Fujioka the Info Broker


Location Ashina Castle
Dilapidated Temple

Fujioka the Info Broker is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is first found in Ashina Castle, hiding from nearby Samurai, and later moves to the Dilapidated Temple and sells items.

Fujioka the Info Broker Information

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  • Location: Fujioka the Info Broker Can be found at Ashina Castle. From Ashina Castle Idol, go up the stairs and take a right from the Mini-Boss position, then right again. He's in a small area behind a wall.
  • Progression: Fujioka the Info Broker moves to the Dilapidated Temple after you complete his assignment.
  • Combat: Players may / may not kill Fujioka the Info Broker.
  • Rewards: Finishing a quest grants X, killing them grants Y

Associated Quests

  • Defeat all the Samurai: Fujioka asks that you clear the area of Samurai. Do so by following our Ashina Castle walkthrough, and then return to him to obtain 1x Nighjar Beacon Memo. The memo gives you clues to follow the incense smoke up the rooftops.
  • After your encounter in Ashina Castle is completed, he moves to the Dilapidated Temple and becomes a merchant.
  • Even if not spoken to, he will appear in the Dilapidated Temple following the fight with Lord Genichiro.  (Needs confirmation)
  • Endings impact

Fujioka's Store

Item & Quantity Price
Pellet x 8 80 Sen
Dragon's Blood Droplet x 2 180 Sen
Antidote Powder (unlimited) 100 Sen
Dousing Powder (unlimited) 100 Sen
Pacifying Agent (unlimited) 100 Sen
Ungo's Sugar (unlimited) 120 Sen
Light Coin Purse x 3 110 Sen
Heavy Coin Purse x 3 550 Sen
Sabimaru Memo 500 Sen
Three-story Pagoda Memo 500 Sen
Valley Apparitions Memo 800 Sen
Gourd Seed 2000 Sen


  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Ben Diskin
  • Trivia and such go here





    • Anonymous

      29 Apr 2019 16:05  

      I can confirm that he’ll appear at the dilapidated temple even if you don’t encounter him at the castle. I didn’t even know he existed until he appeared at the castle after my fight with genichiro.

      • Anonymous

        16 Apr 2019 03:17  

        I have him at the dilapidated temple and i eaves dropped the salt info, howevever the chat dialogue doesnt prompt me for it. I can't get him to expand his inventory. Any idea what i missed?

        • 04 Apr 2019 05:53  

          If you send kotaro to anayama, at end-game after purchasing the promissory note and seeing kotaro dead/anayama die, fujioka will have additional dialogue. Something like "I dont know what goes through the mind of an honest samurai." Then he sarcastically tells you good job, "I'm sure he went to heaven" (whether talking about anayama or kotaro, I'm not sure, accidentally skipped a bit of it, wasn't expecting new dialogue)

          • Anonymous

            30 Mar 2019 20:28  

            Bad advice for quest completion. If you've already beaten the area, and just want to know how to do the quest, their advice to just follow their guide will take way more time than is necessary. All you have to do is specifically kill the samurai in his immediate proximity, the ones below him, and you complete the quest.

            • Anonymous

              24 Mar 2019 21:38  

              After defeating Corrupted Monk, this guy also started selling unlimited amounts of Divine Confetti (300 sen) and Snap Seed (80 sen). It might have been something else just prior and I didn't noticed, but I don't think so.

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