Gauntlet of Strength: Mortal Journey


Relive battle memories of the "Mortal Journey" and face a gauntlet of extraordinary foes.

Gauntlet of Strength: Mortal Journey is a Gauntlet event in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Gauntlets of Strength are single-life challenges where players are thrown into a series of battles against various enemies. To access the available gauntlets, interact with a Sculptor's Idol, and select "Gauntlets of Strength" - this feature was added to the Free Update, Patch 1.05 across all platforms.



Gauntlet of Strength: Mortal Journey Rewards

  • none



Gauntlet Featured Bosses


Gauntlet Bosses Video Guide

Gyoubu Oniwa


Lady Butterfly


Genichiro Ashina



Guardian Ape


Corrupted Monk (Illusion)


Great Shinobi Owl



Headless Ape


Emma & Isshin


Corrupted Monk (True)



Owl (Father)


Demon of Hatred


Isshin, the Sword Saint




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    • Anonymous

      02 Jun 2021 11:56  

      I cannot believe I trained for days until I mastered every boss, defeated every gauntlet of strenght charmles + bell, spent more than an hour fighting 15 or so bosses just to earn: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      Thanks From Software. I guess the real treasure was the PURE HATRED I made along the way...

      • Anonymous

        02 May 2021 17:08  

        This boss rush is something else. Except if you are Ongbal, who kills each boss in less than 2 minutes, the main difficulty is to be focused during 17 bosses, and so such a long time. Charmless and with demon bell, I can do almost in a row the 15 first regular bosses. But the inner versions hit hard... I still need some training!

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2021 07:22  

          I've been desperately trying to do this deathless. I easily would have done this first or second try if I had resurrection enabled, like most of you I'm sure. But doing every single boss without making a few mistakes in a row is quite difficult.

          I've gotten up to inner isshin phase 2 and only just made a single slip up, all that progress gone. Best of luck to anyone else attempting it deathless!

          • Anonymous

            29 Mar 2021 16:17  

            What if there was an actual reward for completing the gauntlet,

            I’d say make it another mortal blade combat art that looks more acrobatic like Sakura dance or Floating passage.

            • Anonymous

              10 Mar 2021 15:52  

              Honestly, it's just for bragging rights. If you can beat this, why would you need a reward? The only reward to give is the knowledge that you are skilled enough to make this game look like child's play!

              • Anonymous

                06 Jan 2021 20:19  

                after 80 ****ing minutes, I got it on my 2nd try. screw this if they ever do add a reward for this ****, im not going thru it again

                • Anonymous

                  18 Dec 2020 17:28  

                  Would’ve been cool if by beating this you got infinite spirit emblems. Like you could permanently never run out of spirit emblems on your character. Because let’s face it. If you can beat this. You deserve to be overpowered.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Nov 2020 17:10  

                    I would suggest that they DO add a reward at the end of this gauntlet. Keeping in line with the logic of the other gauntlets; why not simply add an outfit?

                    I understand that this test of skill is more for a sense of pride and accomplishment, but there is no harm in getting something purely cosmetic, surely?

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Nov 2020 22:48  

                      The first man to climb Everest was once asked why he did it. His response? “Because it was there.” Forge on, fellow Shinobi.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Nov 2020 09:52  

                        I mean like you could a special tipe that you can change into the bodies of your enimis and you still ckeep your mortal blade and your Samiri

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Nov 2020 18:04  

                          finally beat this gauntlet and just kinda sat there for a minute when nothing popped up on my screen afterwards :(

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Nov 2020 09:02  

                            So I have ideas I’m not a robot but what you need to do is give them a new rare metal and you need ten and you will give them 3 each time they complete this so you should put it in anyways I’m giving you ideas software so maybe you will put them in.

                            • Anonymous

                              01 Nov 2020 08:58  

                              If you don’t put anything in they will be mad since it took them like 2 hours and they got nothing I mean like come on

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