Five-Color Rice

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A gourd with five-colored rice used by shinobi as landmarks

Intended to be spread on the ground in recognizable patterns.

The white gourd is blessed with fertility, and resting at a Sculptor's Idol will replenish it.

This rice is not edible, however.

Five-Color Rice is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. When used, it leaves a small pile of luminescent rice on the ground. This can be used to leave landmarks for the player when navigating through areas.



 Five-Color Rice Usage

  • Pour out a small amount of luminescent rice to be used as landmarks. (Not for QUESTS!)
  • Stores 5 charges that refill when resting at a Sculptor's idol. Number of charges cannot be upgraded.



How to Find Five-Color Rice



Five-Color Rice Notes & Tips

  • The rice will glow Blue, Green, Orange, Pink or Yellow. Color is randomized when poured.
  • Poured rice does NOT reset upon resting at a Sculptor's Idol.
  • Poured rice is reset upon traveling using the Sculptor's Idol.
  • Rice does disappear when leaving & re-entering an area.
  • Max 30 rice piles active at any time.
  • The poured rice resembles The Prism Stones of Dark Souls.
  • Different combinations of goshikimai (五色米), or grains of rice painted in five colors, were inconspicuously deposited by shinobi as a method for transmitting coded information.

five color rice effect



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    • Anonymous

      This can be used when farming. sometimes, when a group of enemies are walking, such as the three red guards at ashina castle, there is a very short window to stealth kill one. too soon or too late and you get spotted. you can use this to mark the spot they need to be in for you to kill them safely. its helpful for fine tuning things.

      • Anonymous

        prism stones were sometimes useful because of invisible walkways, dark caves and death cliffs

        In sekiro not only they are completely useless, they also cost WAY TOO MUCH money, especially seeing how in DS they only cost 10 souls each

        • Anonymous

          Sekiro is too linear for this item to really have a purpose. The people who might have observational issues with landmarks who would benefit from this probably wouldn’t be playing Sekiro in the first place due to the mandatory pattern recognition in boss fights.

          • Anonymous

            Pro tip: Use the item during a boss fight and force certain bosses to attack you; most of the time, you will get a free mikiri which you can followup with easily with a quick forward step and free hit. This will save you having to run into their range if they try to stall for posture. Most effective if enemy boss needs to be chipped or if their hp is halved or lower and needs to be combat-forced.

            • Anonymous

              So what's up with the description saying intended to be spread in recognizable patterns? It saying that right after displaying the typical use for this type of item makes me wonder if there is an environmental interaction somewhere.

              • Anonymous

                It's a really useful tool for dark areas. If you don't know if it is safe to jump into void, go to the edge of the cliff and just pour some rice and see if there is a ground or not.

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