Jinza's Jizo Statue

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 Buddha effigy bound in light pink cloth. Raise in prayer between one's palms to restore a node of Resurrective Power.

To enswathe a Jizo statue is to express feelings of parental love.

"Lord Sakuza... Please take this cloth and use it to bundle this little one, so that he may live on in peace."

Jinza's Jizo Statue is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to restore a node of Resurrective Power and also unlocks the resurrect ability if it happens to be locked.



 Jinza's Jizo Statue Usage

  • Restores a node of Resurrective Power, unlocking the resurrect ability if it happens to be locked.



How to Find Jinza's Jizo Statue

  • Find Jinzaemon Kumano hanging over the well near the Ashina Reservoir idol and speak to him.
  • After defeating the Lone Shadow Longswordsman continue ahead into the abandoned dungeon, you will find him sitting on a rock right near the bottomless pit idol.
  • You will find him a third time right before entering the misty forest.
  • His last location is right after the water mill idol, he will be sitting next to a tiny tree with  a green light on it. Speak to him again.
  • After speaking to him move ahead and defeat O'rin of The Water.
  • Go back to speak to him and he will give you Jinza's Jizo statue.



Jinza's Jizo Statue Notes & Trivia

  • This item carries over into NG+.

  • Though the description of Jinza's Jizo Statue seems to imply a a familial connection between Jinzaemon Kumano and O'rin of the Water  (Bundled Jizo Statues, according to their description, are enswathed "to express feelings of parental love,"), there is absolutely no other mention or information available in-game regarding how O'rin, Jinzaemon, and the character Lord Sakuza mentioned by O'rin might be related.

  • This item is NOT reusable. Its utility lies in the fact that it is a second Jizo statue in one's inventory, allowing the player an additional node of Resurrective Power in case of a particularly difficult battle.
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    • Anonymous

      Have you guys noticed that this statue's face is different from the normal jizo statues? The nose and lips look different. Sort of like jinzaemon's face.
      -the statue has a purple cloth under the pink one

      • While this is functionally no different than a normal Jizo statue, you can actually carry one of each on your person.

        of course, you only get one of them, but if you're going for the gauntlets of strength, you can use both in a single fight without permanently losing them. Combined with one dragon blood droplets, that'd allow you to resurrect 4 times in one phase

        • Anonymous

          "Though the description of Jinza's Jizo Statue seems to imply a a familial connection between Jinzaemon Kumano and O'rin of the Water... there is absolutely no other mention or information available in-game regarding how O'rin, Jinzaemon, and the character Lord Sakuza mentioned by O'rin might be related."

          What's the point of adding this disclaimer? Not only is it weird to warn people off making that connection, but considering how From usually do things, this item description might as well be Miyazaki shouting in your face that Jinza is O'rin's child.

          • Anonymous

            I think it would be cool instead if you could save him, and then have him work for the merchant as his strong man. But since he is a samurai, he would be able to save the merchant from his death

            • Anonymous

              I think Jinzaemon was the son of O'rin, his father (presumably Lord Sakuza) tells him never to go into the forest as a child, O'rin says "you've brought this child in his stead" and this Jizo statue has pink instead of red cloth wrapping a child, similar to O'rin's cloth, almost like she's caressing her child after death. Also explains how he is the only one who can hear her music from afar. She could have just lured Sekiro, but didn't. There's a strong connection between Jinzaemon and O'rin.

              • Anonymous

                Just a heads up. I killed O'Rin before ever talking to this guy. I then went to him and he said something like: "... Why has the music stopped!? Was it you!?" And then enters combat so I had to finish him off.

                • Anonymous

                  This special Jizo carries over in NG+. Maybe using it in front of O'Rin while doing Jinzaemon sidequest will trigger something?

                  • Anonymous

                    To find this one must complete a side quest, to start this you must act BEFORE you kill the Guardian Ape and close off Ashina Castle. First off head to the well where you started the game, talk to the man (Jinzaemon) outside the well, he will mention he hears a song, that is all that is required before the Ape. Second go to the Abandoned Dungeon, he is near the Bottomless hole idol, talk to him here and he will then move on to Mibu Villiage just beyond the Water Mill idol, have a chat with him and then confront the boss, defeat her then return to him and he will thank you and reward you with the Jinza Statue.

                    • Anonymous

                      Would be nice if you could use it multiple times like those scrolls from headless mini bosses. Kinda sucks that long and beautiful quest ends by giving you a trash reward that you can only use once.

                      • Anonymous

                        You get it from Jinzaemon after you beat the O'rin of the Water miniboss. You first find Jinzaemon above the well where you started the game, and he talks about a song that's calling for him. You then find him in Ashina Depths - Water Mill next to a glowing ball right in front of you when you spawn at the Sculptor's Idol. You then have to take the path to the right and beat O'Rin, then go back and talk to him (might have to reload the area before talking, can't remember). He should give you Jinza's Jizo Statue. Don't know if it has any other uses than just the same as a regular Bundled Jizo Statue.

                        • Anonymous

                          hey! I know how to find it! It stays at Senpou Temple. From temple closeness Idol just after Robert's father fight, follow the path ahead where many Senpou fighters stay. Past them, turn right and jump on the roof straight ahead. You may find many dogs and lizards. Past them, follow the path ahead where you find other Senpou fighters. Past them, follow the path where u find two giants (one using a giant club and another using a shield) as well as some Senpou fighters. Past them, continue straight, climb the ladders and kill the two Senpou fighters. Past them turn left and kill the Senpou fighter waiting for you on the wall. Then, go straight where u find three Senpumaru ninjas (they are tough to kill). Past them, u will find a cave on left and a house on right. Go to the house and be careful with the undeads on it. Turn left where u find a Idol as well as a Npc. Jizo is on the left of the statue which contains a dragon blood. Just use the hook and turn left and u may find it

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