Exiled Memorial Mob


Location Ashina Depths - Mibu Village

Exiled Memorial Mob is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is located near the Mibu Village Idol, straight ahead/behind the idol and across the flowing stream.


Exiled Memorial Mob Information

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  • Location: Exiled Memorial Mob Can be found by taking the Mibu Village Idol and crossing the flowing stream behind it. This is within Ashina Depths, as players first arrive to the non-illusion Village.
  • Progression: Exiled Memorial Mob moves to the ?? after ??
  • Combat: Players may / may not kill Exiled Memorial Mob.
  • Rewards: Finishing a quest grants X, killing them grants Y


Associated Quests

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First Encounter:

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Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
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    • Anonymous

      22 May 2019 12:43  

      he laughs really creepily the first time you talk to him. If he gets dragonrot and is cured, he won't laugh when you talk to him anymore.

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