Gokan's Spiritfall


 Fallen, headless spirit of Gokan. Reduces Posture damage taken for a time. Consume Spirit Emblems to use repeatedly.

Headless are the ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country.

Dedicated burial mounds quietly appease the spirits with severed heads, though none call upon them for long.


Gokan's Spiritfall (剛幹の御霊降ろし, Fallen Spirit of Gōkan) is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to reduce one's Posture damage taken for a time.



 Gokan's Spiritfall Usage

  • Reduces Posture damage taken by 33% for 30 seconds.
  • This is increased to 45 seconds with the Devotion skill.
  • Consumes 1 Spirit Emblem on use. The item is not consumed upon use.
  • Note that you can only gain the benefit of ONE Sugar/Spiritfall at a time. Using a different Sugar will simply overwrite the current one.



How to Find Gokan's Spiritfall

  • Dropped by the Headless near the burial mound close to the Under-Shrine Valley upon defeat (requires Mibu breathing technique)
  • After learning the Mibu breathing technique, go to the Sunken Valley's Under-Shrine Valley idol. After arriving, turn completely around, grapple across the gap, and grab the ledge in front of you. Follow the path until you are at a bunch of burial mounds. There is a small hole that can be swam in. Dive in this hole to find the Headless.



Gokan's Spiritfall Notes & Tips

  • Gokan's Spiritfall consumes 1 Spirit Emblem for every usage.
  • Gokan's Spiritfall, as well as all Headless Spiritfall items, have unlimited usage (aside from the 1 Spirit Emblem cost)
  • Gokan's Spiritfall's effect does not stack with Gokan's Sugar.
  • Has a shorter duration than the candy, making the Spiritfall more of a backup than a replacement for the Sugar.
  • Patch 1.03 reduced the Spirit Emblem cost from 2 to 1 and increased the duration to match that of Gokan's Sugar.



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      Headless dropped by accident into the water and died. I got money and a spirit emblem, but not the Goukan spiritfall... That is what you get for running away

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        I find this headless is more powerfull than the rest....with all of my bead upgrades he killed me with one *****ing swipe....like wtf really

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