Jinzaemon Kumano (隈野陣左衛門, Kumano Jinzaemon) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Jinzaemon Kumano is a noble warrior dedicated to protecting and patrolling the moat.


Jinzaemon Kumano Information

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  • Location: Jinzaemon Kumano can be found at Ashina Reservoir, near the exit of the cave where Sekiro starts the game. Greet him, and he will move after asking you whether or not your hear someone playing music.

  • Progression: After talking to him at the Reservoir, he moves to the Abandoned Dungeon, near the Bottomless Hole Sculptor's Idol and the Shichimen Warrior mini-boss. Talking to him here will send him to the area just after the Headless Ape boss fight, where he explains that he remembers a story about a village hidden in mist by a woman playing a shamisen.

  • Combat: Players may kill Jinzaemon Kumano as both an NPC and as part of the Abandoned Dungeon questline.

  • Rewards:


Associated Quests

  • When you first encounter him, Jinzaemon asks if you can hear the same music he does. After speaking with him, he explains the music is calling him somewhere else. You will then meet him near the Bottomless Hole Sculptor's Idol in the Abandoned Dungeon, and again in the area shortly after the Headless Ape boss fight. Speaking to him here drops a hint that what, or whom, he seeks is located within Mibu Village.

  • If you talk to him after obtaining the Surgeon's Bloody Letter from Doujun inside the Abandoned Dungeon, however, you get an option to instead lure him to Doujun as part of Doujun's questline. (Doing this at any point before speaking to him after killing O'rin of the Water locks you out of completing Jinzaemon's quest.)

    • If you lure him to the Abandoned Dungeon, he is taken by Doujun and Dosaku for their research, and you receive 3 x Lump of Fat Wax for your trouble. Jinzaemon will then later return as an enemy; see the Doujun page for details. If you kill Doujun before finishing his quest, but after sending Jinzaemon to him, Jinzaemon will permanently remain in the cell and will be unkillable. You can interact with him, but he will only respond with sounds.

    • If you don't lure him to Abandoned Dungeon: he will eventually sit on a ground right before O'rin of the Water (near the Water Mill Sculptor's Idol in Mibu Village). After you speak with O'rin and exhaust her dialogue, she will attack you; by defeating her AFTER Jinzaemon has moved to this final area and you have spoken to him, you will receive Jinza's Jizo Statue,  and he will die.

    • If you defeat O'rin of the Water before first speaking to Jinzaemon, or before he makes it to Mibu Village, he will become hostile and attack you.


  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore (English)

  • If Jinzaemon contracts Dragonrot, he will not move from his last known location, and you cannot continue his questline. He appears to be immune to Dragonrot after he has reached Mibu Village.
  • If the player never advances Jinzaemon’s quest-line (for example: if he had dragonrot each time you speak to him) and the player kills the Mist Noble, you will find Jinzaemon at the now sealed well seemingly cured of dragonrot and upset that he can’t hear the music. This will trigger a fight.
  • (Japanese Default Language version) He has a Westernized Japanese accent, it may be a tribute to Yasuke (African Samurai) in 1579.
  • If you do not talk to him in Ashina Reservoir until after unlocking Mibu Village, he will skip his second and third locations and you can find moved immediately to his final location.
  • His surname was previously misidentified as "熊野", "bear field", but the ideographs used in the original Japanese release are "隈野", "remote field".

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    • Anonymous

      Lmao I wasn't paying attention to his dialogue at Ashina Reservoir and accidentally sent him to the abondened dungeon thinking that's how you progress his questline. Rest in peace, he died because of my stupidity

      • Anonymous

        He was destroying me over and over but then i realized he has red eyes so i used the loaded axe with the fire upgrade and he became super easy zero damage.

        • Anonymous

          I don't know anyone try this but when you fight with him at Abandoned Dungeon and him thrust attack I just can not miriki counter.

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t mean to but I guess I lured this guy to some horrific surgeon that will turn this guy into a monster with some ‘surgery’. Was hoping to have a cordial goodbye after O’rin, but now from what I’m reading in comments it sounds like I’ll have to face off against this dude as a mini boss later?? Warning to others: do not send this guy to the abandoned dungeon unless you want to turn him into a certified freak show

            • Anonymous

              O'rin says something along the lines of "Lord Sakuza brought that child in his stead..." so I think it can be said safely that she is his mother, and that Sakuza is the father of Jinzaemon. Which is why his father told him to never go there, as it would be the death of him. I am not sure why that is so though, perhaps it is a reference to a story of a person of the lower caste having a child with a lord? Would like to see my questions answered one day in the trivia section...

              • Anonymous

                Seeing as how I didn't find this information here, I thought I'd let you know: I only met him in the Ashina Reservoir before finding him after the Headless Ape fight. In other words, you don't need to find him in the Abandoned Dungeon to progress the questline.

                • Anonymous

                  Playing on PC, tried fighting him & Doujun together & red-eyed with no damage. A self-imposed challenge, really, but seriously, their fight is easily the most difficult mini-boss fight. Since they are basically 2 mini-bosses that I've chosen to fight together, their AI isn't coded to give breathers, like the Headless Ape and his waifu do in his 2nd phase, meaning they are aggressive AF. Doujun & Jinzaemon probably took me several dozen tries to beat as well as hundreds of spirit emblems in Leaping Flame & Flame Vent charges (don't have the Mist Raven upgrade yet). Also, for some reason Jinzaemon's thrust in this state seems to be bugged and cannot be Mikiri'd. Attempting to Mikiri simply results into a forward dodge with his thrust not dealing damage. I'm not sure about encountering him alone, but I'm certain that this bug is active when fighting him with Doujun.

                  • Anonymous

                    When you first meet him at the start of the game, he immediately attacked me??? He just asked if i can hear the melody and i replied with ''I dont'' and he instantly said ''Give me back the melody'' and attacked me.

                    • Anonymous

                      I think he is a descendant of O'rin and Sakuza. O'rin was likely a mistress of the lord a long time ago, but something terrible probably happened (likely Sakuza either died, Sakuza's legitimate wife didn't want him seeing O'rin anymore, or O'rin died) and they could never be together again. Whatever did happen, O'rin probably gave birth to an illegitimate son beforehand. An unknown amount of years pass and that illegitimate son started a family and generations down the line comes Jinzaemon. The tragic/horrible circumstances of O'rin's death made her into a dangerous Yurei spirit, so she continues to haunt the land, forever calling to Sakuza and the son she never knew. Jinzaemon's father probably had some idea of the situation, likely through an old legend passed down and by hearing O'rin's melody himself but somehow being able to resist the call, and that's where we get the warning Jinzaemon mentioned. Something must have changed, either Jinzaemon was especially weak-willed or O'rin became more powerful and now the melody became irresistible. In the end O'rin happily departed for the afterlife, taking the soul of her "son" with her. Jinzaemon died because of the sins of his ancestors, but at least O'rin's curse is broken and she will no longer haunt the land and murder anyone she encounters.

                      • Anonymous

                        This *****ing guy. I was okay with Saint Isshin. I was okay with The Hatred Demon. But this mother*****er made me lose my mind screaming at the end of the surgeon's quest. It's not that he is difficult to fight, it's the *****ING ARENA! WHat kind of garbage place to put a miniboss is that? It's extremely tiny, irregularly shaped and sloped, there's a crapton of things lying on the ground that you can get stuck on, and BEST of all, this asshole's favourite attack is a lightning fast dash that instakills you EVEN if you try to dodge or block it. Relatively doable miniboss turned into an absolute nightmare because of the worst battle area in the entire game.

                        • Anonymous

                          The second piece of trivia is wrong. In Ng+2 I didn't speak to him until just before O'rin, his dialogue was the normal first encounter lines and he had moved to his final location once I reloaded the area

                          • Anonymous

                            Someone here said he's weak to poison. Okami warriors are weak to poison Okami's descendants are weak to poison Orin is weak to poison. Jinzaemon will give Jinza's jizo statue to us after the quest. Orin call him "that child". Jinzaemon's father forbid him from going to Mibu..... Only he can hear the song from that *****ing far. Jinzaemon is orin's child?

                            • I'd like to add that when sending Jinzaemon Kumano to Doujun, his unconcious body can be seen behind him in the locked chamber, not only can this quest line be sped up by resting at an idol and talking to doujun again repeatedly, at one point Jinzaemon Kumano's body will change into a lootsack. when this happens the voice/lines of the merchant at the start of the abandoned dungeon will change. I believe the merchants new dialogue also sheds some light as to why phantom enemies start randomly appearing everywhere in the game, as this is mostlikely a curse by Jinzaemon Kumano.

                              • Anonymous

                                I feel like you should have been able to send him to Anayama as well. He did ask for a strong person to help loot the battlefield… though I guess he was too ensnared in that damn music.

                                • Anonymous

                                  first time I talked to him as Ashina Reservoir, he said something like "why can't i hear the music? it was you wasn't it! give it back to me!" and started attacking me.

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