Healing Gecko

Location Fountainhead Palace
XP NG: 134
NG+: ??
Sen N/A
Drops ??
Weakness Can Be Hopped On

Healing Gecko is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Healing Gecko Location


Healing Gecko Rewards

  • Rewards: N/A


Healing Gecko Notes & Tips

  • Although similar in appearance to the poisonous Geckos, their attacks are anything but toxic.
  • As they've likely been purified of all of toxins from the Fountainhead Waters, they cannot shoot a poisonous cloud, rather their blood has a healing property when Ninjitsu-ed.
  • Attack-wise, it hardly does a thing, maybe a minuscule amount of damage from its blasts can be considered its only way to kill you.
  • Seven to eight can be found in Fountainhead Palace, four in the upper cave close to the Pot Noble idle, and the rest can be found right before the sanctuary.
  • Other notes


Alarm Enemy  ♦  Animals  ♦  Ashina Army  ♦  Ashina Soldier (Hassou Stance)  ♦  Ashina Soldier (Katana)  ♦  Ashina Soldier (Matchlock Rifle)  ♦  Ashina Soldier (Spear)  ♦  Assasin  ♦  Assassin (Interior Ministry)  ♦  Bandit (Axe)  ♦  Bandit (Fire Bow) Archer  ♦  Bandit (Fire Bow and Katana)  ♦  Bandit (Katana)  ♦  Bandit (Katana and Shield)  ♦  Bandit (Katana and Torch)  ♦  Bandit (Poison Bow and Katana)  ♦  Bandits of Hirata Estate  ♦  Black-Feathered Nightjar  ♦  Blue Spear Monk  ♦  Centipede  ♦  Club Soldier  ♦  Cricket  ♦  Dog  ♦  Dual Wielding Samurai  ♦  Elder Monkey  ♦  Fencer  ♦  Fountainhead Palace Dog  ♦  Fountainhead Palace Forces  ♦  Gamefowl  ♦  Gecko  ♦  Guard Type One  ♦  Guard Type Two  ♦  Hammer Monk  ♦  Infested Seeker  ♦  Infested Seeker (No Parasite)  ♦  Infested Seeker (Parasite)  ♦  Interior Ministry  ♦  Interior Ministry Loneshadows  ♦  Interior Ministry Ninja  ♦  Man-eating Carp  ♦  Mibu Villager (Bamboo Spear)  ♦  Mibu Villager (Bare Hands)  ♦  Mibu Villager (Bare Hands and Bombs)  ♦  Mibu Villager (Hoe)  ♦  Mibu Villager (Loom)  ♦  Mibu Villager (Rake)  ♦  Mibu Villagers  ♦  Mist Archer  ♦  Mist Naginata  ♦  Mist Wolf  ♦  Monkeys of Sunken Valley  ♦  Monsters of Ashina  ♦  Mt. Kongo  ♦  Nightjar Ninja  ♦  Okami Warrior (Bow)  ♦  Okami Warrior (Katana)  ♦  Okami Warrior (Katana & Bow)  ♦  Okami Warrior (Kemari)  ♦  Okami Warrior (Lightning Halberd)  ♦  Old Maid  ♦  Old Woman  ♦  Palace Noble (Blue Garb)  ♦  Palace Noble (Red Garb)  ♦  Poison Assassin  ♦  Rat  ♦  Red Guard (Dual Katana)  ♦  Red Guard (Firebomb)  ♦  Red Guard (Flamethrower)  ♦  Red Guard (Kodachi and Dual Katana)  ♦  Red Guard Elite (Rifle and Dual Katana)  ♦  Red Hat Assassin  ♦  Red Hat Sentry  ♦  Rock Diver  ♦  Samurai  ♦  Samurai General  ♦  Samurai Spirit  ♦  Seeker (Bo Staff)  ♦  Seeker (Fists)  ♦  Seeker (Psychic)  ♦  Senpou Temple Monks  ♦  Sentry  ♦  Shura Samurai  ♦  Spear Adept  ♦  Sunken Valley Clan  ♦  Sunken Valley Clan (Cannon)  ♦  Sunken Valley Clan (Rifle)  ♦  Sunken Valley Clan (Scatter-shot)  ♦  Taro Troop (Bell)  ♦  Taro Troop (Greatshield)  ♦  Taro Troop (Wooden Mallet)  ♦  Taro Troops  ♦  Test Subject  ♦  Treasure Carp  ♦  Valley Monkey (Bare Hands)  ♦  Valley Monkey (Katana)  ♦  Valley Monkey (Matchlock Rifle)  ♦  Valley Monkey (Poison and Bare Hands)  ♦  Valley Monkey (Poison and Gun)  ♦  Villagers  ♦  White Spear Monk  ♦  Wolf  ♦  Zombie


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    • Anonymous

      These things symbolise my frustration with some of fromsoft's design

      On one hand the fact they took note of the geckos having been purified and they gave the ninjitsu skills custome healing effects is awesome, it shows that they take note of almost everything in their games

      On another hand the geckos are placed in such a specific spot that they are almost useless , with the only close enemies being the okami and the fountainhead nobles ( and obviously you don't need a buff to help you kill those)

      It's just frustrating when cool and unique design choices don't get their chance to be explored further , another example being the blue caeild golem in elden ring , it has custom attacks and is notably stronger than the rest of the golems , and yet doesn't guard or drop anything unique , and the deep in dark souls 3 is another prime examy

      Fromsoft is still my No1 AAA game development company but man do some of their design choices feel like wasted potential to be explored further
      Anyways thanks for listening to my ted talk

      • Anonymous

        I still find it fascinating that these creatures imbue your blade with a unique effect with the Bestow ability. However, as I have not tested it, I don't actually know what it does. I do kinda wish we got more chances to use such odd things >.>

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