Green Mossy Gourd


 A curved, moss-covered gourd filled with medicinal water. Refills upon rest. While it does not heal "Poison" status it reduces Poison buildup, and increases Poison resistance.

This gourd was made out of necessity by those that made poisonous lands their home. It's said if you live there long enough, eventually poison won't affect you at all.

Green Mossy Gourd is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to reduce the Poison buildup and slightly increases Poison resistance.



 Green Mossy Gourd Usage

  • Reduces Poison buildup and slightly increases Poison resistance for a short period (30 seconds).
  • This does NOT cure the Poison status abnormality!
  • Contains 5 uses that are refilled upon resting at a Sculptor's Idol.
  • Cannot be upgraded.



How to Find Green Mossy Gourd

  • Purchase from the Toxic Memorial Mob for 1800 Sen.
  • The Toxic Memorial Mob is located as follows: Sunken Valley Passage, From the Bodhisattva Valley Sculptor's Idol turn away from the Guardian Ape boss arena.  Navigate down the short drops to the left of the Idol. Use your grappling hook to navigate down to the poison swamp below. Follow the land on the left side of the area. Use the two grapple-boost branches to quickly fly over the swamp and the Dual-Wielding White Ape. Follow the short path to the right. The Toxic Memorial Mob tent will be right across from you.



Green Mossy Gourd Notes & Tips

  • An icon resembling a while circle surrounded by a green mist will appear in the lower-left corner below your health bar while your Poison resistance is increased.
  • Other notes...



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    • Anonymous

      The Quick Items section mentions Green Mossy Gourd and Green "Mousy" Gourd both lead to this page (and it doesn't include Gachiin's Spiritfall).

      • Anonymous

        This is very useful in poison pool and the snake path as there are a lot of salamanders in the area so it helps very much for poison status.

        • Anonymous

          Does anyone know if this can be used prior to taking Contact Medicine to make its weak poison effect even weaker? If true, I have the idea that using the Green Mossy Gourd, then Contact Medicine at the start of the Owl's second phase would allow you to just ignore his poison attacks completely.

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