Homeward Idol


 A small, palm-sized wooden Buddha. Can be used repeatedly.

Held by the Wolf ever since he was saved by his father, its corners are rounded with use.

This Buddha is used to return home. It will return the user to the last visited Sculptor's Idol or the Dilapidated Temple.

Homeward Idol is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to transport Sekiro to the last visited Sculptor's Idol or the Dilapidated Temple.



 Homeward Idol Usage

  • Returns the used to the last visited Sculptor's Idol or the Dilapidated Temple
  • Unlike other FromSoftware titles, the homeward idol does not have a penalty for use, but takes quite a deal longer to activate leaving the player extremely vulnerable for the duration of the animation.



How to Find Homeward Idol

  • The idol is given to the player upon starting the game



Homeward Idol Notes & Tips

  • The animation for warping is long and does not grant invulnerability, and can be interrupted by enemy damage well into its cast.
  • Other notes...



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