Being near a flute player for a prolonged period of time will eventually apply the Enfeebled status abnormality. These attacks do not seem to be blockable.

Enfeebled is a Status Abnormality in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Enfeebled effect can only affect the player character. It reduces vitality and restricts player movements and actions. 


How Enfeebled is afflicted

Enfeebled is primarily afflicted by the flute-playing Palace Nobles at Fountainhead Palace. Tiny projectiles fly out from Sekiro towards the flute players. Getting closer to the flute enemies causes the Enfeebled bar to fill more quickly. These attacks seem to be impossible to dodge. 

How to cure Enfeeblement 

Unlike the other Status Abnormalities in Sekiro, there are no items able to cure or increase Sekiro's resistance to the effect. This leaves with very few options:

  • Survive a period of time.
  • Kill the Palace Noble that inflicted the status on you.


Effects of Enfeebled

When Enfeebled, Sekiro appears to have aged rapidly. This causes the following:

  • Vitality is reduced to a tiny amount.
  • Although the player can still jump or hold the run button to move faster, movement becomes extremely slow.
  • Attacks become extremely slow and relatively ineffective against enemies. The player cannot guard.
  • Resurrection power is prohibited, death under Enfeebled is true death.
  • Items and Prosthetic Arms may not be used.
  • After a period of time the Enfeebled effect wears off, although vitality remains the same amount.
  • Unique animations for attempting to dodge or deflect, as well as a unique deathblow animation.
  • Being in water deep enough to swim in will cuase death.



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    • Anonymous

      08 May 2020 10:52  

      You can interrupt the life drain by using shurikens which can allow you to close the distance more easily if you are spotted and going for the kill

      • Anonymous

        26 Apr 2020 04:48  

        Nobody has mentioned that if you are somehow enfeebled in water, you just die instantly. I wasn't even under water.

        • Anonymous

          14 Oct 2019 17:46  

          When I attack when enfeebled, my hit just phases through the flute player, dealing absolutely no damage. Anyone else experience this?

          • Anonymous

            13 May 2019 10:37  

            Remind me off the irithyll jailers, but on a little bit of steroids, much easier to kill, but far more deadly. Having no health, no damage, no movement, rendered completely immobile for 5 seconds, and then completely screwed for another 15, it's basically death. Sometimes I hate FromSoftware

            • Anonymous

              16 Apr 2019 17:20  

              It looks like along as you kill the one enfeebling you the status effect gets cleared, I'd suggest targeting the flute players one by one so you always know who is inflicting the status effect

              • Anonymous

                08 Apr 2019 06:51  

                Has anyone tried using the 'Bite Down' item to escape enfeeblement? Typically when you're enfeebled, the enemy that did so to you will just run up and kill you, and you cannot resurrect, but since the 'Bite Down' item states that "Resurrection is not inhibited after use", I wonder if that's away to escape being truly killed?

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