Inosuke Nogami

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Location Ashina Outskirts

Hirata Estate

Inosuke Nogami, also known as Inosuke, is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Inosuke Nogami is a dying warrior located near an old woman (his mother) in Ashina Outskirts.


Inosuke Nogami Information

  • Location: Inosuke Nogami Can be found at Ashina Outskirts between the Gate Path and Stairway Idols. He can also be found in the Hirata Estate right before the Lady Butterfly encounter. At the second location, he will give you a single snap seed.
  • Progression: After defeating Lady Butterfly, Inosuke Nogami will move to inside the ruined house with his mother.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Inosuke Nogami.


Associated Quests

  • After telling his mother that you have offered her bell to Buddha and slaying Lady Butterfly, he will reposition next to the corpse of his mother next time you visit and briefly thank you before expiring. 
  • Related NPCs: Inosuke Nogami's Mother



First Encounter:

(Shallow breathing)

Who is it? Is... somebody there?

If the Player chooses to Say Nothing


Sir? ...perhaps I'm imagining things...

If Sekiro Speaks to him again and Answers

Sekiro Speaking: Yes.

...... That voice...

No... Could it be?


My name is Inosuke Nogami.
A vassal of the Hirata family... or at least I was.

I ask a favor... Might you look in on that old lady in that house?

She's my mother, but...

Her mind is failing... she cannot tell one from another.

If the player already spoke with the mother: ... I met your mother. She gave me a bell.

She did, did she...? You have my thanks.

That bell's troubled her for a long, long time.

She kept muttering incoherently... something about offering it to Buddha...

If the players speaks to him again at this point

Sir? The man from before, right...?

I wanted to thank you for humoring my mother...

That bell's troubled her for a long, long time.

She kept muttering incoherently... something about offering it to Buddha...

If his mother has been afflicted with Dragonrot

Ahh... I can hear her wheezing.

Mother... Mother...

Augh! Why won't these legs of mine move?

(Holding Back Tears) 

Upon the death of lady butterfly, he returns to his mother's side

......Ahh... Mother.

Until the end... The young master...

(Ahh...) Heheheh...

He succumbs to his injuries here.


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • When found in the Hirata Estate, he will offer you Snap Seeds for the boss fight ahead once.



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    • Anonymous

      Sad as it is, I find it funny that he's in almost the exact same injured state in both present and past encounters, as if he's just been like that his whole life.

      • Anonymous

        So this what became of inosuke after Muzan was beaten by the demon slayer corps, pitiful. I wish he at least kept the boar mask.

        • Anonymous

          Such a worthless NPC. Dude was basically crippled and dying for 3 years, possibly dragged there by his senile mother. Their inclusion in this subplot makes no sense whatsoever

          • Anonymous

            This so sad. His mother is in mental decline and his father dies not too long after Juzou. After all that he dies while protecting what mattered to him.

            • I know it is noted that you cannot kill Inosuke, which is correct, but it's interesting that if you try attacking him, there's like a force field that protects him from your strikes

              • Anonymous

                He thanks you? Did I mess up somewhere? He only spoke to his mother and mentioned the young master for me.

                • Anonymous

                  Killed lady butterfly, took sample from anayama, cured dragonrot, mother was DOA and inosuke died after a brief dialogue

                  • Anonymous

                    Cured the mother and not the son; killed lady butterfly and Inosuke is still alive. I'm assuming he'll die once cured?

                    • Anonymous

                      Both him and his mother seem to die off when you finish off Lady Butterfly. I've cured her and she loops back to her default dialogue until you finish that area.

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