Dying Ashigaru

sekiro dying man2

Location Ashina Outskirts

Dying Ashigaru Information

Dying Ashigaru information or lore description goes here.

  • Location: Dying Ashigaru Can be found in Ashina Outskirts after Ashina Castle has been set ablaze.
  • Progression: N/A
  • Combat: Players cannot kill Dying Ashigaru.
  • Rewards: No rewards


Associated Quests

  • Dying Ashigaru is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and is a footsoldier serving under the Interior Ministry.
  • He hints towards the upcoming boss fight with the Demon of Hatred, which can be found after communing with the Idol close to him.


When the player chooses to speak to him

...Ahh... Everything was burning...

... The fires raging out of control...

... The howling, was intense...

He dies at this moment


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • Pretty useless, he technically dies after speaking with him, but like most of the roaming "one-off" NPC's, he respawns, allowing you to hear his two line dialogue once more.



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