Dying Buddhist


Location Hidden Forest

Dying Buddhist is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is found slumped against a golden Buddha statue, next to a pyre of books.


Dying Buddhist Information

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  • Location: Dying Buddhist can be found at the buddha statue right after the Hidden Forest idol in Ashina Depths.
  • Combat: Dying Buddhist cannot be killed.


Associated Quests

  • He asks Sekiro to kill "The one who opposed Buddha" and tells him to use a hole in the second floor to reach them.
    • This is referring to the Mist Noble, and how the only way into the building is to enter the second floor hole and drop down.



  • When first met:
    • Hey... hey you... (Cough, cough...)
    • If you know the path of Buddha... Would you slay one who opposes it?
    • [Sekiro] One who opposes the Buddha?
    • Correct...  (Cough, cough...) The one of whom I speak hides in an abandoned temple up ahead...
    • He's sealed away the village in a shadowy fog... so that he can fool the villagers,
    • An abandoned temple?
    • Yes, it's an old building... (Cough, cough...)
    • The door may be closed, but there should be a hole in the second  floor.
    • Come, will you slay he who opposes Buddha?
    • (Cough, cough...)
  • When spoken to again, before killing Mist Noble:
    • The abandoned temple he hides in is an old building...
    • The door may be closed, but there should be a hole in the second floor.
  • After killing Mist Noble
    • I've gotten terribly old, but...
    • This old man would like to see Lord Buddha return to his temple once more...


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
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    • Anonymous

      So I have a thought, what if he means the Dilapidated Temple, and the Sculptor.....? Hear me out, here.

      -the one who betrays Buddha (sculptor spends the whole time caring corrupted "angry" Buddha the whole time, as an empty altar sits in front of him, where one would go.)

      -there's a hole in the roof of the Dilapidated temple if you look up toward the ceiling.

      - you could possibly use the extra Rez orb item, the unique statue from Jinzi, and any other quest related unique items, combined with an interaction at a predetermined point after certain criteria may have been done, or done correctly" maybe giving yourself the bell demon, and or Kuros charm makes it so you Could save him in a hidden 5th ending.

      Let me know what you all think!
      (P.S. The fifth ending is amazing, you gotta see what happens)

      P.P.S. I've never tried any of this, and deny any knowledge of said ending

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone tried using a Bundled Jizo Statue in the temple? I was thinking it might be a situation like the old lady at Ashina Castle wanting you to pray so you use a balloon

        • Anonymous

          I think it's at least interesting how his ending dialogue calls to mind the Return ending. Like the Dragon Heritage, Buddhism arrived to Japan from the west, way over in India. It didn't mix particularly well with the decentralized religions of Shintoism, creating a hierarchy that spawned the warring states. Maybe that's why he considers the noble an enemy of Buddha—trying to keep the secret of Mibu Village and the Fountainhead Palace a secret, perpetuating the fight over Dragon Heritage.

          • Anonymous

            I have a feeling this guy will work as an entrance to a Buddhist centred DLC where a temple that’s being overtaken by someone needs to be saved. Or who knows maybe he really is just there to tell you how to get into the Mist Noble fight. He just seems so under utilised compared to literally every other NPC in the game.

            • He explains that to enter the mist nobles mansion you have to go in from the second floor as there is a hole in it, other then that he has a few unrelated lines talking about buddha.

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