Fine Snow


Chilled, silver rice that spilled from the palms of the Child of Rejuvenation. Gradually recovers Vitality for a time, slightly moreso than regular rice.

The cold sweetens the rice.

Rice is indeed precious.

The flavour grows richer and richer, raising one's spirits higher than ever.

Fine Snow is a  Quick Item similar to Rice in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to restore Vitality at a moderate rate.


 Fine SnowUsage

  • Use to restore Vitality slightly faster than normal Rice


How to Find Fine Snow


Associated Quests

  • NOTE
    • This quest line is required for getting the Dragon's Homecoming ending.


  • Receive Fine Snow by completing the Divine Child of Rejuvenation's quest line.
    • Speak to the Divine Child and request rice until all her dialogue is exhausted.
      • New Rice can be obtained by resting twice at the Idol. 
    • Eventually the Divine Child will ask you to give her a Persimmon  (which can be looted from monkeys), and later, to bring Rice  to Kuro. Keep following her instructions, giving her Persimmons  and resting until she disappears from her position.
      • Now, you can find her inside the Illusion Temple, where she asks you to find the Master of Senpou Temple. The Master can be found in the cave on the opposite side of the Senpou temple.
      • The Divine Child will then ask you to bring her Dried Serpent Viscera and Fresh Serpent Viscera
        • Once this is done, rest twice and speak to her again. She will give you Frozen Tears.
      • Requesting Rice  from now on will yield Fine Snow.



NAME Notes & Tips

  • Fine Snow can be requested in unlimited quantities, but only after it has been consumed
  • Other notes...






    • Anonymous

      24 Apr 2019 16:53  

      She doesn't give you Fine Snow if you still have Rice in your inventory. You have to be completely out of stock of both items to get 1x Fine Snow.

      • Anonymous

        12 Apr 2019 11:03  

        You can't get more rice from Divine Child on NG+ if you are carrying Fine Snow from your last playthrough. You need to eat it to get her to produce rice and progress her quest.

        • Anonymous

          09 Apr 2019 15:19  

          Can anyone explain to me why you can carry 3 fine snow although despite you have to use it before receiving the next one?? She always tells me to come back later for more and I have to use it before she gives me more fine snow

          • Anonymous

            30 Mar 2019 01:00  

            Extremely OP heal that lasts for a long time, I'd estimate its about 4-5 gourds worth of healing Allows you to facetank many bosses Its OP because you can keep getting new ones from the child

            • Anonymous

              27 Mar 2019 02:22  

              Still not sure what triggers this or regular rice "harvest" to be ready. It seems that it might actually be partially tied to using the rice, and maybe story progression.

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