Great Carp Attendant

Location Fountainhead Palace
Weakness Divine Confetti, Shinobi Firecracker

Great Carp Attendant is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Great Carp Attendant is a dedicated caretaker of the enormous Great Colored Carp that dominates the deep waters of Fountainhead Palace.


Great Carp Attendant Information

Great Carp Attendant can be killed by players, or can be interacted with for a quest and associated rewards.

  • Location: Great Carp Attendant Can be found at Fountainhead Palace after progressing past the tunnel with the Great Colored Carp and accessing the area beyond the Palace's locked gate.
  • Progression: Great Carp Attendant is found in a platform by the Feeding Grounds Sculptor's Idol. Progressing the quest and resting will kill him.
  • Combat: Has the move set of Chained Ogre, two death marks.
  • Rewards: 120 sen. Quest rewards 1x Divine Grass, and up to 4x Treasure Carp Scale.


Associated Quests


Feed the Great Colored Carp:

  • Ring the nearby bell and feed the Great Carp with Precious Bait 2 times. You can feed it more but it's useless.
  • Talk to the father and you'll get 4x Treasure Carp Scale. Feeding the carp also makes the carp not hostile so you can loot the items in the cave early, or just to not kill the Carp and get in the cave safely anyway.
  • Talk to Pot Noble Koremori or Pot Noble Harunaga and get Truly Precious Bait
  • Feed the carp the Truly Precious Bait you prefer
  • Rest and talk to the Carp Attendant and he will be very upset, you can then port to pick up items from the pot nobles, and then go to the Bodhissatva Valley Idol (Sunken Valley Passage) to find the body of the Great Carp and 1x Great White Whisker.
  • Then port back to Feeding Grounds and talk to him and give him the item. He is now free from his duties, and you will obtain 1x Divine Grass.
  • Resting again will show him dead with his daughter by him. (Doing so will lock you out of his carp scales).



  • "Nnngh" - when jumped on/attacked
  • "Inexcusable..." - when aggroed
  • "Unnggghhhh... My duties... Forgive me..." - upon death.
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • Has a grab that does massive vitality damage.
  • You can get a stealth deathblow if you sneak up behind him. Is vulnerable to another backstab after he kills you once while he is walking back to where he spawns.


Story & Lore

  • The Carp appears to be a  brocaded carp of the type Taisho Sanke or Showa Sanke. The Legend of the Dragon's Gate tells the story of carp that may transform into dragons if they can leap up a massive waterfall [4]. As a consequence, carp are considered symbols of success and transformation in Japanese culture.



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    • Anonymous

      accidentally killed him before killing the carp bc i thought thats what the old lady ment with freeing him. damn i feel stupid or maybe it was the shura within me that killed him haha

      • Anonymous

        funny how this guy is so hard to kill since his grab attacks yeet sekiro out in the pond and there is no short way back

        • Anonymous

          you can use precious bait once and then truly precious bait instead of precious bait and still get both the rewards

          • Anonymous

            I didn't get the scales after killing him right after he gave him the wiskers. It may be due to the fact that I had to use the Homeward Idol after he threw me off the platform.

            • Anonymous

              His quest is sadly one of thos very... poorly thought out FromSoftware quest that couple a bunch of totally random elements you have not way to know (like the fact that the great carp will just show up in the monkey pound) and ultimately not only doesn't pay off, but actually pay less than just butchering a NPC for free loot.

              Finishing the quest should have rewarded you for at least double what he would give you by simply killing him.

              • Anonymous

                So something interesting happened here. (though I'm not sure if this is anything special, you decide)
                I had never given normal bait to the carp
                Only given the special bait
                Gave the whiskers to the attentand, he got all sad.
                Then I jumpkicked him once. His healthbar and deathblow markers showed up.
                He didn't do anything though, anyway, I just rested at the idol. Attendant is dead on the floor as expected.
                But he also dropped loot. 3x carp scale.
                Does this always happen?

                • Posting this on both Great Colored Carp and Great Colored Carp Attendant, as I've not seen mention of this elsewhere.

                  If you do this right, The Attendant's daughter will clear mobs for you.

                  Ok so let's fast forward a bit through the standard plan...

                  1. Obtain Truly Precious Bait
                  2. Speak to Attendant.
                  3. Give fish Precious Bait
                  4. Speak to Attendant for free scale reward.
                  5. Rest, repeat steps 3 and 4
                  6. Decide that it's time to kill the fish
                  7. Give the bid bad Carp the truly Precious Bait.
                  8. Fast travel to Sunken Valley - Giant Ape's Watering Hole
                  9. Pick up whisker in front of dead fish
                  10. Fast travel back to Fountainhead Palace - Feeding Platform
                  11. Give the whisker to the Attendant to make him a sad boi
                  12. Exhaust Attendant Dialog
                  13. REST or TRAVEL AND RETURN
                  14. His daughter should appear and grieve his death
                  15. Once she shuts up, go to Fountainhead Palace - Palace Grounds

                  All of the mobs in the building immediately in front of you have now been killed. The Attendant's daughter is inside stabbing the last one repeatedly, though it already looks dead. She rambles that they tricked her father into serving his whole life with promises of eternity, now he is dead and gone, it was all a lie, bring him back. Then she either plays dead or An Hero's. Either way, cool scene, dead mobs.


                  • Anonymous

                    You can feed the carp the truly precious bait as your second bait and he will still give you the three carp scales. Though be sure to use the truly precious bait last because the carp will swim away after you give it to him.

                    • Anonymous

                      When it says he has the moveset of Chained Ogre, that also means he covers in fear when you use fire on him. There is no worth in killing him because you don't get anything besides a handful of Sen.

                      • Anonymous

                        If u give him great white whisker, he will be happy, because his duty have ended, and die soon after. When he is dead one of his dothers will apear.

                        • Anonymous

                          What happens when you give him the great white whisker? Is that even an option? I killed him before finding it and was curious as to what happens

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