Interior Ministry Ninja

Location Hirata Estate, Ashina Castle, Mibu Village
XP ??
Drops Gokan’s Sugar, Contact Medicine (Tested Mibu Village), Pacifying Agent, Lump of Fat Wax (Very Rare)
Weakness ??

Interior Ministry Ninja is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Interior Ministry Ninja Location

  • Hirata Estate
    • Guarding the 3-story pagoda that contains the Mist Raven prosthetic tool.
  • Ashina Castle (during invasion)
    • Found on the rooftops and in the antechamber/dojo.
    • One can be found ambushing Ashina troops on the bridge that leads to the White Serpent Shrine Idol.
  • Mibu Village (possible separate enemy type)
    • At the end of the stream, near the Mibu Village Idol and the Memorial Mob. (Has poison attacks, same as lone shadow mini-bosses -> re-classify as a separate enemy type?)


Interior Ministry Ninja Rewards

  • Rewards: ??


Interior Ministry Ninja Notes & Tips

  • Has higher Vitality and Posture than most enemies.
  • Very agile, can quickly close the gap to put pressure on passive players.
  • Frequently uses kicking attacks.
  • Has two perilous attacks that are used at the end of their combos.
    • A thrusting kick (can be Mikiri countered)
    • A sweeping kick (countered by jumping)
  • They are good at blocking attacks, so it is recommended to exploit the openings provided by countering their perilous attacks.  After landing a few hits, work on breaking their posture to defeat them.
  • The ninja found in the corner of Lone Shadow Vilehand's boss room (formerly Jinsuke Saze's boss room) can be hit from behind with the Possession Ninjutsu to make the fight significantly easier.


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    • Anonymous

      09 Jul 2019 10:27  

      The Ninja by the 3-story pagoda at the Hirata Estate is basically the equivalent of the Darkwraith off to the side when you first arrive at Farron Keep. Fairly good for early farming and nice practice for weaning off that Souls gameplay muscle memory. A great early game strat would be to use shuriken and follow up with a chasing slice to close the distance. This is a good way to reset his combos and bait him into blocking, for building up his posture bar. Mikiri Counter does wonders for his thrust kick as well, and his perilous sweep is easily dodged by dashing to the left, since it always comes from the right. As for his killer heel drop, just dodge under him and he will either back off or follow up with a sweep. Either way it's a prime opportunity to counter him. Overall, he's a good practice dummy after Hanbei gets too easy to spar with.

      • Anonymous

        09 May 2019 08:13  

        The page notes you can Mikiri Counter their thrust doesn't mention what a ridiculous amount of Posture damage this does. It's easy to get down with the long animation telegraph, and you get dang near 50% of their Posture for it - understandable, since Sekiro's basically breaking their leg. Anti air deathblow works on them too but I can never get it to trigger reliably.

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2019 14:34  

          They also have some kind of air counter move, when they grab you in the air and toss you to the ground. Haven't been able to determine how it's triggered, though, might be just jumping near them/on them when they're NOT doing the sweep attack.

          • Anonymous

            20 Apr 2019 19:30  

            The cliffside Pagoda ninja in the early Hirata memory will kick your chest in. Repeatedly. Do your sanity a favor by stealth cheesing this guy by luring him towards the hole you took up and then hauling ass to behind the pagoda. May take a few tries but you’ll lose him, allowing for an easy backstab.

            • Anonymous

              19 Apr 2019 17:51  

              Pretty amazing when you use the puppet ninjutsu on them, just wind them up and watch them go! If they die just deathblow them again and redo the ninjutsu

              • Anonymous

                15 Apr 2019 16:57  

                This took me about 3 hours to beat in Hirata Estate. I ran back to him over and over about 75 times before I finally learned his moved sets, I found out after about an hour that passivity on your part is almost always certain death. Aggression is the ONLY way to win this fight from what I find. A culmination of my efforts led me to victory... FINALLY. Here is a video of how I did it.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Apr 2019 00:49  

                  seems like there are 3 tiers of ministry shinobi. the stripe cloaks are the lowest, the white-hooded ones are tier 2 and the black-hooded mini bosses are tier 3 which are the 17 lone shadows

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Apr 2019 20:04  

                    Definitely an example of an enemy who can be tough or easy depending on your approach. If you hang back and play defensively, his long combos can easily overwhelm you. However, if you get in close and play offensively, his one-hit retaliations are much easier to deflect. If you can get into an attack-deflect-attack-deflect pattern with one, the fight will be easy. Just remember to dodge and counter, or anti-air deathblow, whenever he does his jumping overhead counter.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Apr 2019 13:51  

                      Has anyone a tip for fighting 2 or more of those bastards? Every time I try, it is honestly impossible (you can either block infinitely (not possible) or you can try to dodge everything...but both tactics are utterly useless

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