Dragon's Blood Droplet

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 An item that is rarely dropped by a Divine Heir of the Dragon's Heritage.

Using it will slightly increase Resurrective Power. Restore the power of life to those who have been drained of it by offering this drop to the Sculptor's Idol with the Recovery Charm in hand.

In turn, all afflicted with the Dragonrot will be healed. The incessant coughing must cease

Dragon's Blood Droplet is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to slightly recover Wolf's Resurrective Power, and unlock the Resurrection ability if it happens to be locked. It is also used to cure Dragonrot, being the only means to do so.

 Dragon's Blood Droplet usage

  • Use from inventory to slightly restore Resurrective Power (also unlocks Resurrect ability if it's locked).
  • Use at a Sculptor's Idol alongside the Recovery Charm to give as an offering to heal those afflicted by the Dragonrot.
  • If used from the inventory, the item will be consumed and the player will be unable to cure NPCs until finding another droplet.
  • The player may only have one Dragon's Blood Droplet at any given time on their inventory; but an infinite number on the storage.

How to find Dragon's Blood Droplet

Dragon's Blood Droplet Notes & Tips

  • There are 15 obtainable droplets in the game


Dragon's Blood Droplet Story & Lore

  • The Dragon's Blood Droplet is a tomoe or soul-shaped stone that exhibits a pink aura. More evidently pink stones, like the Shelter Stone, will appear in the bodies of those who have long drunk from the Fountainhead Waters. The color pink belongs to a large number of things in Sekiro dragon blood remnant rejuvenating waters dragon blood is not sacred thumb1, like cherry blossoms fountainhead palace sakura moon thumb1, resurrection resurrection dragon lineage bulletin thumb1, and soul related items like the Mibu Balloon of Soul. The Rejuvenating Water springs from the Dragon's Blood, making it reasonable to assume that there's something dragon-like about these crystals and bloodstones [1].
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    • Anonymous

      > "Once the droplets bought from a merchant are used, they will once again be available for sale by that merchant."

      Not true. I used all the droplets from Fujioka and when I returned, there weren't any for sale.

      • Lol who didn’t do it is a better question. If you don’t try then how can we figure out how things work? There’s plenty available even in one play through so no big loss. Having a low percentage doesn’t really change things much. Instead of a one in three it’s a bit better than one in ten chance of getting Unseen Aid. 🤷‍♂️ Part of the fun for me.

        • Anonymous

          Surprises me to see that it's not commen knowledge yet that you can get infinite droplets thanks to the merchants. Everytime you use a droplet, the memorial mobs and the infor broker will on them. You dont need to cure them specifically or you dont need to do anything special, just go and rebuy them if you're getting low on them. There'e an infinite amount of them, not just 17

          • I think the game has a limit depending how far you're in the game. I just killed the boss who have 3 phase and I had 7 dragondrop evertytime I used 1 the underground shop close to Bell guy had a new dragondrop. So if I keep can do this which I'm afraid to test because I don't wanna keep start over. But if I'm right the dragondrop is unlimited spawning when used at the store. But has to be tested if it stops or not

            • Anonymous

              Slinging names at everyone is not helpful or indicative of any higher level of intelligence or maturity. I'll never understand that sort of arrogance. That said, in the defense of many, the in-game description "slightly increase resurrective power" is outright vague. The fextralife description advising that it unlocks resurrection again is very helpful. So, just to have that info down here too, if you die and resurrect and see the black mark over the remaining resurrection charges know that using one of these Dragon's Blood Droplets will apparently remove that black mark and give you the opportunity to resurrect again on THIS life. So, if you die again, you're out of luck. I personally don't find that as useful as removing dragonrot, but if you're feeling lucky, have at it. Anyway, happy gaming. Best of luck! (Thanks Fextralife!)

              • Anonymous

                I thought "slightly increase ressurective power" meant a permanent increase in gaining back ressurrective power everytime you kill an enemy -- the slice that you get would be increased -- but that doesn't seem to be the case, it just restores a slight bit to what you have.

                • Anonymous

                  Seems that if you cure dragonrot infested Mob - they'll restock droplets again (at least info broker/ battelfield mob / castle dungeon mob did that on my run. Just using droplet on idol doesnt do thing tho - you need to get dragonrot on trader first. Tested in befor genichiro/issin last boss.

                  • Anonymous

                    I managed to collect 19 or 20 on my playthrough, so there's definitely more than 17. I used at least 4 and I still have 15 left.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you complete game without rot essence and cant take blood samples, dont worry. Emma will give you charm after game ending in kuro room.

                      • Anonymous

                        What does the limit in the inventory mean? Number held and storage are clear but i know there are like 5 more droplets i can buy. Does this mean i can only hold 3 at a time ? Then why do they add a line with limit?

                        • Anonymous

                          It's not true the sculptor is always affected first. The old lady in my kongo and the seller outside the sculptors house are sick in my turn but sculptor is fine. No coughing in dialogue.

                          • Anonymous

                            "Slightly increases the Resurrective Power" seems like a translation error. Just for science, I backep up my save and used all the droplets that I had (10). Then I let myself get killed by an enemy, but I didn't resurrect with any more health than usual. It lets you resurrect again immediately after using it, even if you've been killed seconds ago, but that seems to be the only effect. The in-game description text should say "Restores the Resurrective Power" instead, or "Re-enables". The Sakura Droplet (dropped by Lady Butterfly) has the same wording in its description, and it does give you an additional resurrection. That's very misleading.

                            • Anonymous

                              Don’t just press “use” in your inventory menu... you will use your dragon blood droplet to yourself and it won’t cure your dragon rot or take away the essences...... I had to learn the hard way. F U FromSoftware ! It didn’t even do anything to me it literally just wasted it !!

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