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Location Abandoned Dungeon

Doujun (道順, Doujun) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is a secretive, no-nonsense physician in the service of a mysterious man named Dosaku, who has tasked Doujun with delivering him a tough, strong warrior for some nefarious purpose. 

Doujun Information

  • Location: Doujun can be found in the Abandoned Dungeon, up from the Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol.

  • Progression: Luring "1 tough man" and then giving the Red Carp Eyes to Doujun will see him move from his place in the Abandoned Dungeon to an island near the Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol where he can be fought alongside whoever was lured. Doujun will not move unless you go through with his questline, otherwise.

  • Combat: Players may kill Doujun before finishing his quest, but it is not recommended as doing so will result in permanent failure of his questline, as well as Jinzaemon or Kotaro's if the player has sent either to him. The end of his questline also culminates in a confrontation between the player and Doujun where you must kill him. If attacked before finishing the quest he will become permanently hostile, even after resting at an idol, and will attack the player on sight.
  • Rewards:
    • The player may lure either Jinzaemon Kumano or Kotaro to Doujun via dialogue choices presented during their own personal quests in order to receive 3 x Lump of Fat Wax. (See the appropriate NPC pages for details.)

    • Finishing Doujun's questline by confronting him and whomever he has experimented on will result in the player being rewarded with an Academic's Red Lump - a special Red Lump.

    • Killing Doujun at any point before the confrontation at the end of his quest grants the player  31 XP.

Associated Quests

  • When you meet him, he will ask if you want to help him with his research. Answering yes will give you the item Surgeon's Bloody Letter.

  • With the letter in your inventory, you can now choose to lure either Jinzaemon Kumano or Kotaro to the Abandoned Dungeon via:

    • Encountering Jinzaemon at any point in his journey before he reaches Mibu Village, then selecting the dialogue option "Lure to the Abandoned Dungeon."

    • Finding, and then giving the Red and White Pinwheel to Kotaro, insisting he take it, and then selecting the dialogue option "Lure to the Abandoned Dungeon,". (Attention: Doing this will close out all other possible quests related to Kotaro, along with their associated rewards.)

  • Sending either Jinzaemon or Kotaro to Doujun will reward 3 x Lump of Fat Wax when you return to the Abandoned Dungeon and speak with him. Returning after leaving the area (just resting at an idol WILL NOT work) will open up an Eavesdropping opportunity; here, you will hear both Doujun and Dosaku discussing the use of certain waters they've found as part of their experiments on the strong warrior you've brought them. With the Mibu Breathing Technique you can gain access to the barred room by diving through the water near the Underground Water Idol. You can see him "talking" to Dosaku, but asks you to leave if you talk to him.

  • Return to Doujun after completing the Ashina Depths to find him crying near his cell. He will give you the item Surgeon's Stained Letter, and then direct you to read it for further instructions.

  • Next, go to Mibu Village and, after obtaining Mibu Breathing Technique, dive and kill the Red-Eyed Treasure Carp in the lake near the entrance. It will give you the item Red Carp Eyes, which you then need to bring them back to Doujun. After giving him the eyes, rest and head back up for another eavesdrop opportunity.

  • If Doujun continues to cry about his master and does not provide an eavesdrop opportunity, Doujun may have dragonrot and will need to be cured before advancing the quest. If he's still standing there after giving him the red carp eyes AND resting (but he's not crying), just talk to him again. He'll say something to the effect of "I'll bring them right away master" (i don't know what he said really, skipped it too fast). Go up the stairs and rest again, and he should be back in the hidden room and not in front of the grated opening (and the eavesdrop opportunity should be available).
  • Rest again and head toward the Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol. Continue down the waterway to the small island to find a red-eyed Jinzaemon/Kotaro. It is recommended that you engage him now, otherwise you will have to contend with Doujun as well. Afterwards, dive under the water and head towards the cage surrounded by loot, near the cage is a small cave. Go through and grapple your way up; you'll reach Doujun's room and find him there. Talk to him, grab some items, then open the nearby gate. Rest. 
  • Now, from the Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol, drop in the water and swim towards Senpou (away from the Dungeon). Both Doujun and whomever you initially sent to him will await you on the island to your left. They will both have red eyes and be incredibly hostile; kill them for your final rewards.

  • When sending Jinzaemon Kumano to Doujun (also confirmed to work when Kotaro is sent instead), it is possible for him to be the only one on the island while Doujun will remain in his room crying about his master. This happens when you rest after giving the Red Carp Eyes to Doujun but before eavesdropping and resting again. Doujun should appear on the island after resting a second time. If Doujun still does not appear after resting, you need to enter his "lab" where he is crying, and retrieve Dosaku's Letter to exhaust his dialogue. To enter his lab, Mibu Breathing Technique is required - simply swim up the river and to the left. Under the water before the island you'll find a cave that leads to this room. After speaking with him, rest again and he will now appear on the island for combat. Jinzaemon being the only one on the island makes the fight much easier. In order to make sure you do not have to fight both at the same time, don't rest again after the first time without dispatching Jinzaemon. This is possible even if the cell door was opened right after receiving the Surgeon's Stained Letter.

The Fight

Having both Suppress Presence learned along with a Gachiin's Sugar in your inventory can make initiating the fight easier, as both Doujun and whomever he brings along can be Deathblowed from the back before becoming aware of you. Swim from the idol and climb up the wall, where you can use the Sugar, then go out and back-stab the one closest to you first. Both enemies are also susceptible to the Puppeteer Ninjutsu; though it is recommended you use it on Doujun's experimental "friend" first, as it will automatically kill them afterwards, and Doujun is the lesser threat of the two.

As "Red Eye" enemies, they are weak to fire and will both take increased Posture damage and get the Burn status fairly easily when attacked with it. Opening Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella, using the Flame VentLeaping Flame, or throwing down some Shinobi Firecrackers during the fight will also have the added bonus of making both of them cower back for a few seconds, allowing you some easy hits. (Additionally, if you choose to send Kotaro over Jinzaemon, this fight can be trivialized by using the Divine Abduction prosthetic on Kotaro, as it will kill him instantly.)


  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue

Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore (English), who also voiced Jinzaemon Kumano.

  • "Doujun," and "Dousaku," are sometimes spelled differently in-game (see the description of Academics' Red Lump), likely for ease of pronunciation by players of the English version. When unfamiliar with Japanese pronunciation and transcription, the spelling Dojun and Dosaku are more accurate representations of how to pronounce those names in English.

  • Doujun wears the same outfit as the Seeker (Psychic), except it's colored white, implying that he used to be a monk from Senpou Temple.
  • Resting and returning to the area where Doujun died will reveal his corpse without his mask. His character model (and fighting style) is that of a bare-fisted monk from Senpou Temple.

  • Dialogue from Emma reveals that both she and Doujun were students of Dogen, a master physician who is mentioned several times by different characters and items despite never being seen. Doujun, however, was first a disciple of Dosaku, another mysterious physician—and apparent rival of Dogen—who is also never seen, but seems to have lost many of his students/disciples to Dogen due to the growing severity and heretical nature of his research.

  • The descriptions of the Academic's Red Lump and Rot Essence: Surgeons reveals that Doujun and Dosaku are, in fact, one and the same person.

  • Lore Theory: It is highly probable that the Test Subjects found around the area where Doujun is first encountered are the failed results of his grisly experiments.

  • Lore Theory: As an apparent monk—or ex-Monk—of Senpou Temple, it is likely that Doujun's research has to do with the prolonging of life and/or pursuit of immortality through unnatural means. How his work, the work of the Temple, and the events set in motion by the Head Priest of Mibu Village—where water from the Fountainhead Palace has been used to corrupt the villagers into zombie-like monsters—are all related, however, is still a mystery.

    • That said, there is a clear connection between the consumption of the never-withering flesh of Red Carp Eyes and Doujun's research with the 'Red Lumps'. The item descriptions of both items and two quests related to Doujun make it clear that "Red Eyes," as a phenomenon come from those "unable to achieve their desires," which we see firsthand through what happens to either of the Pot Nobles who are pursuing the immortality of the Great Colored Carp. The outcome of Doujun's quest, however, proves that transforming into Red-Eyed Carp does not make someone immortal; only their eyes become so, and that consuming those eyes is a failed attempt to grasp at immortality.

    • It's worth noting that the mini-boss Ujinari Mizuo also has red eyes, and mentions borrowing something from Lord Isshin in order to aid the Ashina clan in battle. This occuring, though, makes it unclear if "Red Eyes," can be gained only through consumption of the eyes belonging to a Red-Eyed Carp (Red Lumps) or if anyone who is unable to achieve their desires is eventually cursed with Red Eyes.

    • Furthermore: links can be drawn between the Chained Ogres and Doujun, as the former are described as being sent to dungeons and forgotten until the start of the conflict between the Ashina Clan and the Interior Ministry, which seems to indicate that Doujun's research and the consumption of Red Lumps is solely responsible for the Red Eyes.

  • The description of the Academic's Red Lump implies that Dousaku and Doujun are split personalities of the same individual; Doujun was a "student" who "looked within" for his "ideal self", and Dousaku, his "master", was what he found.  This is corroborated by the fact that we never see Dousaku anywhere in game, and in multiple occasions during his quest line where Doujun is supposedly speaking with his master Dousaku, he is alone and ostensibly talking to himself.  An alternate interpretation is that while Dousaku was once alive, he died and his insane student adopted him as a split personality to continue his research.
  • You can enter Doujun's "lab" in the Abandoned Dungeon without having killed Doujun or completed his quest if you have the Mibu Breathing Technique skill.  There is an underwater tunnel in the river nearby, which allows you access to the lab should you follow it.  Doujun will chide you upon you entering, saying it's improper for you to be there, but nothing else happens.

  • In the end, Doujun develops red eyes. Those with red eyes are considered dangerous and are filled a with rage that is difficult to control through the power of man alone. They do, however, fear the flame above all else. This loathing of flames is shared by the undead inhabitants of Mibu Village.
  • Red Eyed Carp are considered incomplete creatures, but their eyes are said to be everlasting.
  • The Holy Chapter: Infested describes the undying as those "blessed by the worm".

Story & Lore

  • He may be a tribute to the historical monk of the same name (Dojun, 道順)  in the 13-14th century. He was the guardian-priest of Emperor Go-Uda. His main student Monkan also became the guardian-priest of Emperor Go-Daigo but was accused of using evil sorcery in some documents. Recent studies, however, suggest that the "evilness" of  Doujun and Monkan is a mere slander from their political rivals and has no grounds.


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      Swim up on the left, undiscovered, jump out of the water to the edge/hang. You can crouch-walk along the left to Puppet whatever victim you sent to Big-D and it makes the fight trivial.

      • Anonymous

        Very poorly designed quest. Have great content but poor execution. Choosing not to send tough guy will halt his quest progression, making it forever unfinished

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          I sent jinzaemon there and killed him before making doujun move there too. Decided to stealth doujun with gachiin's and all of the sudden when I got close enough he turns his head at me and yelling "I finally did it master" or something like that before turning his head back. So he knew I was there, but never saw me as I got a stealth deathblow on him. Kinda freaky doing it all of the sudden

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            This person has appeared in the Sekiro manga series: hanbei the undying ... you must add the story because the manga sekiro: hanbei the undying is canon.

            • Anonymous

              The manga Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei The Undying expands on Doujun's history and confirms a few things. (SPOILERS for the manga ahead, stop reading now if you want to enjoy the manga) Shortly before coming to Ashina Castle, Doujun was performing his red eyes experiments in the keep of one of the vassal clans of Ashina, using kidnapped villagers as test subjects. His plan to make berserker-like soldiers to use in the war against the Ministry were failing (the villagers were becoming more like zombies you see in the dungeons than the furious red eyes ogre) and he wished to experiment on Hanbei as a result (Hanbei being a master swordsman and centipede infested was a more promising candidate than poor farmers). However, due to the events in the manga, the keep is burned down and the vassal clan is killed off (which is why they are never mentioned in the game). Genichiro who has heard of Doujun's experiments invites him to begin his work anew in the dungeons of Ashina Castle using prisoners. He is confirmed to have split personality disorder; "Doujun" is almost regretful for torturing his subjects and the cruelty he's done, but "Dousaku" is driven to save Ashina at all costs by creating red eye soldiers and he motivates Doujun to continue his experiments further.

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                why i can't open the cell's door after giving him the red eyes?Acording to this site i should be able to walk in and fight them, but the door is still looked. Does anyone else encountered this bug and knows how to deal with it?

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                  you can just backstab them both with 1 stealth skill and 1 stealth sugar ... seriously; the amount of inbuild cheese this game offers is a joke.

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                    So a bug I encountered after dying to Doujun and Jinzaemon two times: The two of them were aggroed on a samurai corpse and were attacking it, completely ignoring me. I took a single hit against Doujun and he aggroed me. A few times I jumped into the water to heal and he went back to attacking the corpse, again leaving me alone until I attacked him with a shuriken or a normal attack as to avoid Jinzaemon. Rinse and repeat until Doujun was dead and I could simply walk behind the hapless samurai and sneak attack him to death. Happened on the first NG of the run.

                    • Anonymous

                      This is very strange, because after finishing this quest I got the “Master & Pupil Red Bead” instead of “Academic’s Red Lump”. Same item, but different name and description.

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                        The “Academic Red Lump” seems like a pretty direct reference to the Philosopher’s Stone. Makes sense when you consider that Doujun is potentially a Senpou monk looking for immortality.

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                          I gave Doujun the red eyes, rested once, went back and I went directly from talking to Doujun again to the island as Kotaro had disappeared and he was already on the island red eyed, without resting again after Kotaro disappeared but while Doujun still had lines to run out from what I've read it seems like it is possible to run out Doujun's lines early if you don't delay this quest and that's possibly what makes the difference between being able to fight 1v1 twice instead of 2v1 once

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                            Reminds me of the doctor in blade of the immortal that experiments on Manji to unlock the secret to his immortality

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                              I discover some adds for the wiki page: - Associated Quests {...} "It will give you the item Red Carp Eyes, which you then need to bring them back to Doujun. After giving him the eyes," he will give you [2 x Lump of Grave Wax]. "Rest and head back up for another eavesdrop opportunity." {...} */ I tested the last parragraf of Associated Quest: (TESTED ^^) When sending Jinzaemon Kumano to Doujun, after giving him the Red Carp Eyes, (In the test, just here, i dived the river, take the items and open the door of the cell of Doujun, I speaked with Jinzaemon Kumano but he only said ) and resting one time, Jinzaemon Kumano will appear alone (with the dead corpses of the previous NPCs) on the island with his new red eyes, while Doujun will remain in his room crying about his master. Doujun will appear on the island after resting again. That makes the fight much easier, but you can rest again and fight both, Jinzaemon Kumano and Doujun for a hard experience. I didn't test the Kotaro version (The shop appears to be pretty useful). 100% Tested

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                                I opened the door to Jinzaemon's cage before getting the carp eyes, even then Doujun only moved to the small island after I had dealth with Jinzaemon

                                • This is only quest that unable to finish if you choose not to do anything with NPC you supposed to lure and send them to Doujun. Maybe DLC will give more 3rd person option to send someone to Doujun.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    So it's basically a quest you have to do at the expense of other quests and the reward for doing so is... nothing? (except lore info)

                                    • I'd like to add that when sending Jinzaemon Kumano to Doujun, his unconcious body can be seen behind him in the locked chamber, not only can this quest line be sped up by resting at an idol and talking to doujun again repeatedly, at one point Jinzaemon Kumano's body will change into a lootsack. when this happens the voice/lines of the merchant at the start of the abandoned dungeon will change. I believe the merchants new dialogue also sheds some light as to why phantom enemies start randomly appearing everywhere in the game, as this is mostlikely a curse by Jinzaemon Kumano.

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