Illusory Hall Monk

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Location The Halls of Illusion

Illusory Hall Monk is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is a nameless, taciturn monk found meditating in the Illusory Hall.

Illusory Hall Monk Information

  • Location: The Illusory Hall Monk can be found at the first 'intersection' of walkways directly in front of the where the player spawns when first entering the Hall of Illusion. He appears both during and after completing the Folding Screen Monkeys  boss encounter.

  • Progression: The Illusive Monk will move from his first position in the Hall to the area where the player spawns after they have defeat the Folding Screen Monkeys.

  • Combat: No; he cannot be damaged.

  • Rewards: Has no quests, or associated quests.

Associated Quests

  • During the boss fight with the Folding Screen Monkeys, players may talk with the Illusory Hall Monk to reveal information about the different natures and temperaments of the Monkeys—the Monk, however, will only explain how three out of the four monkeys behave, as the fourth Monkey is invisible.

    • Purple Kimono Monkey: the "Seeing," Monkey; it has Good Eyesight, will run away if it sees you.

    • Orange Kimono Monkey: the "Speaking," Monkey; it will Alert Monkeys to your presence when it sees you, causing them to run away.

    • Green Kimono Monkey: the "Hearing," Monkey; it has Excellent Hearing, and is difficult to approach.

  • The Illusory Hall Monk will remark on Kotaro's presence should the player choose the "Send him Away," using the Divine Abduction Shinobi Prosthetic as part of Kotaro's Option A questline. (Refer to Kotaro's page for details.)


First Interaction

  • "...Yet another who is lost in the Halls of Illusion? I believe you are on a mission... and wish to leave this place....Then you must defeat the monkeys depicted o the panels at the hall entrance. Once you have done so, the Divine Child's voice will reach you.

Interacting with him after the first time you speak:

  • "Is there something you would like to ask me? I will tell you anything that is within the realm of my knowledge."

Choose to ask about the "Purple Kimono Monkey"

  • "The monkey in the purple kimono is the "Seeing Monkey". He has excellent eyesight, can see great distances, and is very attentive. If he spots you, he will run immediately.  He is exceedingly timid."

Choose to ask about the "Orange Kimono Monkey"

  • "The monkey in the orange kimono is the "Speaking Monkey". While he does not have particularly good eyesight or hearing. He makes a big fuss when he sees a threat, causing all the other monkeys to run. Or perhaps he merely enjoys toying with humans."

Choose to ask about the "Green Kimono Monkey"

  • "The monkey in the green kimono is the "Hearing Monkey". He has excellent hearing, can hear across great distances, and is very attentive. He will generally run away the moment he hears you coming, making it hard to approach. He is exceedingly timid."

Exiting dialogue menu the first time:

  • "I do not wish to leave the Halls of Illusion. It is usually quiet here, which means it is near to nirvana in it's own way...At least that is how it feels to me...Oh yes, by the way...There was once someone who, like you, was on a mission. I believe he chased the monkeys for a while but.. .Everything here eventually went silent. I pray that you succeed."

Exiting dialogue menu after the first time: 

  • "There was once someone who, like you, was on a mission. I believe he chased the monkeys for a while but.. .Everything here eventually went silent. I pray that you succeed."

If you return to the Halls of Illusion after defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys and speak with him:

  • "...Why have you returned? As you do not have any missions to complete here, I ask that you leave... quietly."

If you speak to him when Kotaro is present in the Halls of Illusion:

  • "... Why have you returned? Kotaro and I both... wish to remain here... free of distraction. I ask that you leave... quietly."

Story & Lore

  • Voiced by: ??? (Unlisted on IMDB)

  • The Illusory Hall Monk wears the same color of robes belonging to both the Monks of the Senpou Sect and the various mercenary monks  enemies you encounter in both Ashina Castle and Sekiro's memory of the Hirata Estate.

  • The Monk explains that he enjoys staying inside the Halls of Illusion because of the quiet they offer, stating that it is the closest place to Nirvana
     he has ever found.

  • Senpou Temple was seized by an obsession for the Undying, which corrupted their teachings and style. The monks exhibit atrophy, blindness, and grayish or green skin senpou monk details thumb1, which is how FromSoftware will often render the undead green hollows huntsman copse thumb1. In Dark Souls, the state of Undeath means gradually rotting, going mad, and potentially mutating. Doujun, who is a Senpou Monk, confirms that the research into the Rejuvenating Waters caused a kind of zombification, as his Abandoned Dungeon is full of deformed undead. The Rejuvenating Waters corrupt men to the point that they no longer live as men, instead they become monsters incapable of feeling pain or fear. They are referred to as "degenerates" by Isshin and are responsible for kidnapping and killing the Children of Rejuvenation.

  • Lore Theory: It is suggested during your dialogue with the Monk that someone else, like you, had once come to the halls "on a mission".  Though the Monk does not elaborate further—nor do you find any remains of someone, had they been there before you and failed—there is at least one character in the story whom could have conceivably traveled to the Halls of Illusion as part of their own journeys: Genichiro of Ashina, who Isshin of Ashina suspects is attempting to find the second Mortal Blade referenced in the description of the key item Black Scroll.


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    • Anonymous

      The person he mentions was there on a mission some time ago is Tomoe, she was searching for the mortal blade. It is said on the key item Tomoe's Note: "Lord Takeru's coughs are worsening still; Returning to the divine realm is hopeless, and I wish only to sever the Dragon's Heritage and restore his humanity. Restoration requires the Everblossom and Mortal Blade, and yet I cannot acquire the latter. It was hidden by the High Priest of Senpou Temple, who has no desire to sever the immortal ties..."

      • Anonymous

        The person who was stuck there before you does not suggest Genichiro. Its an explanation for why there are hints scattered about. They ultimately failed, and the temple went silent.

        • Anonymous

          Don't worry guys, I have updated the Wiki with as much information as I have. Unfortunately after beating the boss you cannot get his dialogue where he tells you the monkeys info and I cannot remember it so the dialogue part stays the same for now. Thank you all for being supportive.

          • Anonymous

            For me he was in the hall before completing the monkeys, he gave information on each of them and mentioned someone else before who got trapped here and tried to catch them.

            • Anonymous

              If you look at the description of the Divine Abduction tool, it says it's possible to send someone back from wherever they end up after being abducted. I haven't attempted it, but is it possible you can use the tool on this monk to remove him from the Illusory Halls?

              • Anonymous

                I hope there is more of him, the way he says u dont belong to the Hall of Illusion and asking u to leave is quite sinister plus whats the point of going back to Hall of Illusion

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