Folding Screen Monkeys

Location Senpou Temple - Main Hall
Weakness Shinobi Firecracker
Stealth/Gachiin's Sugar

Memory: Screen Monkeys
Puppeteer Ninjutsu
3,000 Exp (NG)

22,500 (NG++)
37,500 (NG+4)

Folding Screen Monkeys (見る猿、聞く猿、言う猿、, Seeing Monkey, Hearing Monkey, Speaking Monkey, ) is a required Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This boss fight based on the Four Wise Monkeys which embody the principals of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil." You must kill in total all 4 monkeys that share a single health bar that is reduced by 25% upon killing a monkey. You will receive the Illusive Hall Bell quick item which allows you to reset the positions of the remaining Monkeys and yourself. This is  more of a game of cat & mouse than an actual fight as the monkeys will run away from you, however each time a monkey is startled one or two monkey apparitions will be summoned to attack you. Upon killing the final monkey you will be transported to the Inner Sanctum.

Folding Screen Monkeys Location

  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Main Hall: After defeating Genichiro Ashina and asking Isshin Ashina where the Mortal Blade can be found, interact with the table in front of the giant Buddha statue to be transported to the boss arena: the Hall of Illusion.

  • There are four monkey bosses in total:

    • The "See No Evil," monkey in the Purple Robes will run away from you when it sees you approaching. It has really good vision, but poor hearing.

    • The "Speak No Evil," monkey in the Orange Robes will alert all other monkeys when it spots you, which causes all of them to flee. It has poor hearing and vision.

    • The "Hear no Evil," monkey in the Green Robes will run away from you when it hears you approaching. It has really good hearing, but poor vision.

    • The "Do No Evil," monkey in the White Robes, which is invisible, will follow you while making spirits that attack and inflict Terror. This monkey will leave glowing footprints indicating where it has been. Being invisible, it is a play on the oft-forgotten "Fourth Monkey," of the original "Three Wise Monkeys," proverb and mythology.


Folding Screen Monkeys Rewards


Folding Screen Monkeys Strategies

Video Strategies


Strategy Write-up

Gachiin's Sugar and Firecracker Method: Upon loading in, turn around approach the ledge and attack the invisible monkey. Use Gachiin's Sugar, run towards the bridge and grapple on the roof to kill the orange monkey. Next grapple to the center tree and use Shinobi Firecracker on the green monkey to stun him. This allows you to kill him before he runs away. Finally, grapple onto the left tree branch, grapple to the roof above, and head left. The purple monkey will run into the building, follow him down and use firecrackers once you land to stun the final monkey. Attack and kill him to finish this boss fight.

You will be summoned into the Hall of Illusions on a pier facing the Abyssal Hall. There are two Folding Screens in front of you depicting the four Monkeys: the "See No Evil," Purple Robed Monkey; the "Speak No Evil," Orange Robed Monkey; the "Hear No Evil," Green Robed Monkey; and a blank screen meant to indicate the presence of a fourth, invisible "Do No Evil," Monkey. If front of you will be the Illusory Hall Monk, who you can speak with to discern how three of the four monkeys function: the Purple Monkey will flee from you when he spots you; the Orange Monkey will alert all other monkeys when he spots you, causing them to flee; while the Green Monkey will flee when he hears you. (He does not explain how the fourth, Invisible Monkey, works however.) Once a Monkey has been killed, its depiction on the Folding Screen will show the monkey facing away from you.

Each monkey has a set starting position and will be reset to that position upon ringing the Illusive Hall Bell Quick Item. Those positions are as follows: The "See No Evil" Purple Monkey will be atop the second rooftop on the left; the "Speak No Evil" Orange Monkey will be on the rooftop above the Illusory Hall Monk; the "Hear No Evil" Green Monkey will be seated on the tree in the middle of the Abyssal Hall, behind the Illusory Hall Monk; and the Invisible Monkey will always start/be located right behind the player's initial spawn point in the Illusory Hall.

  1. Upon spawning in, immediately turn around and swipe once to knock the Invisible Monkey out of its invisibility. If you miss, simply use the Illusive Hall Bell again to reset the position of all the monkeys. Doing this/killing the Invisible Monkey first makes hunting the rest of them less tedious, as you won't have to deal with the Terror-inflicting Monkey Spirits the Invisible Monkey summons.

  2. Once you've finished off the Invisible Monkey, ring the Illusive Hall Bell again to reset the level. Immediately dash towards one of the two Folding Screens in front of you to hide from the Orange Monkey. Once the enemy alerted icon disappears, rush towards the temple and grapple towards the roof above the Illusory Hall Monk. Here, kill the Orange Monkey immediately, which will cause the Purple Monkey to flee. Ring the Illusive Hall Bell, again.

  3. The Orange and Invisible on the Folding Screens should now be facing away from the player. Run forwards and make a left towards the Roaring Hall, the room filled with water. Turn right and go out the door and up the stairs you will now be in the second building, beneath the Purple Monkey. Go left out of the second building into the Light Hall, a room containing 4 statues and a note on the far wall. Interact with the door to the right of the note to open it; this will allow a wailing wind into the building that we will need later. Go to the center of the room, look up, and grapple once so you are on the Octagon-shaped ring above you. Face your character towards the second building so that the grapple point on that side of the roof is selected. Grapple, then sprint towards the Second Building Rooftop to find and kill the Purple Monkey with a flurry of R1 attacks. Ring the Illusive Hall Bell to reset.

  4. The OrangePurple and Invisible Monkeys on the Folding Screens should now be facing away from the player. With only the Green "Hear No Evil" Monkey remaining, head toward the Illusory Hall Monk, and turn left towards the room filled with water. Next, turn right towards the second building on the left, and then turn right again to head through the hallway. Halfway through the hallway on the left, interact with and ring the large bell you find, then sprint towards the central tree, grapple to the branch on the central tree behind the Green Monkey, and finish him off with a flurry of R1 attacks.

  5. When the last Monkey is killed, you will see the "SHINOBI EXECUTION" screen.

  6. After killing the final monkey, you will be automatically transported to the Inner Sanctum and receive your rewards!


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Monkey Apparition The Invisible Monkey will periodically summon ghostly monkey apparitions to attack you. The Purple Monkey will summon 4 monkey apparitions if it is startled by the player. These look & behave similar to the wild Monkeys found around the Senpou Temple. Monkey Apparition attacks deal physical damage and cause Terror build-up. Monkey Apparitions do NOT disappear after ringing the Illusive Hall Bell.



Folding Screen Monkeys Lore


Folding Screen Monkeys Notes & Trivia

  • The Japanese name of the boss more heavily hints at there being four monkeys to find, as it lists three monkeys with a blank space after the comma after the third monkey, hinting again at the invisible monkey following you.

  • This boss fight is based on a Buddhist/Confucian interpretation of the "Three Wise Monkeys," maxim, wherein each monkey represents the principles of: "See no evil; Hear no evil; and Speak no evil."

  • The Fourth Monkey, alternatively referred to as "Do no Evil," or "Smell no Evil," is less often cited as part of the proverb, but still shares its origins with at least a Confucian interpretation of it.

  • According to Wikipedia: Though the teaching had nothing to do with monkeys, the concept of the three monkeys originated from a simple play on words. The saying in Japanese is mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru (見ざる, 聞かざる, 言わざる) "see not, hear not, speak not", where the -zaru is a negative conjugation on the three verbs, matching zaru, the modified form of saru (猿) "monkey" used in compounds. Thus the saying (which does not include any specific reference to "evil") can also be interpreted as referring to three monkeys.

  • Similarly: the Monkeys are sometimes said to go by the names: Mizaru (See Not); Kikazaru (Hear Not); Iwazaru (Speak Not); and Shizaru (Do No [Evil]), though this is often a byproduct of non-Japanese interpretations of the proverb and its associated mythology.

  • Like the Guardian Ape, the brown-furred Ape appearing in the Headless Ape fight, and the Monkeys found in the Sunken Valley Passage, the Folding Screen Monkeys are most likely based on Japanese Macaques.

  • Although the Illusory Hall Monk claims that previous visitors have come into the Hall of Illusions, no corpses or human remains can be found throughout the area.

    • Due to the way he talks, the claim specifies only one visitor with a purpose, and says that that visitor (essentially) disappeared - which could be an allusion to the fourth, invisible monkey. Him being someone with something to "Do" would also make him a good pun on "Do No".



Folding Screen Monkeys Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      16 Feb 2020 17:17  

      The invisible monkey summons ghostly monkey illusions? Hum… no. If you kill him first, you have still some of them coming.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jan 2020 15:45  

        It is wrong. The 4 Monkeys name in Japanese are: 見る猿、聞く猿、言う猿、見え猿. It is from the text get from the monkeys memory before you turn it in at the idol. It is Miruzaru, Kikuzaru, Iuzaru and Miearu. There is no Shizaru here...

        • Anonymous

          24 Oct 2019 02:26  

          Green Monkey: Chase it to the ledge behind the bell by grappling to the tree and then to the bell walkway. Ring it to stun the monkey, then grapple up to the ledge to finish it off.

          • Anonymous

            12 Sep 2019 22:16  

            So I bum rushed the three visible ones and just assumed that phase 2 was an endless spawn of purple monkeys where i had to kill a certain amount. Spin to win until a bunch of em are dead, and i got my shinobi execution.

            • Anonymous

              03 Sep 2019 06:49  

              This fight is just a mess, no question. I guess there are supposed to be specific rooms to help you kill each monkey, but honestly, they're almost entirely unnecessary. The purple monkey scampers into the dark room in the tower so easily, I crouched on instinct going in there and killed him almost by accident. The orange and green monkeys are absurdly easy to just run down and kill, and I, too, didn't even know there WAS a fourth monkey; I have absolutely no idea how it died or if I was even the one to kill it, but I beat the boss without knowing it was there. This fight is an absolute joke; it isn't even a fight, really, and it's so easy you can't even call it an actual puzzle. It's just a waste of about ten minutes.

              • Anonymous

                18 May 2019 05:53  

                Actually, the Japanese maxim/saying/proverb is called ”mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru” 見ざる、聞かざる、言わざ る see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil as the ”zaru” means ”do not” in old Japanese and Saru is monkey

                • Anonymous

                  01 May 2019 21:55  

                  Okay so something weird happened. I was (on ng+2) grappling towards the bell to incapacitate the hearing monkey. During the last grapple, I hit the monkey and it fell to its death.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Apr 2019 12:36  

                    By sheer luck i managed to kill the orange and green monkey without needing to lure them to the rooms that were designed to impair their designated senses.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Apr 2019 07:45  

                      Anyone else notice that the "seeing monkey" which we are told has excellent eye sight..... has to wear glasses xD

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Apr 2019 00:07  

                        Game appears to have bugged out for me. Despite immediately killing the white monkey, the game is still spawning terror inducing phantom monkeys, and the bell has zero damn effect on the hear no evil monkey. Great job FromSoft. Test your goddamn game next time.

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Apr 2019 16:29  

                          So it's only accessible after Genichiro, interesting. Even though you can access the whole temple in Senpou without killing Genichiro.

                          • 01 Apr 2019 21:27  

                            Okay easy way to do it -- As you spawn immediatly hide behind the left screen to your left and wait for the alerts to go away. Then grapple to the roof above that monk, and kill the monkey that is there. Ring the bell in your inventory/ Run to your left, then right, to a room with pillars and a big door. Open the door. Ring the bell. Grapple to the center tree, and the green monkey will jump away, above the big bell. Follow him but don't go exactly to where he is, instead ring the big bell that is there (not the one in your inventory, lol). Monkey will now be stunned right above you and you can kill him. Run back to where the door with the wind was and see if the purple monkey is waiting to be killed there. If not, ring the bell. Run back to where the door with the wind was. If he's still not there, ring the bell again and try to chase him away from his spot on the tree first. Ring the bell. Invisible one - i never managed to kill him at the start like some people do, he eventually randomly died when I fought the ghost monkeys. Randomly slashing around you seems to do the trick also

                            • Anonymous

                              30 Mar 2019 05:11  

                              Was this boss extremely easy for anyone else? I basically just sprinted and attacked the whole time and only lost sight of the green monkey for couple of minutes

                              • Anonymous

                                29 Mar 2019 04:57  

                                This boss fight was a let down. It’s way too easy. Every person I’ve seen play this has done it the first try without even using any real strategy. When I finished the fight I was thinking “was that it?”. It was unchallenging and boring.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Mar 2019 20:54  

                                  I chased all of them to one of the buildings, they fled to the top of it (not on the roof). Sneaked behind them with Gachi Sugar or whatever the hell you call it, and assassinated them.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Mar 2019 20:49  

                                    Remember they are animals (at least the other 3 excluding invisible monkey) so Firecrackers Prosthetic Tool is effective, especially against Speaking "Orange" Monkey. Just pop Firecrackers when you are close to it but out of attacking range.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      27 Mar 2019 19:21  

                                      The arena has tools to help you! You can open a door to extinguish the lights, which will make it easier to kill the purple one indoors, and there is a bell which will stun the green one if you ring it while he's on the balcony right above it.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        27 Mar 2019 06:43  

                                        This boss isn't hard enough to make players use their brain: - green monkey can be kill by grapple to the tree in the middle area when he's there. He can't hear you grapple or react fast enough to run from you - purple monkey is easy to accidently go to the dark room when you run around chasing other monkey - orange money can be kill by stealth - when others monkey is dead, you will run around and notice the footprint behind you is not human footprint and attack behind to check. This will kill the most privilege monkey

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