Divine Child of Rejuvenation


Location Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Divine Child of Rejuvenation is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The last surviving member of the Children of Rejuvenation, she sits within the Inner Sanctum as custodian to the Mortal Blade, who none may draw without dying.

Divine Child of Rejuvenation Information

  • Location: Divine Child of Rejuvenation can be found inside of the Inner Sanctum of  Senpou Temple. She is only available after players have completed the Genichiro Ashina fight and talked to Kuro at Ashina Castle.

  • Progression: After giving you the Mortal Blade, she can be spoken with again in order to give you Rice. Once you have used the rice she gives (this include Fine Snow), she will give you another piece of rice when you speak with her again. (Though you will have to rest or travel twice for her to offer more rice.) After initiating and progressing through her questline far enough, she will give you Fine Snow instead of Rice.

  • Combat: Players may not kill the Divine Child of Rejuvenation.
  • Rewards:  Rice, Mortal Blade, Rice for KuroFine Snow, Frozen Tears.

 Associated Quests

  • Note that you must progress with her quest BEFORE killing the Divine Dragon. Once that boss is cleared, it becomes impossible to give the special rice to Kuro, thus making it impossible to finish this questline until NG+.
  • The Old Hag will trade valuable information when given Rice offered to you by the child.

  • Giving her the Sakura Droplet will increase Sekiro's resurrection capacity by 1.

  • Giving her the key item Holy Chapter: Infested triggers a dialogue where she says she still despises the monks, and is required to begin both her questline and the process of getting the Return (Dragon's Homecoming) ending.

  • Giving her the Taro Persimmon gained as a reward for helping Kotaro triggers additional dialogue, and has been confirmed to consume the item upon gifting it to her.

  • Completing her questline, along with making the decision to "Stay Loyal to Kuro," when prompted by Owl are both necessary for getting the Return (Dragon's Homecoming) ending. (Refer to the Endings Guide for further details.)


  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue

Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Amber Hood (English), Risa Shimizu (Japanese).
    • Risa Shimizu is also known for voicing Cecie and Durga Angel in Gravity Rush 2; Emilia Christie in Detective Pikachu; and Fuku in Nioh.

  • She will disappear from the Inner Sanctum when you give the rice to Kuro, eat his sweet rice ball and then visit her afterwards. She then goes to the illusion temple, where she will ask you to find the senpo master (resting in the cave after the main hall idol)
    See the fine snow questline for more detail
  • Screenshot of the Divine Child missing from her spot in the Inner Sanctum.


    • Anonymous

      27 May 2019 10:17  

      Notice how both the Divine Child and Kuro have predominately black hair with some white locks? So do the Okami in the Fountainhead Palace and Sekiro have the same white and black hair. Since Lord Takeru and Tomoe have a connection to the Divine Realm, Okami and Immortality, then in summation, these elements may somehow be related. Perhaps this symptom of Immortality implies that the Okami conceived of the Dragon's Heritage as part of their wedding procession into the Divine Realm. Could the Cradling Ritual be a reverse of this supernatural process?

      • 26 May 2019 02:29  

        So my of my speculations about Dragon's Homecoming Ending: IF THE DEVINE DRAGON and thus dragon heritage originally came from west, WEST, we know west of Japan, there's China at moment is under Dynasty Ming's rule. So they Child of Rejuvenation and sekiro both taking journey to China? is there any thing mentioned in the game, where's exactly they had to go?

        • Anonymous

          14 May 2019 19:48  

          Tfw you realize all the red and white pinwheels are for the dead children and only white one represents her. She was alone and Sekiro is her first friend and father figure.

          • Anonymous

            08 May 2019 23:47  

            When I first saw that she was ill from making Wolf too much Rice, I was legitimately sad. She's been through so much and now she could die because she's been helping Wolf. Think about it, she was made to give the Senpou priests Immortality and after she did what was required of her, they just locked her away in the Inner Sanctum with nobody for company or anyone to even talk to. All her siblings were killed in the experiments carried out by the Temple and she's the only one left. So that made me pretty sad to start with, but I brushed it off because now she had Wolf to talk to. I get some rice from her a few times to give to the old women that give you clues on how to find the Fruits Of The Serpents, go back to her and she's coughing and trying desperately to stay awake just so she can talk to you, the first person she's even seen in what must have been years. And she still offers to give you Rice, even though she knows it could potentially kill her, just so she can help you out, but Wolf refuses, saying she should rest. I know you can cure her, but it was honestly heartbreaking to see that happen to her after everything she's been through and still willing to give you Rice even though she's incredibly ill and can hardly speak.

            • Anonymous

              30 Apr 2019 03:05  

              i never ate the rice and the they never asked me for anything; didnt know about the quests until after the fire and know i can't do anything with the hearts

              • Anonymous

                29 Apr 2019 00:22  

                DON'T EAT THE SWEET RICE BALL, its not necessary. Go towards the sculptor's idol and it will trigger some additional dialogue about how Wolf is too shy to eat in front of Kuro. Afterwards you can use the item to trigger his dialogue regularly.

                • Anonymous

                  10 Apr 2019 05:48  

                  I think my quest with her is bugged. I had both Serpent Fruits (fresh and old) in my inventory when talking to her at the Inner Sanctum. I was able to give her the fresh fruit but after that she keeps telling me I should give her two of the serpent fruits (again). I have no dialoge option to give her the second fruit. Only thing I can do with her is ask for rice and give her Persimmons. Obviously no option to eavesrop on her and the dry fruit remains in my inventory. I've neither made ape nor owl at this point. I was loyal to Kuro, ate the rice ball in front of him but I was also able to eavesdrop on him right now and talked to Emma afterwards. Anyone else got stuck with her?

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Apr 2019 20:36  

                    Question for NG+: When I reached ng+ I already had rice in my inventory (X4) and she only gave me 1 more after talking to her for the first time! Does anyone know if you need to consume all rice in your inventory? She didn't give meine more than the single one, even after consuming 1 rice, why? Can anyone help please?

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Apr 2019 17:19  

                      She didn't disappear when i gave rice to Kuro, i even talked to her about it, she did move to illusory hall later, tho i've no idea what caused it.

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