Dungeon Memorial Mob

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Location Ashina Castle: Abandoned Dungeon Entrance

Dungeon Memorial Mob (aka Jail Mob) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Dungeon Memorial Mob's is a Merchant that is located just before the Abandoned Dungeon entrance when coming from Ashina Castle Idol.


Dungeon Memorial Mob Information

  • Location: Dungeon Memorial Mob is a Merchant that is located just before the entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon, by the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Sculptor's Idol. This location is accessed from Ashina Castle Sculptor's Idol by heading left, past the moat, over the gate and inside the building.


Vendor Inventory


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  • "...You're no stranger to cruelty I see. You've brought such an earnest samarui to a place such as this... While we don't concern ourselves with the living, I must say, some day, this will come back to haunt you." - Said to Sekiro after luring Jinzaemon Kumano to the dungeon. 
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • Trivia and such go here
  • This character is also referred to as Jail Mob if you receive a ROT ESSENCE: Jail Mob



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    • Anonymous

      After sending the samurai found at Ashina Reservoir to the surgeon in the dungeon he will have different dialogue. The merchant will comment on how he saw the samurai and that he knows we lured him to the dungeon.

      • Anonymous

        For some reason this memorial mob doesn't sell any dragon blood droplet to me. Should I do something before he can sell or am I *****es?

        • Anonymous

          a little bit extra dialog: If you decided to lure Jinzaemon to advance Doujun's quest chain, This guy would call you a cruel shinobi by luring an honest samurai (Jinzaemon) to a place like this (Abandoned Dungeon) and he'll mention this deed will come back to haunt you.

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