to instantly kill the majority of enemies in the game is incredibly powerful and should be costly and hard to pull off, making it a high risk high reward tool.

              • Anonymous

                This is insanely powerful once you figure out the timing. It can instantly deathblow almost every enemy in the game. This is a one shot kill. It works against every ogre, even the armored ones. Works against every version of rat. Works against Nightjar. Works against most of the red samurai (the ones without the mustache). You can't deathblow purple ninjas and mustache samurai but they still turn around. Mix with empowered mortal draw and you can do massive damage to strong enemies and mini bosses. The golden vortex is great for late game farming too. Probably the easiest way to get fulminated mercury.

                • Anonymous

                  This tool set is surprisingly fun, even outside of Senpou Temple. While you can’t kill mini bosses with it, it’s super useful against groups of tougher enemies like Ashina fencers and Ministry shinobi. I find it works best with living weapon, as opposed to the AoE, though. It’s a much faster draw. (And, though technically there’s no Fashion Souls in Sekiro, I must say the maple leaves sticking out of his prosthetic really complete the look.)

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't think orge is affected but those Taro monk. those big guy(baby?) wielding bell/shield/bat is called 太郎兵(Taro solider) . so I believe those in the temple is called the Taro monk. BTW that guy sit under the tree crying is called 小太郎

                    • Fun fact, The prosthetic Divine Abduction One-shots the monks from the mountain level. It's an incredibly easy way to farm for gold/drops. Just gather them up, charge the tool and try to hit them all in one AOE.

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