Dying Buddhist


Location Hidden Forest

Dying Buddhist is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is found slumped against a golden Buddha statue, next to a pyre of books.


Dying Buddhist Information

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  • Location: Dying Buddhist can be found at the buddha statue right after the Hidden Forest idol in Ashina Depths.
  • Combat: Dying Buddhist cannot be killed.


Associated Quests

  • He asks Sekiro to kill "The one who opposed Buddha" and tells him to use a hole in the second floor to reach them.
    • This is referring to the Mist Noble, and how the only way into the building is to enter the second floor hole and drop down.



  • When first met:
    • Hey... hey you... (Cough, cough...)
    • If you know the path of Buddha... Would you slay one who opposes it?
    • [Sekiro] One who opposes the Buddha?
    • Correct...  (Cough, cough...) The one of whom I speak hides in an abandoned temple up ahead...
    • He's sealed away the village in a shadowy fog... so that he can fool the villagers,
    • An abandoned temple?
    • Yes, it's an old building... (Cough, cough...)
    • The door may be closed, but there should be a hole in the second  floor.
    • Come, will you slay he who opposes Buddha?
    • (Cough, cough...)
  • When spoken to again, before killing Mist Noble:
    • The abandoned temple he hides in is an old building...
    • The door may be closed, but there should be a hole in the second floor.
  • After killing Mist Noble
    • I've gotten terribly old, but...
    • This old man would like to see Lord Buddha return to his temple once more...


Notes & Tips

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