Emma, the Gentle Blade

Location Ashina Castle
Weakness ??
Reward None

Emma, the Gentle Blade (柔剣 エマ) is a Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She is part of the Isshin Ashina boss fight that happens if players select to betray Kuro when meeting The Owl at Ashina Castle.


Emma, the Gentle Blade Location


Emma, the Gentle Blade Rewards

  • Rewards: None



Emma, the Gentle Blade Strategies

Video Strategies


Strategy Writeup

For this fight it be best to let Emma start the encounter and for you to react to her. Most of her attacks are multi-hits so don't be greedy trying to get an attack in until her combo is exhausted. When she puts her blade away and it gleams, run away to avoid the attack while circling back to counter hit her. Be cautious as she likes to grab often, sweep moderately, and thrust sporadically. Alternate deflecting her combos while chipping away at her health to take her down. Shinobi Firecrackers can be used before her combo or after to get some free hits in if players like.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "SHINOBI EXECUTION" upon the screen.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Single Slash Deflect
Dash Slash Deflect
2 slash combo Deflect
Sword & Hilt Flurry Deflect
Grab Run away and counterattack or go behind her and counterattack
Sweep Jump to posture break or Run away and counterattack
Thrust Mikiri counter or Run away and counterattack
Ashina Cross Backdodge through it or Run away and counterattack


Emma, the Gentle Blade Lore

If you give her sake, Sekiro asks her about her skill with the blade. She assert that she doesn't wish to harm any human but would like to kill a demon given the opportunity. 

Emma also mentioned that she learned her sword skills from Isshin , and from her move set is clear she has not only mastered the Ashina Arts (as Ashina Cross is the secret technique of the Ashina Style sword arts), but also incorporated her own moves into the style.  

Emma, the Gentle Blade Notes & Trivia

You cannot apply a weapon buff such as Divine Confetti or Bestowal Ninjutsu prior to the fight as Sekiro will automatically sheath his sword when approaching Owl to initiate dialogue.



Emma, the Gentle Blade Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2019 14:19  

      I just spammed jump attacks. one of them hits her everytime and if you immediatly jump again she has only one move that can hit you, which she rarely uses

      • Anonymous

        16 Jul 2019 13:46  

        Tried to do vault over on her maybe get a different deathblow, but Sekiro just jump on her and she was crouched down. Would have been interesting if it were possible to use the puppeteer ninjutsu. But that would be cheesing Isshin.

        • Anonymous

          27 Jun 2019 01:25  

          I has question. I'm on the new game because I wanted to do the other 3 endings first and I'm now completing the Shura ending but Emma is not Emma the Gentle Blade for me. Her name is Emma Juken for some reason. I don't know if that is supposed to make her harder or something but she can almost 1 shot me with full 20 vitality.... I do have the Kuro's Charm if that changes anything. Anybody know why her name is different?

          • Anonymous

            24 Jun 2019 05:04  

            You can cheap your way out of this fight very easy, she's powerless against the floating passage technique. Also vs mortal draw (but you'll kinda need the spirit emblems for the next phases).

            • Anonymous

              10 Jun 2019 16:43  

              After deflecting her long combo, do a double ichimonji, then deflect again right after. One of the two ichimonji hits is guaranteed to do damage, both deal posture damage, and most importantly, both hits lower your posture gauge by a generous amount.

              • Anonymous

                09 May 2019 16:12  

                How does Sekiro knows she is skilled with the sword? He never saw her wielding a blade in my first playthrough.

                • Anonymous

                  03 May 2019 09:46  

                  Staying aggressive and continuously attacking her is the most important thing. Obviously this concept applies to pretty much every boss in the game, but especially so with her. She has an extremely fast forward dash attack that can catch you off-guard if you try to distance yourself, she doesn't have overly complex or fast counterattacks when she deflects you, and as long as you go toe-to-toe with her, you'll be able to react to her Ashina Cross attack and just hit her out of it instead of dodging away. Also, when you see her pose with her sword over her head she's going to do a four-hit combo. Parrying the last hit will allow you to throw her off balance and give you a free thrust attack, but even if you fail the last deflect and she throws you off balance, just immediately face the other direction and charge up a thrust attack. She will always follow up her four-hit chain with her Ashina Cross, and you'll have plenty of time to intercept it.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Apr 2019 20:55  

                    Tears?! What?! It's the most annoying boss in the game!! The Saint was a joke!!! I would kill her in real life!!! The *****!!!

                    • 24 Apr 2019 17:58  

                      Spiral Spear Cheese She can be easily defeated using only spiral spear, you will use somewhere around 13 emblems, but you will save all your healing items for the upcoming battle, Simply Run around Her and poke her, it seems she gets double the damage if you hit Her just before she attacks, so you will want to aim for those moments to hit her with spear, keep your distance run around and hit her, it's just that simple. But remember, hit Her with the Basic thrust, dont try to do any charged rush with spear or pull Her. If someone could put it in The strategy section it would be nice :)

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Apr 2019 20:27  

                        That moment when you go for the "All boss" trophy and watch Emma get a deathblow from you. Close the game right there and now, become sad. Lay on your bed and think about your life choices and why you do them, then in the dark read the wiki about Emma. Feeling empty. You got gud in Sekiro but you'll never git gud with your feelings. 10/10 FromSoftware.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Apr 2019 20:36  

                          when she puts her blade away you should attack her instead of running away, she will lose balance and you can even land a free hit

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Apr 2019 19:22  

                            I wish there was a way to fight her without forsaking Kuro. Such a great fight (and the cutscene before it) with an awesome musical theme. I love Shura ending, but it would be nice if we could have a friendly duel otherwise :)

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Apr 2019 07:11  

                              Now I know why From makes bosses twice as tall as the play character. It's goddamn impossible to see the tells for Emma's attacks.

                              • Anonymous

                                10 Apr 2019 11:03  

                                She and O'rin share a lot of animations, i wonder if there is some reasons behind it, or if it is convenient.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Apr 2019 20:49  

                                  Easy strat to deal with her, if she goes for an underhand sword swing deflect it then you have enough time to double Ichimonji (not the charged version). If she overhand swings then deflect and get ready to deflect her double slash, rinse and repeat.

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