Hidden Tooth

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False tooth loaded with a secret shinobi drug, blue in color.

Can be used repeatedly.

Crush the blue nostrum between the back teeth to die as often as one pleases.

Could be useful in certain situations.

Surely an unnecessary reminder, but the first death is typically one's last.

Hidden Tooth (奥の歯, Molar) is a Quick Items Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. When used, Sekiro dies and can resurrect without blocking out further resurrections. This item can be used multiple times.



 Hidden Tooth Usage

  • Immediately kills Sekiro and allows for resurrection.
  • An unlimited-use version of Bite Down.



How to Find Hidden Tooth



Hidden Tooth Notes & Tips

  • Player will need to have obtained the Mortal Blade before Hanbei is killable.






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    • Anonymous

      Bruh I thought it gave you a extra revive not insta kill you and then you revived. Just lost to apes cause I’m dumb

      • Anonymous

        Just my thoughts, but I feel like this implies that poor Hanbei tried to kill himself so many times with Bite Down, and the result is this molar absolutely fulled of the stuff compressed. Pretty damn sad.

        • Anonymous

          It's basically a healing item. I.e.: if you're low health, have two resurrections left and can't or don't want to heal, you could kill yourself with the tooth and retain one extra resurrection. Very specific but I used it in this way succesfully when I was new at the game.

          • Anonymous

            “To die as often as one pleases” that’s fkn hilarious I haven’t played Sekiro but I seen that line on a Ymfah video and I had to find out if it was taken from the game or made up for humour.

            • Anonymous

              it doesn't unlock resurrections anymore, aka the bite down effect. It's just a faster way of jumping off a cliff

              • Anonymous

                Holy, not only is he a top tier bro that lets you kill him constantly so you can improve your swordsmanship, but he also leaves us an amazing item like this. If From wanted us to like Hanbei I'm pretty sure they've succeeded

                • Anonymous

                  When Mist Nobles kill you with their flute music, it prevents you from resurecting, since they are sucking out your life force or something. So I guess you could kill yourself before they get to and then safely resurrect

                  • Just going to put this info here. Do what you will with it. Before I knew about the tooth, I was able to kill hanbei at the start of the game by making him fall off the broken bridge nearby. I noticed at the bottom of the ravine, there was something there where he died. I no-clipped down to the bottom of the ravine and found that it was loot. Unfortunately, this game makes it so you cannot vacuum any loot while you are airborne. I am not sure if there is another way to kill him for good this early on, or if there is a way to trick the game into thinking you are not airborne when you are so you can loot the item. So yeah, not sure what use this will be.

                    • For those of you wondering about this items use besides what's already said, let me lay it down. This item has the same effect as "Bite Down" in where it kills you. Also like "Bite down" the death caused by this item does not restrict your resurrections. This means that when you rez after using this, your next rez will be readily available for use. In the scenario of a normal death caused by enemies: after you rez, your other ressurections will be sealed. This is indicated by the black ink stroke covering your tokens. When it is like this your next rez is sealed and cannot be accessed until you acquire a "pink mist" (which I will forever refer to as Rezence [essence+rez]) which can be collected by killing enemies (though not every time) once collected this mist will do one of two things. 1. In the case that your resurrections are sealed, it will unseal them for use. 2. In the case that your resurrections are unsealed and you have already used one. It will fill up a portion of one of your secondary tokens (your second and third rez). After a certain amount of mist is collected your rez token will be available again. Now unlike normal enemies, bosses will ALWAYS drop this mist whenever they are deathblowed. Meaning that if you have used a rez in phase 1 and then deathblow the boss. Your rez will be available after that into phase 2. However, this is where the true use of this item shines. Boss encounters. More so on the final phase of the fights than anywhere else. The reason for this is due to its unique ability to not restrict your rez. Example: you're on the final phase, low on health, 2 rez tokens left. Now, in a normal circumstance this is a horrible situation for if the boss kills you, you'll have to rez and then you will have nothing left to rely upon. HOWEVER in your possession is the Hidden Tooth. Now if you arn't feeling overly confident that you can finish him of with your current health, you can use the item to off yourself. Sure it'll cost you a rez to get back up but you will still have that last rez to rely upon if things go south. So in layman's terms this item lets you use resurrections until your fresh out, no mist required. In those dire moments that extra unsealed rez could mean the difference between victory or defeat

                      • Anonymous

                        for those wondering what this is good for , lets say a boss is low and you have low hp too before initiating phase 2 you can kill yourself so you gain some extra health since revives reset on phases

                        • Anonymous

                          when i repeatedly use this item, the first time did not drain my revival charges, but subsequent uses did, even after resting. Was i wrong to think this item would give me more than one free revive?

                          • Anonymous

                            What's the point of this item? I seriously don't understand this mechanic. There a***** ton of ways you can kill yourself in this game. Why would i even want to use it?

                            • Anonymous

                              If you use this when you haven't resurrected at all, then you have access to the rest of your resurrections, but if you wait until right before your second resurrection to do so, then it just kills and respawns you at the last visited idol.

                              • Anonymous

                                If you're having trouble picking up the tooth, use the gather option like its a regular drop from an enemy.

                                • Anonymous

                                  So I killed him and he dropped the item however I can't pick it up. Its just kinda chilling there on the ground.

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