Gyoubu's Broken Horn


Famed horn-spear once used by Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa. Affix to the Shinobi Prosthetic to create a Prosthetic Tool.
The horn contracts to pull enemies in, also capable of stripping crude armour.
When the horn was broken during the rebellion, Isshin praised it for its "splendid shape", awarding Oniwa with the cross-bladed spear of Shuzen Tamura.

Gyoubu's Broken Horn is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceGyoubu's Broken Horn is used to unlock the Loaded Spear prosthetic tool.



Gyoubu's Broken Horn Usage



Where to Find Gyoubu's Broken Horn

  • Ashina Reservoir Revisited
  • Located inside a treasure box of the Gatehouse, players will need to acquire the Gatehouse Key to unlock it.
  • From the area where you did your first wall-hug, look towards Moon-View tower, and you will note the house where you first learned about underfloor sneaking. This time, you have the key to this door, so approach it and open with the Gatehouse Key you obtained by the bridge near Ashina Castle. Inside this room (where you also learned about Eavesdropping), there is 1x Heavy Coin Purse and a chest containing Gyoubu's Broken Horn. This is an Upgrade Materials that is used to create the Loaded Spear Prosthetic Tool.
  • If you have progressed though the story to the point where the Gatehouse is inaccessible (after recieveing the divine tears?) it can be purchased for 2800 sen at the offering box near the Dilapidated Temple.



Gyoubu's Broken Horn Notes & Tips

  • Players can only carry a maximum of 1 material
  • Other notes...





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    • Anonymous

      People are sort of making the connection that the horn in this weapon used to be apart of his helmet, which is true. But the design of the horn in the spear and his current battle attire doesn't match. Going by lore from item descriptions, it's likely Gyoubu had a different outfit when he used to be a bandit leader. So following some random skirmish, he attached the horn that broke off from his original helmet, attached it to his spear, and made this weapon, Gyoubu's Broken Horn. After he joined the Ashina clan, Isshin praised his broken horn for its "splendid shape." In the item description, those exact words are also explicitly enclosed in double quotes. This likely implies that rather than praising in a direct manner, Isshin was impressed that Gyuobu survived the Sengoku era up to that point with a ramshackle weapon. So to commemorate his joining the Ashina, Isshin gave him Shuzen Tamura's cross-blade spear as a replacement/upgrade. This means the 'broken horn' we see in the icon actually comes from his older bandit helmet. And he broke off the horn from his current helmet as a call back to his bandit days.

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone know if there's a way to edit your save game to get this tool? I got it but it disappeared from my inventory because I could equip it.

        • Anonymous

          The broken horn in question comes from his helmet - see here: Compare the broken antler on his helmet to the strange object on top of the blade on this page's picture - it's gotta be one and the same. So, during the rebellion, someone cut off one of his antlers!

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