Flame Barrel


 An iron barrel the spews fire. Can be fitted to the Shinobi Prosthetic to become a Prosthetic Tool.

It is difficult to control the rage-filled-Red-eyes with the power of man alone.

However, a fire-based weapon could be a means of resisting them. They are said to fear fire above all else.

Flame Barrel is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceFlame Barrel is a unique item that unlocks the Flame Vent Prosthetic Tool.



Flame Barrel Usage



Where to Find Flame Barrel

  • Flame Barrel can be found at the Estate Path Idol, Hirata Estate
  • From the Estate Path Idol, head Northeast to eventually find a campfire that is surrounded by enemies. The Flame Barrel will be inside the fire. Video Location



Flame Barrel Notes & Tips

  • Will not be found in New Game Plus if already acquired (does not get replaced by a Bundled Juzo Statue like other Prosthetic Tools). 





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