Hirata Estate is a Location in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This special place is accessed by offering a special item to the Kind-faced Buddha at the Dilapidated Temple and will transport Sekiro in time to a memory of the Hirata Estate.

 hirata estate

Full Hirata Estate Walkthrough

Hirata Estate is a special location unlocked after exploring Ashina Outskirts and meeting Inosuke Nogami's Mother. She will give Sekiro a Young Lord's Bell Charm. Return to the Dilapidated Temple and talk to the Sculptor, who will say you can offer the item at the nearby Kind-Faced Buddha.

Approach the Buddha and select "Pray" to be transported to Hirata Estate.

Dragonspring - Hirata Estate Idol

As you first spawn, look behind you and loot 1x Pellet. You can then commune with the Dragonspring - Hirata Estate Sculptor's Idol to unlock fast travel. From here, drop down and grapple onto the branches below until you reach the ground level. There will be 2x Fistful of Ash to pick up next to an NPC. The NPC will call you "Son of the Owl", you have the option to ask what happened or what year it is. He will reply that Thieves attacked. Asking about the year reveals it is the year of the Dragonspring Pilgrimage, which Wolf remarks was three years ago. This means you're living a memory. The NPC dies, and you continue on.

Get your first Treasure Carp

As you descend, look right on the bridge and you will see a fish swimming. This is a Treasure Carp, and defeating will give you a valuable Treasure Carp Scale and 12XP. Drop to the water level, lock onto and approach the fish, then press circle as it notices you to dash forward attacking. Then go to the opposite side of the bridge and around a rock, and you will find 1x Treasure Carp Scale.

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Back to The Bridge

Go back to the bridge and explore its end to find 2x Dousing Powder. This medicine is used to remove the Burn Status Abnormality. There are enemies Bandit (Katana and Torch) and Bandit (Fire Bow and Katana) ahead, so you can slot this in your quick items slot for easy access.

Wait for the patrol to come around and stealth-kill it, Mobs here are about 32XP and 23 Sen. Now drop to the right of the river where the Carp was and go right, you will face a Dog and an Bandit (Katana and Torch). After defeating them, you can loot 1x Mibu Possession Balloon and spot another Treasure Carp in the water. Go toward it and defeat it to obtain 1x Treasure Carp Scale.

Meet Pot Noble Harunaga

There's a pot in the vicinity of the Treasure Carp you just faced. This NPC is Pot Noble Harunaga, and he will trade items for your Treasure Carp Scales. You can purchase Divine Grass (1 Scale), Withered Red Gourd (2 scales), and two key items: Mask Fragment: Right (7 scales) and Floating Passage Text (5 scales). You can also find 1x Light Coin Purse on a ledge to the left of his pot. There are 4 Treasure Carps to slay in these waters.

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Estate Path Sculptor's Idol

Now that you have cleared the Pot Noble area, return to where you faced a thief and a dog and go up toward the closed gate. You can avoid the enemies at the entrance (3 dogs and a guard) and jump inside to obtain 1x Ceramic Shard and commune with the Estate Path Sculptor's Idol.

From the idol, grappling up twice to the highest structure allows you to drop down in a side section that contains 1x Spirit Emblem. Proceed further toward the Bamboo of the area to obtain 3x Ungo's Sugar.

Double Jump on the wall and then grab onto the ledge to climb up and avoid the guards patrolling the main corridor. Drop onto the archer hidden around the corner to defeat him and then grab 3x Fistful of Ash by a broken wall, since the door nearby does not open from this side.

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Double jump onto the wall next to the opening and drop onto the other side to continue stealthily. Follow the narrow corridor behind this building and go around it and inside to grab 1x Pellet. Enemies will reset and come this way, so prepare for a fight. You can obtain Dousing Powder from these enemies, and they may throw Oil on you to make you flammable. If you have the oil effect, Sekiro will be covered in black goo - simply wait until it passes. There's also a marker on the bottom left of the screen.

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Once Enemies are defeated, you can explore behind a nearby hut for 1x Ako's Sugar, then jump onto the walls and atop the gate to inspect the area ahead. To the right, you can see a Spirit Emblem and a patrolling dog, to the left there are items. Go right left, and wait for the patrol with a torch to come by, then assassinate it and deal with the dog. More enemies will come your way, you can grapple away to plan or take them head-on.

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To the very right of this section, you will find 3x Ceramic Shard and an enemy that "gets up" - defeat it before it does so.

Pick up the Flame Barrel

If you sneak around the right path, you can see two enemies having a conversation about something burning a lot. You will want to dispatch the archer that is up on the roof, then a troublesome axe enemy. Once they are both down, you can pick up the 1x Fistful of Ash that was seen to the left on the previous screenshot. There will be several enemies and a dog, so you might want to kill one, then run back to the starting point of the broken wall and reset them.

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Burning in the fire is the Flame Barrel item, which is an Upgrade Material for the Prosthetic Tools. It will unlock the Flame Vent Prosthetic Tool. This tools deals Burn damage, which is good against Red-Eyed enemies.

If you came to Hirata Estate to get flame to face Ashina Outskirts' Chained Ogre, you can now teleport back, but first, pick up the 1x Dousing Powder, 1x Mibu Balloon of Wealth, 2x Pellet and Spirit Emblem in the area. It is also advised that you proceed until the "Shortcut" heading below to make your next trip faster.

Continue and learn about the Axe

There are enemies ahead if you proceed, but they won't chase you into this area easily. The thieves ahead fight dirty, and will kick dirt into Sekiro's eyes and perform "Perilous Attacks". They have a chance to drop Oil and 23 Sen.

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Up ahead you will meet a dying NPC, who tells you to take the Shinobi Axe from the temple. You can double jump on the left wall here and gain access to an inner courtyard. One enemy awaits here, so defeat him with caution. There's 1x Light Coin Purse inside one of the houses.

Loaded Axe & Eavesdropping Opportunity

There are two more enemies in this courtyard, and you can approach them in stealth to eavesdrop and learn about Lord Juzuo's plans. Apparently, the thieves will not loot the Temple, as they will not take from the Buddha. These two enemies give 37XP and have a chance to drop 1x Pellet.

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After you have dispatched these two enemies, approach the building near them and interact with it to open it and obtain the Upgrade Material for the Loaded Axe Prosthetic Tool, "Shinobi Axe of the Monkey"

shinobi axe of the monkey location hirate estate walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Unlocking the Shortcut

The Corridor Outside this inner courtyard leads to a shortcut to the gate that we could not open earlier. Near this gate, there's 1x Gokan's Sugar, which reduces damage to your posture. Unlock the gate and open it to have quick access to the Sculptor's Idol.

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Clear up the Gamefowl Courtyard

The inner courtyard opposite the eavesdropping spot has several Gamefowls. Defeat them and loot 1x Pellet and 3x Ungo's Sugar. You should also climb to the roof of this structure, where you will find 1x Light Coin Purse in a bird's nest.

The Courtyard adjacent to this one has the NPC he tells you there's a three-story pagoda sure to have good treasure. This NPC is Anayama the Peddler, who you also meet in the "present" at Ashina Outskirts.

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Find a Jizo Statue

From Anayama the Peddler, grapple onto the top of a locked gate and go through a short bamboo patch that leads to 1x Bundled Jizo Statue.

bundled jizo statue hirata estate walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Eavesdropping Opportunities

Another eavesdropping opportunity arises as you exit Anayama's courtyard. Two enemies are demanding that the people inside surrender. You can approach them and kill them to proceed.

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Inside, you can hear a conversation from the houses, where someone mentions that the thieves have brought along a Shinobi Hunter.

You can also talk to a female NPC that will recognize you as the master's servant, and ask you to please save the Young Lord. She will give you 2x Antidote Powder, which will come in handy in the fight ahead.

A male voice ahead will also talk to you about how the bandits attacked at just the right time. He believes Sekiro is a traitor because of the coincidental attack and his absence.

Continue up the stairs

There are three enemies ahead, one torch-bearer, and two Shielded ones. Kill the torch enemy and run past the shielded ones as you don't have the Prosthetic Tool to break their guard. Once they reset you can double back and stealth-kill them, they have a chance to drop 1x Pellet. If you have gone back to the Dilapidated temple and fitted your Loaded Axe, take care of their shields with it.

Mini-Boss: Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

There's a mini-boss ahead that you can challenge if you wish. You will first have to think out his allies, including a troublesome archer. After you defeat the ads, there's 1x Pellet that you can pick up from a hut nearby.

Approach the Shinobi Hunter: Enshin of Misen from stealth to get one deathblow in, and then use Mikiri Counter skill to step on his thrusting attacks and deal posture damage. He should be dead in about 5 Mikiris. You will obtain 168XP, 1x Prayer Bead and 100 Sen. Defeating the Shinobi Hunter dissipates the fog by the gate, so you can now pick up 1x Mibu Possession Balloon and head toward the next Sculptor's Idol.

 shinobi hunter hirata estates walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol

Past the Shinobi Hunter, commune with the Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor's Idol. If you go forward and grapple then, drop into the water and swim upstream past a bridge, you'll find 1 Treasure Carp that drops 1x Treasure Carp Scale. Grapple onto the branch here and look for a nearby item, it is 1x Contact Medicine. To the right of this item, some bamboo covers a special path, destroy it and go forward to get 3x Spirit Emblem.

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Getting the Mist Raven

At the spot where the emblems are, use consecutive wall jumps to make it all the way to the top of the wall. You will arrive at a clearing with a stairway leading to a temple. There's a Interior Ministry Ninja who is guarding a special Prosthetic Tool Upgrade Materials. This is the Mist Raven's Feathers, that unlocks the Mist Raven Prosthetic Tool. You can lure it away then ninja past it to open the door and grab the item, or defeat it and earn 1x Scrap Iron, 316XP and 38 Sen. 

Fighting tips: deflect his normal attacks until he kicks, then use Mikiri Counter (circle) on this Perilous Attack. Oil + Fire also seem to work well, allowing you to get a good four or five hits in while he is stunned. If you jump off of the cliff he often follows and dies. You can attain his scrap iron by diving back into the water.

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Back at the Thicket Idol

Return to the idol and go up the slope obtain 1x Spirit Emblem and face 2 Bandit (Fire Bow and Katana) and 1 Bandit (Katana and Torch). Defeat them and press on past many enemies. Be mindful of 3x Archers on high ground.

Past them, there's 1x Oil and a bridge with more enemies. If you look back, you'll see a triangle grapple hook. It will take you to higher ground. From here, jump and grapple to a far platform across the fire to obtain 1x Dousing Powder.

grapple point hirata estates walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Now it's time to take on the bridge. Let a patrol come around so you can stealth-kill it,  and use a Ceramic Shard to lure over the shielded ones. Once you have brought them over it is easy to defeat them one by one, using stealth or by separating them for combat. Defeating the Club Soldier gives 74 XP.

Meet The Owl

Across the bridge, gather 1x Fistful of Ash and press upward toward the main buildings, which are on fire. Through the gate, you will find The Owl, your adoptive father, who is in a bad state. He gives you the Hidden Temple Key, he asks you not to forget the "Iron Code" and to protect your master with your life.

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The fire consumes the area you entered from, so now you must grapple to a branch and grapple again to the top of a nearby Pagoda. From this roof, you can see a path that goes downstream and away from the flames. Grapple onto the roofs of the small shrines and make your way across the river until you land in a clearing.

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The area with the Shinobi Hunter can be bypassed if when you first reach the bridge you drop on the river and swim upstream, you can grapple to some low branches and elevate yourself on a specific area on the top left. Do not do this, as you need the Hidden Temple Key item to engage the boss of this level. Here, you will find 1x Mibu Possession Balloon, which will be hidden behind some thick bamboo on a bamboo path that leads to a ledge that overlooks the bridge you just came from.

Head back down the green path surrounded by Bamboo and defeat 1x White Spear Monk and 1x Blue Spear monk. These enemies have a chance to drop Gokan's Sugar and Scrap Iron and will reward you with a Bulging Coin Purse. At the dead-end where the Blue Spear Monk was, there's 1x Pellet and 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul.

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Into the Cave

Go back up and into the cave and watch out for a hidden Bandit (Katana and Torch) hidden on a right-hand turn. He can drop Dousing Powder. Continue forward and you'll receive a tutorial for "Consecutive Wall Jump" - Press X as you land in each wall. This will take you up the wall towards a Sculptor's Idol. Pick up 1x Oil when you emerge.

Hirata Estate - Main Hall Idol

You emerge up the well and can commune with Hirata Estate - Main Hall Idol. Go around the burning buildings and defeat a flaming archer, then grapple onto the rooftops to get a better view. The archers in this area have a high visibility range and will spot you quickly, so plan to move swiftly. You can spot some items in the rock islands of the pond, but wait before going there. Walk the entire rooftop and drop when it ends, then use the underfloors to double back and get into the main stage. Here you'll find 2x Spirit Emblem and 1x Divine Confetti. Be careful that an Axe enemy waits behind the confetti.

Pick up 1x Dousing Powder by a samurai armor, then go back outside to finish off the rest of the enemies. The item in the pond is 1x Ceramic Shard. Head left from it and use it to lure over one of the guards in the building ahead. Kill him and pick up 1x Light Coin Purse, then dispatch nearby enemies as best you can.

Mini-Boss: Juzou the Drunkard

Ahead is a mini-boss with several ads, and a rather difficult fight. It is best to thin out the enemies with stealth as best possible before engaging Juzou. Once you have defeated them, it is easy to approach from the back to perform one stealth deathblow, which will make the fight easier.


Juzou attacks with Poison, which can be removed with Antidote Powder. He does not deflect, and Shurikens deal significant damage to him. You should be mindful of his powerful grab, that should be dodged with Circle but to the side, as dodging backward is insufficient.

Defeating Juzou the Drunkard gives 1x Unrefined Sake, 1x Prayer Bead and 212XP

  • Nogami Gensai will jump in after you defeat Juzou. If you talked to him beforehand he will help you with the fight but might die.

Hirata Audience Chamber Sculptor's Idol

Past Juzou, the fog gate is now lifted and you can enter the main door ahead. Go left to obtain 1x Dousing Powder and 2x Pellet. Defeat 2 enemies and go left to pick up 1x. Oil. Hug the wall here, as it is a Shinobi Door, on the other side you will find 1x Mibu Balloon of Wealth and 1x Light Coin Purse. Further down the area, there is 2x Divine Confetti and a Treasure Chest containing 1x Prayer Bead.

hidden wall hirata estate walkthrough sekiro wiki guide 600px

Go back the way you came and break some dividers, they will reveal an idol ahead. Commune with the Hirata Audience Chamber idol, then talk to Inosuke Nogami's Mother. She is terrified and asks you to go toward the mansion and rescue the Young Lord and assist Inosuke. In the same room as her, there's 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul.

You will find Inosuke Nogami and he is looking pretty bad. He gives you 1x Snap Seed in preparation for the Boss Fight ahead.

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Use the Hidden Temple Key

 Move the tatami mats past Inosuke and go down the stairs. You will use the Hidden Temple Key to reveal a large burning Buddha hall. A cutscene plays, showing Kuro looking for his mother and father. Sekiro snaps him out of it, and Lady Butterfly appears.


Boss Fight: Lady Butterfly

Fight Lady Butterfly, a challenging fight of deflects and wits.  When you defeat her first bar, she will disappear and respawn. You can see details on how to fight her in the Lady Butterfly page.

Defeating her rewards you with 1500 XP, Memory: Lady Butterfly, Sakura Droplet.

A Cutscene will play, revealing the possible source of your Dragon Heritage powers, and you will be teleported to the Dilapidated Temple. From there, you should head back to Ashina Outskirts to go to Ashina Castle.

Make sure to use your Memory: Lady Butterfly items as soon as possible!




Hirata Estate - Second Memory

This requires getting the Father's Bell Charm from Emma (see Endings).  Sekiro will begin at the bridge after the Bamboo Thicket Slope idol.  The enemies and items prior to this location are still the same.  Going forward, you will come across Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer in the burning courtyard where you met Owl in the first memory. Killing him will grant you a Prayer Bead and Yellow Gunpowder.

After defeating the Lone Shadow, you will come across a Fulminated Mercury on the left and face a Taro Club soldier and Taro Greatshield soldier and an archer.  Pushing through these enemies will get you to rediscover the Main Hall sculpture idol.  You will encounter another soldier and Club soldier before coming to the open area before the pool.  In the middle of the area will be 3 soldiers around a Mibu Balloon of Wealth.  On the roofs to the right will be 3 Interior Ministry Ninjas as well.

After crossing the pool are 2 torch wielding bandits, an axe bandit, and a katana bandit on the left hand side with a Light Coin Purse and an Ashina Sake. In the center are 2 poison archers, an Interior Ministry Loneshadow, and Juzou the Drunkard. There is also x1 Adamantite Scrap, and a Fistful of Ash. You can also eavesdrop on the Interior Ministry Lone Shadow and Juzou having a conversation. It may be easiest to take care of the bandits on the left, take out the 2 poison archers, then draw the Ministry Loneshadow into fighting you in the left hand side buildings out of sight so that you de-aggro Juzou.  This allows you to eliminate the Loneshadow one on one.  You will also be able to backstab Juzou when all the others are dead.

Inside the building will be 2 bow bandits and a hidden White Spear Monk straight ahead with a Pellet in the far right corner.  A Blue Spear Monk is patrolling in the left hand passage.  In the left hand passage there is also x1 Fulminated Mercury near where Inosuke's mother was.  Using the hidden Shinobi wall will not have any new loot that was not picked up in your first run through.  You can also re-discover the Hirata Audience Chamber sculpture idol.

Boss Fight: Owl (Father)

Owl will be located where Lady Butterfly was in the original memory.  This boss fight is only available in Purification Ending (see Endings for more information)



Diving Loot





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Trivia & Notes:

  • Speaking with one of the survivors located in the houses just before the bridge area with the two Bandit (Katana and Shield) hints at the attack on the Estate being too organized to simply be the work of bandits. ("The timing of their attack was perfect... normally, those bandits wouldn't have stood a chance.")

  • As you progress through the story, coming back to the Estate while on the path to the Purification Ending reveals the truth: your adoptive father and mentor, Owl, allied himself with the Ministry of the Interior in order to perpetrate the attack which saw the Divine Heir kidnapped. (This is further reinforced by the presence of a Lone Shadow-type enemy standing on the roof of the building where you find the Mist Raven prosthetic; as described by the item Eighth Prayer Necklace: the "seventeen born," members of the Lone Shadows are "the Interior Ministry's most trusted agents," so the presence of one of their number at the Estate during the night of the attack means the Ministry of the Interior also has a hand in it.) 



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      In DragonSpring I can't use my grappling hook, but in Estate Path I can.
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        Just started a 2nd playthrough to get the 2nd Hirata Estate memory. Got the eavesdrop opportunity from Emma and the Sculptor right at beginning, where I have yet to defeat the Chained Ogre and go to Hirata for the first time. Will it matter I did this eavesdrop now and not way later after defeating Owl at Ashina Castle?

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          On the first time through there's a pickup by a doorway engulfed in flames, in the burning streets below the rooftop you take after speaking with the Owl and getting the key. I don't think it's mentioned in this guide. Anybody know what it is or how to get it?

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            In hirata the second time when u are going for the purification ending there are alot of new items scattered around like fulminated mercury, adamantite and ashina sake just to name a few. Fun that the wiki walkthrough doesn't mention anything about this region. Also alot of new enemies plus minibosses(they mention the bosses in different sections) Correct me If I am wrong but usually you dont leave out a whole region for a walkthrough

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                  I just watched the classic 1954 Japanese move seven samurai and noticed how the bandits look just like the bandits from hirata estate I wonder if there was inspiration there

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                    Is the Hirata Estate segment just reliving a lost memory, or actually time travel? Obtaining equipment there I can excuse for gameplay purposes, but Owl explicitly comments on you using the sculptor's prosthetic while you're fighting him, which Wolf didn't have until Genichiro cut his arm off 3 years later

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                      I tested it, for purification ending you don't need to evesdrop on isshin and Emma. Just after you defeat Owl the great shinobi, burn the incense and evesdrop on kuro who says " Do what must be done" and then rest at the idol. Emma changes her location to upstairs. The rest is the same.

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                        If we revisit hirata estate after lady butterfly, then what the hell is just the drunkard doing there and why the big budda stutue is up again? the first shinobi you meet says "you're supposed to be dead" which means it's after Owl stabbed Sekiro in the back.

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                                There is a shortcut not mentioned here. If you jump off the bridge with the two shield dudes before Enshin and swim upstream a bit, you can grapple your way up to a hidden area. From there you can pass through a cave and come out near the Main Hall Idol

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                                  On the path that leads to the 2 spear monks there is an item behind some bamboo thickets, can't figure out how to get it.

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                                    The best way to fight the Mist Raven ninja i found was to trigger the fight, kite him to the ledge where the lake is, and jump down. When you get upstairs again you can easily backstab him to immidiately get the kill!

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