Gachiin's Sugar

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 The High Senpou priest gave this candy to a band of short but adept assassins. Suppresses sound and presence for a time, making the user harder to detect.

Bite the candy and take the Gachiin stance to impart its inhuman benediction.

The assassins do Senpou's dirty work. Once hired guards, now extensions of the monks' will in their quest for undeath.

Gachiin's Sugar is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to conceal and silence Sekiro, making it difficult for enemies to find him



 Gachiin's Sugar Usage

  • Silences and conceals the user for 1 minute, making Stealth sections incredibly easy.
    • Enemies will only spot Sekiro when he's very close.
    • Can walk or run right up behind enemies without alerting them (normally enemies will hear Sekiro when right behind them even when moving slowly and with the Suppress Sound skill). 
  • This is increased to 1 minute 30 seconds with the Devotion skill.
  • Note that you can only gain the benefit of ONE Sugar/Spiritfall at a time. Using a different Sugar will simply overwrite the current one.



How to Find Gachiin's Sugar

  • Dropped by Enemies upon death.
  • Dropped by the three "rats" (Assassins) near the Ashina Castle Gate idol.
  • Rare drop chance by the Red Guard soldiers with black cape at Ashina Castle after the first invasion / at Ashina Outskirts after Ashina is set ablaze.
  • Scattered occasionally throughout the landscape.
  • Ashina Outskirts- The first house where the initial Rifle enemy was, and the spot where you killed your second. There's a narrow path with dropdowns here. Take it and drop down to the tall grass beneath, where you will find the item.
  • Ashina Outskirts- After encountering the Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Idol, the item is close by.
  • Ashina Castle - From the Upper Tower - Antechamber idol, located above the broken ceiling in the room with two seated samurai.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - From the Senpou Temple idol housing, turn left and go around the corner to find 1x Gachiin's Sugar.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Broken Bridge", There would be items under the items.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Straw & Blades", close to where the straw-hat enemies in stairs would be the item.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - Going left and down from the idol will take you to 1x Ceramic Shard and the Shugendo Memorial Mob merchant. If you look around, you'll notice that you are above the area with the Ni-Oh gate that you went through earlier. Go back to the Idol and this time go up. Grapple ahead and you'll land in front of a cave with 2x Mibu Balloon of Spirit. There are several "rat" enemies ahead, so stealth and deathblow it to earn 93XP and a chance for Scrap Iron. Then grapple to the nearby platform, stealth and kill it, and pick up 1x Gachiin's Sugar. Now grapple all the way up to get a deathblow on the last one.



Gachiin's Sugar Notes & Tips

  • Useful for sneaking around enemies, can allow the user to sneak up behind otherwise perceptive mini bosses to get an easy first death-blow.



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    • Anonymous

      The area where the assassins are is locked now so i'm struggling to find any gachin and i keep running out of confetti because i can't kill the headless. This is actually torturous and demonic to f with people like this. My doctor has diagnosed me with breathing pattern disorder which stems from anxiety brought on by this game. It's sad how i love from software games, artwork, storytelling, voice acting, level design are second to none, i'm mesmerised into what is essentially killing me.

      • Anonymous

        After using this in the Burning Ashina Outskirts, I realized they're basically required to navigate certain areas stealthily, which also makes them fantastic for farming skill points in the end-game.

        Without Sugar: instantly spotted by 3 assassins from 50 meters, even while crouched.
        With Sugar: Essentially invisible to watchtowers, even able to stealth-deathblow someone while his friend was in hearing range, and still crouch away in the open unseen.

        • Anonymous

          Where can you get them if you're in the endgame? You can't access the castle gate or the reservoir area anymore.

          • That tip/note saying that it "has almost double the duration of its Spiritfall" shouldn't be changed? Since the patch 1.03 had set the Spiritfall for the same duration as the respective Sugar.

            • Anonymous

              Imo probably the best sugar in the game. the others are alright but this one turns the game into metal gear solid

              • Anonymous

                Great for farming skill points early game. The tough guy near the Mibu Village idol can be backstabbed with this. He gives 784 points/kill and you can do this before Genechiro.

                • Anonymous

                  Aside from the 3 rats at the gate, the 3 toadstool type guys in Ashina Reservoir (near Ashina Castle idol) also drop them and can all be backstabbed, then homeward and repeat.

                  • Anonymous

                    Added a few lines in the usage section to try and get across exactly how good the effects of this item are.

                    • Anonymous

                      Are these worthless if you have the [Suppress Presence] & [Suppress Sound] Shinobi art skills? I have about 100 I'd like to sell if that's the case.

                      • Anonymous

                        they can be farmed in Ashina castle gate. The three "rats" drop them. I have farmed there alot. you run around and backstab all of them in maybe 20 sec. The bloodmist ninjitsu skill is very useful. Jump right over the wall back down to the idol and repeat. They also drop alot of scrap metal and pellets. you get some gunpowder from the gunman to if you include him.

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