Location Ashina Dojo
XP NG: 79
NG+: 711 (854)
Sen NG: 31
NG+: 155
Drops Scrap Iron
Scrap Magnetite

Adamantite Scrap
Divine Confetti
Weakness Shadowrush

Fencer is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

For the two "elite" miniboss versions of this enemy see: Ashina Elite - Jinsuke Saze; Ashina Elite - Ujinari Mizou

 For the illusion-like Phantom Fencer see: Samurai Spirit

Fencer Location

  • Ashina Castle: Upper Tower - Antechamber. There are a number of Fencer close to the idol who can be backstabbed safely if the player is careful, making this a good early game farming spot, both for experience and for the otherwise limited (until lategame) Divine Confetti.
  • Various Phantom Fencer can be found throughout the game, many appearing in previously visited locations after night has fallen; although they won't appear if the Corrupted Monk was defeated before the Guardian Ape, instead Mibu Villagers will appear.


Fencer Rewards


Fencer Notes & Tips

  • Fencer are part of the Isshin Ashina personal guard, and are very dangerous due their use of the Ashina Style. They can be overwhelming when fighting multiple at the same time due their aggressiveness and speed.
  • Attacks and Counters:
    • Chop: Avoid this at all costs since it can be very punishing and in most cases is followed up by multiple sword swings. Just try dodging this attack for best outcome until you can learn how to deflect perfectly every attack pattern.
    • Stab: A charged unblockable where he thrusts his sword forward. Does significant damage. Can be Mikiri Countered.
  • Strategy - The best way to deal with the Fencer is just to keep a safe distance and poke with charged attacks. Beware of his stab though. Consistently deflecting and working in a single counterattack between deflects can also break their posture very quickly and easily. Mikiri Counters are useful for speeding up this process as they deal greater posture damage. Always keep an eye out for his foward thurst attack as he can do it after every three or five chop combo attacks approximatedly.
  • Patch 1.03 increased their chance of dropping Divine Confetti.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Dec 2019 16:39  

      You can farm XP, Sen and Divine Confettis from them very easily. Especially after Ashina gets attacked, you can just trigger the purple Ninjas and let them fight each other.

      • Anonymous

        20 Apr 2019 19:18  

        Their thrust attacks are very easily telegraphed and should be deflected or Mikiri countered as it is particularly deadly and unavoidable for a perilous thrust attack.

        • Anonymous

          14 Apr 2019 21:33  

          Added a note about them being the only enemy to drop Divine Confetti, which is true to the best of my knowledge (they're certainly who everyone recommends farming to get a decent supply of it early on if you want to fight the various Headless early).

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2019 20:06  

            Linked the mention of Phantom Ashina Samurai to the Spirit Samurai page as that's already been created (but is still fairly blank) although I definitely prefer "Phantom Ashina Samurai" as far as naming these guys goes.

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