Iron Fortress


An iron fan made in the far west.

Can be fit into the Shinobi Prosthetic to become a working Prosthetic Tool.

Experienced iron-ribbed fan users can deflect arrows and even bullets using this tool.

Passed down through generations of assassins serving Senpou Temple, it wouldn't be surprising if the next owner decided its weight was impractical.

Iron Fortress is special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Iron Fortress unlocks the Loaded Umbrella prosthetic tool.


How to use Iron Fortress


Where to find Iron Fortress in Sekiro

Ashina Castle: The Iron Fortress tool is sold by the merchant Blackhat Badger for 1600 Sen. He is located inside a building near the Old Grave Idol in Ashina Castle (jump down the hole in the roof below the idol).

After you revisit Ashina castle for the second time and kill the boss?, if you have not purchased the tool beforehand it will be on the ground where the merchant originally was.


Iron Fortress Notes & Tips


Iron Fortress Story & Lore

  • The idea of utilizing this extraordinary device may have been derived from the DS Dark Hand, which manifests as a vortex-like shield, when it's left-handedly. Such vortexes represent The Abyss, at times rendered as a headpiece Vortex Hat Souls Franchise. The Darkness, which The Abyss represents, was often reputable for its heavy weight. Hats like these are called kasa and share their etymology with the Japanese word for "umbrella" (which is also pronounced "kasa", but written 傘). The fan's function as an umbrella (shadow) or parasol (sun ward) may explain its function annulling Darkness/Terror and Fire.


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    • Anonymous

      Should I wait for it too be free or buy it right now for the 1600 sen? What advantage would I give me now rather than later?

      • Anonymous

        In the latter sequences of the game, if one has not purchased the iron fortress, it will appear as a pick-up item on the floor of that same building where the Black Badger merchant once was.

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