Emma (エマ, Ema) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She assists Sekiro throughout his journey by sharing her expertise and knowledge of medicine with him. As a disciple of Dogen, she is one of the most skilled physicians in Ashina and seems to hold ties to a great many members of the Ashina court.

Emma Information

  • Location: Emma Can be found at the Dilapidated Temple and the Old Grave after mentioning she's going to visit some graves.
  • Progression: Emma moves to "Upper Tower - Kuro's Room" after you defeat Genichiro Ashina. In some circumstances, Emma can again be found at the Dilapidated Temple, tending to the Sculptor.
  • Combat: Players may battle Emma under certain circumstances (Refer to Emma, The Gentle Blade for more information).
  • Rewards: Emma will upgrade Sekiro's Healing Gourd in exchange for Gourd Seeds found around the world. Upgrades improve the capacity of healing water the gourd carries, as well as how much healing each sip from the Gourd provides.

Associated Quests

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  • After giving her the Unrefined Sake:
    • "('Here, for you.') Oh my...if this isn't...Lord Isshin's favorite sake. I'll have some! Ahh, delicious........please. ('Hmm?') Say...something. ('There is something I'd like to ask you.') Of course. ('Who trained you to fight with a blade?') A blade...? I'm a doctor. ('Yes, but who?') ...Lord Isshin. But I only have a passing interest. ('I do not believe your skills count...as a mere passing interest. Why did you learn?') Well, not to kill people. ('What do you mean?') No...I don't have the slightest desire to kill anyone. It's just...I would want to kill a demon if one were to appear. ('A demon?') Don't take me seriously. It was only a joke..."
  • After giving her the Ashina Sake:
    • If sake is the same one received from Emma: "That is... unexpected. Did we not mean to celebrate the Sculptor's return to health? Please share it with him."
    • Otherwise: "('I brought sake.') Oh my...that is generous of you. I accept. Ahh...delicious. As a doctor, I do have other uses for sake beyond just drinking. ('For purification?') Yes. It can also help those with a low tolerance for pain. But when I was a child, I couldn't stand the smell of it. ('You've been doing medical work ever since you were a child?') Yes. I wanted to be of use to my mentor...Master Dogen. I used to compete with my fellow disciples to treat patients. In those days, arrow and sword wounds were frightfully common..... (I see...) ...... ('What's wrong?') ...It's nothing. Sometimes, shinobi would come for treatment as well. There was once... a rather difficult patient. ('Difficult in what way?') He said very little. I didn't know where he was hurt or how much pain he was in...I had no information to go on. It was maddening. ('I see.') ...None of this sounds familiar to you? ('What?') No, nothing. Nothing at all."
  • After giving her the Monkey Booze:
    • "Oh, this is Monkey Booze. Well, let me try it. Augh!~ It... It burns so bad. Let's see... Yes, monkeys... I seem to have a strong connection with monkeys. Yes. I was rescued by a monkey after all. You don't believe me, do you? When I was young. I stood alone in the aftermath of a battlefield. I was alone, and staring dumbfounded. I could do nothing... neither cry nor even get angry. Complete shock. And then there was a monkey eating a rice ball. maybe... either way. He gave me the rice ball. He was a very kind monkey."
  • After giving her Dragonspring Sake:
    • "('Here some sake.') Oh, is this Dragonspring? I'll have some. Ahh.... ......... Goodness. ('What's wrong?') Nothing, it's just whenever Lord Isshin got his hands on Dragonspring... Everyone would start gathering at Ashina castle and a rather rowdy party would ensue. Every time that happened, I'd leave Lord Dogen all on his lonesome, and I'd stroll around the rear of the castle. ('Behind the castle? Why?') ......... Well... I'd go to the Fountainhead Spiral. ('What is that?') If you look out towards the Fountainhead springs... there is a large spiral of clouds visible in the distance. Lightning bolts would race from one cloud to the next. In fact... I distinctly recall Master Genichiro practicing his swordsmanship there All the while glaring at the lightning in the clouds... ('.........')"


Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: Stephanie Sheh (English), Shizuka Ito (Japanese).
    • Shizuka Ito is also known for voicing Lenalee Lee in D.Gray-man; Flare Corona in Fairy Tail; Luviagelita Edelfelt in the Fate/ series; Rindo Kobayashi in Food Wars!; Boota in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; Bianca in the Pokémon series, and Ginchiyo Tachibana in Nioh.
  • Dialogue with the Sculptor reveals that Emma was not only a disciple of Dogen, but is also, in fact, his adopted daughter. The Sculptor further reveals that it was him, and not a random monkey, who found Emma roaming a battlefield looking for food as a child and saved her from starving. (By talking with both, you can also figure out the Sculptor was named 'Orangutan' and that he used to work for Isshin and the Ashina Clan.)
  • Lore Theory: Emma dotes on the Sculptor not only out of a fondness for the man but also because she has been trained and ordered by Isshin to kill the hermit should he ever come close to transforming into a Shura again. Her dialogue when given Unrefined Sake ("I would want to kill a demon if one were to appear,") along with admitting her skills were not learned "to kill people," further reinforce this view. 
    • It is equally probable, however, the Emma's dialogue is merely meant to foreshadow her fight with Sekiro in the events leading to the Shura ending.
  • Lore Theory: It is hinted in one of Emma's dialogues when given an Ashina Sake ("Sometimes, shinobi would come for treatment as well. There was once... a rather difficult patient. He said very little. I didn't know where he was hurt or how much pain he was in...I had no information to go on. It was maddening,") and, afterwards, asking Sekiro if the "difficult patient" she mentioned sounded familiar to him, that she is likely referring to Sekiro in his despondent state as he was in the beginning of the game.
  • Ema (エマ) is a popular female name in modern Japan. It is however very unusual in feudal Japan, since the name Ema in modern Japan comes from Emma in European languages. There is a native Japanese word ema (絵馬, "picture-horse"), a small wooden plaque used in Shinto shrines, but the word has never been used as personal names.


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    • Anonymous

      30 Mar 2020 21:12  

      i wonder if the monkey she refers to is actually the sculptor... since his name was Sekijo The One Armed Orangutan from when he was still a shinobi

      • Anonymous

        12 Jan 2020 03:58  

        PSA for people who want all Sake dialogue; prioritize Emma 1st if you are going for the Purification Ending. After eavesdropping on Kuro and confiding to Emma what you heard, the option to give her sake will be locked out.

        • Anonymous

          02 Jan 2020 21:28  

          Can someone please enlighten on a certain point? I haven't played trough the story, but reached the second Genichiro Ashina fight and was puzzled to see Genichiro and Emma talking. Like, does Genichiro not know that Emma is supporting us, his enemy? Does he just not care? Or does Emma just have a kind of cover up to be able to have a look on both sides? Probably just a simple detail I missed, but it keeps me wondering. I'd be grateful for any insight you guys might have. Thanks!

          • Anonymous

            25 Nov 2019 17:40  

            I don't know if it's rare, but there is a random chance that you can find Emma by the Sculptor after healing his Dragonrot. In this encounter, she says that she like to listen to the sound of him carving Buddha. Someone should add it here.

            • Anonymous

              09 Aug 2019 16:13  

              Would've been nice if we got a kunoichi doctor Emma, instead of just a doctor. For crying out loud, the Sculptor found and rescued her. Would've been the perfect time to train her as a shinobi. At least we can ask artists to imagine that for us.

              • Anonymous

                26 May 2019 06:44  

                Why am I able to get the dialogue about her skill with a blade without ever having seen her fight? I was super confused after giving her the unrefined sake and listening to her dialogue.

                • Anonymous

                  07 May 2019 02:56  

                  Can someone check if she has a different dialogue at Ashina castle if you haven't encountered her before defeating Genichiro? This basically requires not returning to the temple until Genichiro is defeated (and not dying properly because that would initiate the dragonrot cutscene which ports you back) and leaving Hirata estate for later - so NG+ obviously.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 May 2019 16:00  

                    Wanted to get the father’s bell charm so I eavesdropped on her and Kuro, then rested. She left his room but has now gone missing. I’ve checked the temple, the old grave and Isshin’s room. Anyone know where she is? Also possibly worth noting that pretty much every character had dragonrot when she disappeared.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Apr 2019 00:25  

                      There is a glitch that's not actually a glitch that occurs when carrying over ashina sake from one game cycle to the next. I wanted to go through a run where I got all sake dialogue for Isshin, Emma, and Sculptor so I played one full game without giving sake to anyone. The next game, I couldn't give Emma the Ashina sake at all because I somehow only had the ones that she gives you for Sculptor, and she will only accept the Ashina Sake found in the second Hirata Estate Memory. Hope that makes sense.

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Apr 2019 01:53  

                        It would seem that if you progress the purification questline to the point where Emma moves back to the dilapidated temple, you no longer have the option to offer her a drink. I have a Dragonspring Sake item and Emma is the only character I haven't given it to yet, but there is no "offer a drink" option, just "give gourd seed" and "talk."

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Apr 2019 18:11  

                          I personally don't consider The Doll, or DS3 fire keeper as anything other than something to level you up or to test your weapon damage on but I actually do like Emma. She feels real and not some plank of wood. I'm looking at you emerald herald.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Apr 2019 01:59  

                            All these little hints when Emma talks about the battlefield being lonely, hungry and lost - Sekiro thinks about something. He was also found on the battleground just like her. Could it be that they are kind of banded? Or are they siblings? Maybe they don't know bc all they know starts right after the war. Strange how TWO big shinobi find TWO helpless kids in ONE time. Perhaps Sekiro can remember a little thing? That's why they can talk just so.. trustful and intimidate. Other opinions?

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Apr 2019 00:20  

                              It turns out that if you try to progress the Purification Ending and she goes to talk to the prosthetic guy before you heal Dragonrot Emma disappears.

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Apr 2019 15:11  

                                Can someone add the dialogue she gives upon Dragonrot first spreading because you died too much? I think that would be helpful for clearing up a lot of the misinformation that's been spread about Resurrection causing it (it doesn't, only dying and respawning at an Idol causes Dragonrot).

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Apr 2019 08:00  

                                  Just a heads up, but it seems that if you progress her too far along into the Purification Ending, to the point where she's at Dilapidated Temple with the Sculptor, you can no longer give her any sake. I have the third Ashina Sake and Dragonspring Sake in my inventory and haven't fought the Divine Dragon yet, but no way to give them to her. I've already gotten the rest of the Sake dialogue from her, Isshin, and the Sculptor.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    06 Apr 2019 13:47  

                                    someday she will become old hag that request you to defeat her master [kuro] but first you must face the imortal one [sekiro], in order to take divine girl and to get the key of some holy temple ---Sekiro 2--- any other version of you all dude?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      06 Apr 2019 03:17  

                                      ..."she has been trained and ordered by Isshin to kill the hermit should he ever come close to transforming into a Shura again." wait, what dialog indicated that she was ordered by Isshin to kill the Sculptor? i thought her desire to kill a Shura was purely out of compassion she had for the Sculptor, not because Isshin ordered it. is there something i missed?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        02 Apr 2019 17:48  

                                        Sorry, not into her design. I wish they'd gone with a straight-up Japanese look for her. She looks mixed, if not entirely NON-Japanese. I think traditional Japanese women during this era looked fascinating and unique, but making Emma half-white just makes me feel like FromSoft is buying into Asia's already horribly strict beauty standards (Western features = more desirable). Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but just my 2 cents.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          01 Apr 2019 17:03  

                                          After you get the dragon blood droplet and return to kuros room. You find her hunched over issshins body. If you ask her about Isshins last words . She say he left you something and to comeback once you have mastered the esoteric text. I have all the skills unlocked but she still tells me to master the text

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